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31 Mar 2010

Billy Trudel In Music Charts

United States

Sam Kinison, "Leader Of The Banner"
N. 95

Billy contributed background vocals on Kinison's third album, an album who had Kim Bullard on keyboard and vocals, and Richie Zito on production. It featured metal versions of Cheap Trick's "Gonna Raise Hell," Mountain's "Mississippi Queen," the Rolling Stones' "Under My Thumb," and AC/DC's "Highway to Hell."

McLyte, "Act Like You Know"
N. 102

Julio Iglesias, "Crazy"
N. 30

Various, "Legacy: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac's Rumours "
N. 86

Elton John, “One Night Only”
N. 65

This CD, taken from a sold-out weekend stand at Madison Square Garden in October 2000, featured some special guests like Bryan Adams or Mary J. Blige.

Andrew W.K., “The Wolf”
N. 61

30 Mar 2010

Unforgettable People (XLV): Billy Trudel

Billy Trudel was born Aug 8, 1960, in Santa Monica, United States. The real first band he joined was called Laser, back in '79, this was right out of high school, and that was a kind of a Journey/Kansas type band, and they did a lot of touring & performing. After that he met up with the guitar player Michael Thompson and they put a band together called Slang, which was a very early edition of what would later become the Michael Thompson Band.

At that point he auditioned for a band that Chrysalis Records had signed, it was called The City. Along with Davey Johnsone and other Elton's band members, they formed the band Warpipes; this was in 1990/91 while Elton John decided to come out of retirement.

He was writing songs for other people, doing some other things and actually was becoming very successful in the studio world. With the principle songwriter and keyboard player David Young, they created Public Domain, and counted with Bruce Watson (guitars), Larry Antonino (bass) & Matt Laug (drums). The album, "Radio Nights" was a 13 song exhibition of classic US FM pop/rock, with passionate ballads and strong lyrics. Elton was a huge fan of the group and even contributed an original song, "Crimes Of Passion" written by him, Bernie Taupin and Davey Johnstone. Precisely with Elton, he ran around the world since 1997, for "The Big Picture Tour" until 2001.

Between 2001-2004 owned Billy Trudel Music, while he was creating and performing material for films and TV. 27 years of experience in music world business let him working with a variety of big-name acts including Patti LaBelle, Diana Ross, Billy Joel, Sting, Rod Stewart and Motley Crue, to name a few.

Also, he now co-owns, an all original ringtone/tattoo wallpaper site that's pretty cool. It's all about the cell phone and everyone seems to find something they like for their phone.

27 Mar 2010

Original Sin Event Reachin' The End: Agreements

Hello Eltonites!!! The Original Sin Event is reachin' the end. There were hard days of work, writing articles, mailing to everyone related to the event, promoting the idea. It was pretty amazing and a nice experience for me. It started with the intention to do it for Valentines, but we changed the date in order to reach more people.

We still don't know what will happen and which will be the charts results, but, if you asked me about what I like it most about the experiece, I definetely would tell you that: to meet several eltonites, several people, ready for doing everything for Elton. That's quite incredible. I knew we all love Elton, but we had so much people involved in the idea, more than we could think.

I could't close the event without sending a big hug to AnnaBCN, Trang Le and Dagmara Lakomi, who they helped me to develop the idea. To Ferran Tarrasó for the ad he created about the event. To Sydney Mc Ginn for creating a great video about the song, on youtube. To Nigel Coleman who had the great idea to contact George Matlock. To Ulrike Sterling who contacted her local radios explaining what the event was about. To Mic Carlson for adding a very beatiful picture about Elton on the event. To Lyn Nuttall for his help about the charts info. To John F. Higgins and Elizabeth Rosenthal for their thoughts and great opinions about the event. Also, to the musicians related to Elton, former band members or current band members, who encouraged about the idea.

I could not forget the Elton John Official website, specially the editor, for promoting the song on their website, adding a beatiful live video, and for their encouraging words. To George Matlock and Artur Skupienski, from radio ORLA FM, for creating the Elton's Day on their radio station, with the pleasing result to hear great songs on the radio, that not happens very often. To the greatest Stephan Heimbecher for the encouraging words and for promoting the event in the Hercules Website.

