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12 Dec 2014

Terry Bangley's Top 30 Elton John List. Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of AllSongsList

16. Terry Bangley 

My next guest of the list is someone very special. Some eltonites I found out there surprising me with something I couldn't expect. That's one of the cases. He surprised me sending his list but with videos created of the songs, so you could enjoy reading while listening. That's a very good idea. So I just publish this as he sent. He reunited the songs on dropbox, in case you were interested in the list. So, welcome Terry, this is your list, thanks for joining us on the celebration.

Hello everybody, i was asked if i could come up with 30 of my favorite elton songs for the 30th anniversary of Allsongslist reg,, well as many know it is hard to come up with just 30, but I picked 30 of the ones that for some reason or the other really got to me, may it be a love song, or rocker, or just a song that seemed a bit different,, i believe the "newest" song on my list is healing hands,, sure some later songs are good, i want love, this train , the one, ect, but to me they just aren't elton enough for me, if that makes sense,, anyway big fan since the first time I heard "levon" on the radio.. seen him in concert 15 times, the first was in 1980 just 2 weeks after the central park concert,, saw him and billy 3 times the 2nd show they did together in philly, then 12 days later in Washington dc then the following year in Clemson sc.. anyhow, my top 30 is a bit different, I made a little video for each song, so there will be 30 uploads, just to rehash old memories i guess, some songs I will talk about others i will just upload.. so on with the show.

30. Heartache All Over The World
no titles, just numbers, be more surprised that way, ha.. anyway this is the only song that has charlie morgan on drums(on this list), imo he is the best drummer Elton has had, i just love his style, don't get me wrong, Nigel in his younger days was one of the best there ever was, but charlie is more into rocking than Nigel ever was, Nigel is more into ballads than he is rock songs.. so here is number 30

29. Lady Samatha
almost forgot one,,, also one of the earlier songs.

28. Pinky
From caribou, which i believe has the most songs on my list.. pretty little song..

27. Kiss The Bride
If you saw the 84 wembley concert, elton had a good time doing this song, only heard live one time myself, of course he didnt do all the jumping up as he did at wembley, but its a rocking live number

26. Cold As Christmas
Well i didnt want to put up live versions of songs, but youtube says this one is banned worldwide, so i put up a live version and it went thru(go friggin figure) so here it is only reason im even putting it up live is because i reall y love this song , its from 2v40

25. Tell Me When The Whistle Blows
love this song from captain fantastic, most of my friends never liked it, but i like it.

24. Mama Can't Buy You Love
This song is what i consider the "rebirth" of elton john, he teamed up with a remarkable producer to completely change his sound and it worked.. so as a tribute to this change this song makes it

23. I Fell Ilke A Bullet In The Gun Of Robert Ford
Rock of the westies brought us this very lovely song

22. We All Fall In Love Sometimes
Back to captain fantastic.. killer songs that finish up this awesome lp

21. Pinball Wizard
Most people say that the original recording of a song is the best, well i say that if elton records someone else song then he does it better, so here is a twofer. Two songs he recorded but were never released as singles

20. Bitter Fingers
Captain fantastic again

19. Honky Cat
I know i said i didn't want to put up live versions but since they wouldn't let me put up the studio versions, i thought what the heck so here is a live version for 74.

18. I've Seen The saucers

Back to caribou.. kool song

17. Friends

From a movie

16. Tonight
Made this into a twofer, actually kind of goes together on the lp...

15. Little Jeannie

Last live song, this is probably one of my all time favorite elton songs, but this entire list except for number 1 can be switched around

14. High Flying Bird
Don't shoot me makes it debut, first of 3 songs.

13. Nobody Wins
Yes that's right one from the fox, the long forgotten lp, maybe not as forgotten as victim of love though

12. Daniel
Number 2 from don't shoot me

11. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
This is the song that elton claimed to be the "worst vocals ever",, but i like it

10. Blues For My Baby And Me
The final dont shoot me song. Really love this one

9. Saturday NIght's Alroght (For Fighting)

Crowd pleaser every time

8. Harmony
I remember when this came out and i loved this song, but my best friend liked Candle in the wind.. sorry but this song is so much better

7. The Bitch Is Back
Tina cant sing it like this

6. Crocodile Rock
I remember when rock was young and elton john was number 1

5. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Just a fantastic song, all these top 10 songs can be interchangeable, but this is just a great great song

4. Come Back Baby (Bluesology)
The "first"?

3. Levon
The one that got me hooked

2. Skyline Pigeon
Not the original from empty sky, but this is the one i want at my wake

1. Your Song
And of course the prettiest love song ever written, its simplicity is over whelming,its words are relevant today over 40 years later

4 Dec 2014

Kris McCorquodale Top 30 Elton John List. Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of AllSongsList

15. Kris McCorquodale

Sometimes I found eltonites that surprised me! Some of them, more younger than you, old Rabbit, makes in their short period of life more than you with your large one. Our next guest is one of them. Are you looking for knowledge about Elton John? Ask him. Are you looking for items related to Elton? See his. Are you looking for some enthusiastic fans with more concerts on their shoulders than you? He's one of them. And when we chat, not very often as we would, you see he's a fantastic person. Finally, don't forget, he is also a good songwriter, with his own songs, with his talent. I truly suggest you take a listen of what he's been loading, gonna see I am right. Check out on Soundcloud. Kris, welcome to the site. This is your turn. Thanks.

Hello, I'm Kristophar from Scotland. Only being 24 years old, my journey has just started along the Yellow Brick Road with just over 10 years under my belt. Selecting 30 of my favorite songs is tricky and I can't list them all as numbers. As a result I will number my top 5 in order then categorize the remaining songs.

"Good music doesn't tell you how to feel. It takes how you feel and enhances it."
- This is the case with my 30 favorite songs.

#1 - Original Sin.
This was always going to be on top of my list. It holds a special meaning in my heart as I remember lying for an hour listening to this on repeat with someone I love for the first time. They say certain songs can transport you to a time and place no matter how long ago. This one does it for me.

#2 - Home Again.
For me, one of the best songs ever written in popular music. Lyrically and Musically it is one of my favorite songs of all time.

#3 - Recover Your Soul.
I listened to this song so much during times of darkness in the past couple of years. This is an example of a song that doesn't tell me how to feel. It enhances how I feel and helped me through some bad things.

#4 - Runaway Train.
As soon as that guitar starts, and the beat kicks in - I can't sit still. It's really hard to explain why I love this song. I just do. Always gets me moving, singing and playing air guitar!

#5 - The One.
This is the perfect example of the perfect love song and Elton did a great job here with Bernie's lyrics. How the song starts out gentle and pretty, then slowly building into the chorus and getting more emotional as the lyrics tell the story. The piano solo at the end is one of my favorites he has ever done.

Your Song, I've Been Loving You, Harmony, I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues,
I Can't Stay Alone Tonight, Blues For Baby And Me, Sacrifice, Turn The Lights Out When You Leave, Steal Away Child, Tactics.

Indian Sunset, Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy, The Captain And The Kid, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Empty Garden, Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters.

Club At The End Of The Street, Just Like Belgium, There Goes A Well Known-Gun, Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding, Dixie Lily, Soul Glove, The Camera Never Lies, Poor Cow, Please.