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30 Aug 2008

Jack Rabbit In London (III)

"Hammersmith. That's it!. Walking around until I find EJAF". I was surprised for the type of old house building. A moment of doubt but finally, I was inside the Foundation.
A man, James Locke, came to help me and told me what I need. "Oh, I have to confess. I have not AIDS, fortunetely, but I am a big fan of Elton. If you don't mind to give me some brochure or something like that". He smiled and gave me a book about the Foundation. He told me Elton's a great boss but wasn't there at the moment. After chating a while, I wish them good luck in their projects and left the house. Next station: Pinner and Watford. A long run only to take a picture where Elton lived in his childhood and the stadium that saw him as a president of a Football Club. A T-shirt, some pictures and came back to the hotel. I was so sad when I left London behind that I felt I have to come back again.

And so I did, one year later. Augoust 1997. Second day, at the hotel, in the morning I put on the TV and saw the terrible new: Elton's friend, Princess Diana, died on a car accident in Paris. It's true that the whole country was in a shock.
Elton entered serious to Wesminster Abbey and did a superb performance. It was so emotional and I could see people crying while "Candle In The Wind" was on the air.

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