To Tamara Baumli, from for the big support on the event in Germany. To Beppe Bonaventura and all the people from Italy, specially Silvia Corsaletti for the great job they did promoting the event and being with interest on that. To Giorgio Aquilani and Ivan Nossa for being in the event, while they were very busy promoting their great album POTC. To Patrick Andrey and Made In England website, for promoting the event in Switzerland. To eltonjohnworld for promoting twice the event and for being so supportive. To Robson Vianna for promoting the event on Twitter and on his eltonjohncorporation website. To Silvines Palmer and her website, for promoting the event in Argentina. To Gail A. Cutler for promoting the event on her Bernie Taupin non official blogsite. To Ferran Tarraso for promoting the event on his Toolbar website.

And a very special hug and my frankly gratitude too, to all the people and eltonites who help us on the event, inviting friends, sending encouraging messages, downloading the song, sending pictures or posting videos. As I always said, that was a team effort, everyone put his/her part, and we were all together for one reason: because we love Elton. Because we wanted to give him a surprise for his b-day with the song entering at the charts again (gonna see what happen). Please, forgive me if I forget someone to name here: there were several people promoting, mailing, encouraging friends and the list is endless. Thanks all for being in the event.

Now, just wait and see what will be happen. Thanks for being there.

Jack Rabbit

26 Mar 2010

Radio Orla: Elton John Day's impressions

Anyone could imagine an Elton's Day on one of the most recognized radios in UK, for Elton's birthday? Anyone could imagine a radio station promoting a song for Elton like "Original Sin", for an event created with the pretention to make smile Elton? Yes, one person, and it's not me. That's Nigel Coleman, who contacted one of the greatest fans over the world, George Matlock. We had the opportunity to reach so many people in UK, and it was a profit occasion. Me, I contacted George Matlock and, in two days, we promoted the event about "Original Sin" due on the radio on thursday.

Maybe that was a short time to do it, but before we did, we are plenty satisfied. "A lot of emails with greetings about Elton's songs on the radio, it was nice" said Artur Skupienski, the chief producer, about the Elton's Day on Radio ORLA. We could hear some of Elton's songs that we could never heard on the main radio stations, normally. Classic, obscure songs, "B" Sides, duets, lives, etc. and "Original Sin" shining above all. It was quite amazing to hear these songs live, that didn't happen very often.

Radio ORLA, is the most established Anglo-Polish radio station broadcasting the latest news, entertainment and playing the latest music to the listeners across the globe through the internet and on FM in West London. Established in 2006, Radio ORLA is situated in Ealing, London. With the state of the art radio-shows and fully qualified staff, Radio ORLA FM delivers a tailor-made news and advertisements to a wide variety of listeners in the UK, Ireland, Poland and other countries.

Radio ORLA FM produces unique radio-shows, including news stream, music and fashion shows, interviews with renowned people and advertisements for the clients. Tailored to the client's requirements, the advertisements and sponsored shows are the best way to build company's brand awareness and deliver the best consumers. The advertising and sponsoring services are available at reasonable price.

With a team that includes 20 experienced staff members, Radio ORLA FM has a professional team, qualified in radio presenting, reporting, news reading, editing, etc. "We play a lot of English and other European music. And since start of the year we are developing a playlist where in April only the music from April charts 1960-2010 gets played. Its a unique approach and means 12 different playlists a year" explained George Matlock, the director, about future projects. "No other radio offers that much!" added. Kindly, Artur sent me the Elton's songs on the playlist, all were on air yesterday:

