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9 Apr 2008

The Story Behind "Solar Prestige A Gammon"

Elton’s inspiration came from the so-called Long Medley at the end of The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album, which inspired him to sing with a nonsense italian accent. As Elton’s request, Bernie wrote this obscure lyric, fed up about asking him for the meanings of their songs: in “Border Song” he was accused of being anti-semitic, in “Madman Across The Water” some would find president Richard Nixon behind the story, “take Me To The Pilot” and “Grey Seal” incomprehensive meanings, “Daniel”’s homosexuality theories, etc etc. “I thought it could be great to write a song with english words that didn’t mean a thing, but that sounded fantastic when put together” explained Elton at that time.

“Turbert”, “salmon”, “hair ring”, “sardin” and “cod” maybe referenced to the five loaves and five fishes that Jesus imparted to the faithful, as one theory goes. It is a view that could easily flounder since there is a “floundin” in there, and there are no loaves.

Gus Dudgeon thought “Solar Prestige A Gammon” was a piece of scrap.

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