Elton John - 16th Century Man
Elton John - (Gotta Get a) Meal Ticket
Elton John - A Woman's Needs (feat Tammy Wynette)
Elton John - A Word in Spanish
Elton John - Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing (feat Marcella Detroit)
Elton John - All Across The Havens
Elton John - All The Nasties
Elton John - Amazes Me
Elton John - American Triangle
Elton John - Amy
Elton John - And The House Fell Down
Elton John - Bad Side of the Moon
Elton John - Believe
Elton John - Bennie And The Jets
Elton John - Blue Eyes
Elton John - Cage The Songbird
Elton John - Chameleon
Elton John - Circle Of Life
Elton John - Cold Highway
Elton John - Crazy Water
Elton John - Dreamboat
Elton John - Duets for One
Elton John - El Dorado
Elton John - Empty Sky
Elton John - Go on and On (feat Gladys Knight)
Elton John - Goodbye Marlon Brando
Elton John - Grey Seal
Elton John - Grimsby
Elton John - Honky Cat
Elton John - I Can't Steer My Heart Clear Of You
Elton John - I Never Knew Her Name
Elton John - I Stop And I Breathe
Elton John - Idol
Elton John - It's Getting Dark In Here
Elton John - It's Me That You Need
Elton John - Japanese Hands
Elton John - Kiss The Bride
Elton John - Live Like Horses
Elton John - Made In England
Elton John - My Father's Gun
Elton John - Nikita
Elton John - Original Sin
Elton John - Out Of The Blue
Elton John - Queen of Cities
Elton John - Recover Your Soul
Elton John - Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time)
Elton John - Runaway Train
Elton John - Sacrifice
Elton John - Simple Life
Elton John - Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Elton John - Stand By Your Man
Elton John - The Camera Never Lies
Elton John - The Greatest Discovery
Elton John - Tonight
Elton John - Western Ford Gateway
Elton John - Wicked Dreams
Elton John - Your Song
Elton John and Lulu - The Messenger
Elton John - You're So Static

Other thing, Ulrike Sherling, for her part, had the very good idea to promote our event in Germany, explaining that "on radio HR1 8.13 MP local time they played 'Original Sin'! I hope along with my greetings, where I mentioned it's the fans' officially chosen birthday song for Elton!". Thanks to her too.

We never ever will see a playlist like this, I am afraid. Or maybe not?

23 Mar 2010

Attention Elton John fans!

March 25 is Sir Elton's birthday and Radio in London has teamed up with his fans to see in the day in an extra-special way. Expect lots of Elton songs on Thursday on the internet's most tuned-in station worldwide!

Fans have been invited to phone either our London or Warsaw offices and record their dedications for Elton on his big b-day! What's more, we are trying to help his fans and raise awareness among all our listeners to Elton's super 2001 song Original Sin.
The fans are feeling a bit sinful and want the song to get to Number 1 on Elton's birthday by the number of downloads it receives from the UK.

You too can get involved. Phone in and leave your dedications, why you like Elton, or what you think of the song Original Sin. For English language and Polish people in the UK, please call +44 (0)844 5454 303 and select Option 3. For Polish people in Poland, please call +48 222 196 444 by close of March 24, 2010. Listen through Elton John Day on!


Why Original Sin:

“Songs From West Coast” was last Elton’s masterpiece, a back to roots. From the album, one song shines upon the others: “Original Sin”. The song is one of the most requested songs live by fans, it’s a classic. Bernie penned one of his best lyrics in decades, then it was Paul Buckmaster arrengements (as in the old classics), Davey Johnstone’s guitar, and Elton composed one of the best melodies he could ever written. This old-decade song has been added in Elton’s set list since long time thousands of fans asking for that. This one, not another. Because that’s special. It’s Elton’s landmark.

But it didn’t deserve the attention needed, in sales terms, when it was released: it was only No 39 in UK and No 54 in Australia, then it disappear. Other countries, it didn’t even reach the charts. When "OS" came out, all the magic of the album had gone. It was the third single from the album. It’s one of those songs you think that couldn’t been forget it. Don’t know why, but some songs didn’t reach the general public, they didn’t have the opportunity to be listened. Now, it’s time to repair that date.

Personally, this song always makes me cry. I have specials feelings for this song. It makes me think about some special person that died two years after. So sorry, for that, but it's a special song, not only for me, obviously. In concerts, I've seen how much people pay attention when Elton sings it, how much they get close to his/her partner. How much kisses, how much love. It's a sad sad song. And we love it.

Elton's fans worldwide want to give him a special birthday present: we are downloading Original Sin in the hope that it will get into the charts. We are eltonites from over the world: Italy, Germany, Uk, Us, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, etc., quite difficult to name just a few. Several Elton’s fansites are promoting the event. We are all together in this. That’s a team effort. The pretention: just to make Elton smile and give him a No 1 for his birthday. That’s quite difficult, but we gonna try it. Just because we love Elton."

17 Mar 2010

How To Make "Original Sin" A No 1 In Your Country

The chart is compiled from daily sales data received by Millward Brown from all eligible retailers. Chart eligible retailers include: 7 Digital, Big Noise Music, Bleep, DX3,,, HMV, iTunes, Karmadownload, Meantunes, MSN,, Napster, OD2,, Tiscali, The Music Engine, Virgin, War Child and Wippit.

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Online Retailers: Some ARIA Charts such as the Singles Chart, Albums Chart and Digital Track Chart, are also compiled with data from the following online music retailers: 199Songs, 3 Mobile, Apple iTunes, Bandit.FM, BigPond, BigPond Mobile, BigPond Video, GetMusic, Nokia Music Store (OD2), Optus, Vodafone (Musiwave).

Online Retailers: 7digital, Amazon MP3, AOL Musik, Beatport, Concert Online, Deezer, Deluxe Music, DG Web Shop,, eMusic, e-Plus unlimited, Eventim music, Finetunes, Freenet, Imesh, iTunes Germany, Jamba , Justaloud, Labelstudio,, Magix Music Shop, Mediamarkt., Musikdownloadshop., Medionmusic, Motorload,, MP3.Saturn, Musicload, Musicbox, Musicstar, Napster, Nokia Music Store, o2 Music, PlayNow, shop2download, Steereo, T-Mobile Music, Umusic, Vodafone, Weltbild, Zed,

If there is somebody who can`t take part in his own country, and would love to see the No 1 in Germany, could contact on Tammi's email: tammy.baumli@t-;
Then maybe the interested person could send them the money with paypal (one download costs 0,99 Euros) and they would do the download in Germany. More info on the fansite:

Online Retailers: 3italia, 7digital, Azzurra Music, Beatport, Dada, Deejay Store, Downlovers, eMusic, GazzaMusic, IBS, iMusic Libero, iTunes, Jamba,,, Messaggerie Digitali, Mondadori, MSN Music, Net Music Media World, Nokia Comes With Music, Nokia Store, Sorrisi Music Shop, TIM, Vodafone Live, Yalp, Youtube, Zed

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Online Retailers: BajáMúsica, Cyloop, Faro Latino, Personal Música, Sonora, Ubby Música.

13 Mar 2010

The Eltonite's Day with... Ivan Nossa!!!!!

Hello Eltonites!!! Today is a special day. You know that's the week Of Giorgio Aquilani, right? Well, Giorgio couldn't compose any of his songs without the man on my side. I really discover him, a genuine lyricist, a great person. Along with Giorgio, they make a good team. So, let's welcome Ivan, the one who writes the words for Giorgio. Nice to have you here, Ivan.

When did you become an Eltonite? Remember the first time you heard Elton's music and what moves you to buy his music?

The first Elton record I bought was Breaking hearts, in 1984. I have listened to many of his songs before but I actually felt in love with his music from that moment on. I love his music simply because it moves me, it is a perfect blend of music and lyrics that shakes your emotions.

Right!! Which of your Elton item's that you really appreciate, for being hard to get or for the happiness you’ve got to have it?

I have a Versace Elton vest that Giorgio and Dario (2 Elton fans) have given to me from one of his sale “out of the closet”. I have to say that what I really adore are his vinyl records. What I really want to have most of all is a Bernie autograph or dedication on one of his lyrics, maybe one day.

Hope so! What was it like seeing Elton for the first time and how many concerts have you been to? And also, could you tell us if you ever have been in touch with him, get a signed autograph or even, speak with him or with other member of his band?

I have seen Elton for the first time in the wonderfull arena of Verona back in 1984. I have a little story about that: I went with a Watford scarf and I was not far from the stage, before singing Daniel he said “I see there are some Watford fans here, this next song is for them!!!”. That concert was also shown on tv.

Hahahaha Good!!! Although Elton worked with other lyricists, like Tim Rice, Gary Osborne or Tom Robinson, his landmark work has been with Bernie Taupin. How do you analyze Bernie as a lyric writer? Which is the difference between those lyricists?

Tim Rice is a genius, he knows how to work. Technically perfect. Tom Robinson puts his heart in his lyrics. Bernie is art, something new and old at the same time, he defined his own style in lyric writing. He can write different kind of lyrics but always recognizable. I think what really made me love his words is that he can create stories and worlds in his songs and he digs in there till he finds emotions (Levon is a great example). They are like great paintings the more you look at them the more you discover.

All right!! You, as a lyricwriter, have you been inspired by one of those in some way? Or maybe an Elton’s picture, some word of any song, a costume, has been reflected in some of your lyrics? And which other lyrics writters have influenced you?

I tend to read the lyrics every time I buy a record, and I have been influenced by many (Bob Dylan, John Denver, Mika, James Blunt, Cole Porter and many many more). Bernie remains my main reference, he has inspired me since the first time I have heard Elton’s songs. He really wrote some perfect lyrics (Tiny dancer, Your song, Ticking, The ballad of the boy in the red shoes and many more).

If Elton asked you someday to write music in one of your poems, which lets you?

Poem to life or probably one that I have not written yet.

And which one of Bernie’s lyrics do you think “I should have written that one”?

Many! Tiny dancer, Come down in time, The greatest discovery, The one and of course Your song.

Giorgio told us about the recording process of the album you’re presenting, “Party Of The Century”, as “two years of intense work all around the world” in your own words, delivered nice and unforgettable moments. Any anecdotes you could share with us?

What is unforgettable to me is the moment my words become notes. I have to say that I have been so lucky as to meet people like Bobby Kimball, Mika and Ron Carter thanK to this record, and these have been very special moments. I used to be a Toto fan when I was younger and I would have never thought that one day he would have sung one of my lyrics!

Do you discuss with him how the melody should be or you give him free hand?

I send him my lyrics, let’s say 5, he chooses one or two (usually the worst ones) and after a few days he send me the final result. Often when I expect a ballad I receive a rock song and viceversa. When you create a lyric usually you have a melody in your mind but it never is what comes to the mind of the musician, except a few cases (I’ve seen you for example reflects what I had in mind). We laugh a lot about our creating process and this is great.

Do you get surprise when you heard what Giorgio has done with your lyrics?

90% of the times. Nenna’s last symphony is a typical unexpected surprise!

Apart from music, which are your interests? What you like to do with your off time?

I love music, I listen to it a lot. I tend to read artist biography, lyrics etc. I love musicals. I like reading, going to the gym, surfing internet, cinemas, and I have a passion for good food and wine.

And finally, could you tell me your five favourite Elton's songs in running order, for my AllSongsList?

You song
Crocodile rock
The greatest discovery
The one

Thank you very much. Would you want to add some observation or suggestion, or something you want to say to your other eltonites?

Dear Elton fans I am sure you are all very compassionate people, with deep feelings, often fragile, don’t let anything change what you are because you are what dreams are made of, even if somethimes it’s hard.

Thank you very much, Ivan. Really it was nice to share our time with you. I wish you and Giorgio a big success with the new album, you deserve the best because you put so much effort in there and the result was happily unbelievable. That's a masterpiece, really.

12 Mar 2010

Please, Eltonites, get up, stand up to receive one of the greatest musicians of the world... the fabulous... Giorgio Aquilani!!!!!!!!!!!

I was invited to a Party Of The Century listening and I was really expected. That great list of stars joinin' Giorgio promise I was in front a very ambicious project. And I was not disappointed, not at all. So I invited him to be with us, tonight, explaining something more about the project. So welcome Giorgio, it's really an honour to have you here on allsongslist. I re-birth the section with "One Of Us With The Stars" because...Sometimes dreams come true! It’s your case, my friend.

How do you feel, Giorgio?

It's a weird feeling... it's like what you've been dreaming for a lifetime is becoming true and all of the sudden you find yourself in a dream you're not waking up from, because it's real. From the beginning of the project, till this very moment, I have never had any doubt and lived each single moment with passion and 100% enthusiasm! Yep, I am a positive man!

For sure. But how came up with the idea to create “Party Of The Century”, actually the most spectacular music record project ever happened?You reached out a wide range of musicians, friends and heroes, for the party: Steve Gadd (Al Jarreau, George Benson, Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker), Scott Page (Pink Floyd, Supertramp), Greg Phillinganes & Leland Sklar (Toto), because is a list of about 40 famous people. Obviously I have to mention John Mahon, Matt Still & Charlie Morgan (Elton John), My God, a constellation of stars, really. How do you managed to reunite those stars?

It's been a very natural process actually. At the beginning I had the idea of an album where, hopefully, could be feature few of my special music friends... But when I started to see the first 5/6 names together in the same line, the idea of the party started to spin around my mind. At that point I wanted to involve more of the stars I admired for such a long time and had to find a strong reason to take the risk and make the "asking" step. So I came out with an original concept for this album, the vision of a big mansion where to host and incredible music party! When planning a party, the most important thing to care about is the guest list... on the other side, when you're invited to a party, you gotta bring something in the house! so Everyone stepped in bringing a little part of what they could do better... With the passing of time, the thing became contagious and contagious, and here we are after two years with a record featuring the world's most influential music players!

Did you got all the people you were expecting?

I got much more than what I expected!!! Honestly I'd never think and hope to reach this far. Specially because 95% of those people, today, have turned to be precious friends.

And I am sure the recording process, “two years of intense work all around the world” in your own words, delivered nice and unforgettable moments. Any anecdotes you could share with us?

I remember having dinner together with my brother and guide Leland Sklar, it was 2008 new years eve in Los Angeles. During dinner we started to talk about the project and I confessed Leland how crazily happy I was to have John Mahon onboard, being an elton I was explaining that thing meant so much to me. Leland waited for me to finish and then he said: "Yes I know... John called me to ask who's this crazy Giorgio from Italy!!!" That was so so so cool to hear!

Hahahaha yes!!! Precisely, two of the tracks are duets: one with John Mahon, other with Bobby Kimball. How it was the experience to share a microphone with them? You are conscious that’s the first known duet of John Mahon, really. Why you decided to sing with him?

That's my biggest pride! Bobby and I have known each other for a very long time and we're like family. We always chatted about doing something together and I think Party Of The Century has been the best chance to bring our voices together in a song. Bobby has been a true mentor to me, he followed and improved my vocals being a fantastic trainer! Duetting with John has been a dream to me... I personally attended more than 45 Elton John shows and time after time I started to notice the great work John does on backing vocals. I was totally blwon out when I heard John's voice on the song Roy Rogers during Elton's 60th birthday show. So I went to his website and checked some of his samples and discovered he has such a black, warm and soulful incredible voice! I am 7th heaven about my collaboration with John and I am even happy to give you all the chance to make you discover this fantastic artist as a front man!

You have a lyric partner, Ivan Nossa. Which is the sequence in your composing team? I mean, who starts first, it comes the music or the lyrics? Also, you work together in the studio or like Elton & Bernie’s way, in two separate rooms?

This might sound very familiar to you. Ivan lives near Milan and is such a special lyric writer! A true storyteller, he knows how to build a world in a 3 minutes song. He composes lyrics first and send them down when he has a good amount... just like 10/15. I print them and always have them on my piano, so that when I play and feel like inspired I go through them and start composing. I think we only worked together once on a song, and that was called "Blue Turtle Blues".

It's familiar, yes, hahaha. From the album, I love “Nenna's Last Symphony”, it’s a sad story. I like the lines “Once she took my hand suddenly, To teach me how to face eternity”. What’s the story behind this song?

It's a tough story. Ivan wrote that lyric when his nanny passed away. He loved her so much and asked me if he could include such theme on a lyric. I said yes of course but I didn't want him to expect a slow ballad, full of tears and pain. That person thought Ivan how to live and how to be a better person, so I wanted the song to be more of a joyful ode, uptempo anthem... and I think it's one of the best played songs in the record.

Other songs to remark, the uptempo "2 Hearts In A Tattoo", the tender "One Emotional Moment". Which is your favourite song from the album? And which song’s gonna be the first single?

I am a romantic guy, if it was for me... I would always write ballads. My favorite track in the album is "One Emotional Moment", which I personally think to be the best song I have written till now. It's hard to pick up a single from this record, since every song is a different world. "2 Hearts in a Tattoo" might be a very good single, even "Black Coffee and a Friend"... Anyhow, it's not important, since the hook in this album it's not the single, but it's its incredible story... everyone will pick their preferred track to broadcast!

Why you chose “Friends”, as the Elton’s cover?

First of all because I think it's the song that better express the mood and atmosphere that's all about Party Of The Century. In fact it's a record made by friends, for friends... it's a human thing, not a business major plan. And then... well I personally needed to pay tribute to my hero.

“The Party Of The Century” is going to be released worldwide on March 25th 2010 and it will be available on iTunes for digital downloads and on CDBABY.COM for physical distribution. What this physical release will contain?

This is going to be very special. You will easily download the record from iTunes, but in case you still love to get the concrete thing you will get much more than a little plastic round. The release comes out in a wonderful synthetic leather box containing the CD, A 52 pages book, a special DVD that features studios sessions and the POTC documentary made of interviews to the artists telling the story of potc and their involvement, plus a collector's gadget !

“Party” is not your first work, that will be your second album. First one was released in 2006, and consisted of 11 tracks (in english language) for an indipendent album named “”. That was a great album with beatiful songs like “The Silver Cloud”, and my favourite “Lady Rose”. Also, “The End Of My Road” was nominated for best pop song at 17th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards. That’s a treasure. Outside this business, it seems so difficult for a prime artist to publish his first work. Was that your case? For sure the awards might help.

It's been hard... I mean every time you do something and you wanna do that good, it's hard. Specially when you move the first steps! Unfortunately you don't have to deal only with music, you start learning things about people who make music business a very dangerous place to walk around. So, my first album it's been harder to put together and didn't bring any incredible result even though it's full of fantastic tracks, but it taught me how to move in music world... which is very much, I kinda paid the entrance ticket!

But first success was a single named “What You Do”. The track toured the world radio stations conquering all the fans of the famous irish band: The Corrs, to whom it was dedicated. It seems a “Thank you” to the band. Did you feel, someway, in debit with them?

The Corrs have been a huge influence when I was a teenager and when I got emotions, I always have to find a way to return back all my love... It's a pity they're not around anymore, they added very important details to my music growth.

At what age you decide you wanted to be a musician, Giorgio? And what were your musical influences?

I was born into music... started to play piano when I was about 5 years old. And well, I never thought I wanted to be a musician, I always knew I were a musician. My first music love and biggest influence is Elton John, he's my main reference. Then I listen to all good music from all eras just like: Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, TOTO, Supertramp, Queen, Robbie Williams, Mika, James Blunt and many others.

Apart from those own albums, you have won other music awards: the celebrated Gondola d'Oro prize as upcoming international pop figure, for example. And got reputation writing for musical and audiobooks. Also, you got the idea to wrote the music for IV TOTO, a fans anthem release. Why these project was born?

It's all about my needing to express myself through music. I have a normal life and I have a job, and always had music here, at my side... I always let music interact with my dreams and sometimes go further than where a normal hobby usually leads to. But that's the greatest part of it... improvisation. SO basically everything I do, I want it to be an event... something special to celebrate music and all the people I love.

In 2005, you participated on the international music challenge organized for Elton John’s Captain Fantastic 30th Birthday, consisting in compose and sing “Dogs In The Kitchen”, lyric written by Bernie Taupin and never turned into song by Elton John. And you won: 692 votes. How it was the work with a lyric penned by Taupin? Did you feel any pressure to “replace” Elton in the composition team?

That's been such an experience!! when I decided to participate I was going through an intense working period. The track got written and recorded in less than 4 hours during the night... Winning the competition, well, it's been a dream! I was even meant to get some kind of prize, but never got anything... never mind, I am happy anyway!

When did you become an Eltonite? Remember the first time you heard Elton's music and what moves you to buy his music?

The ball started rolling with "Can You Feel The Love Tonight". I was so so so in love with that track and the owner of my village's cinema used to put on the love songs album before the shows. I remember going to the cinema with a friend of mine telling: "Giorgio hear, this is Elton John... I always cry when I hear his songs, they're so emotional". And I always made fool of him... then after few weeks of the same scene I went to this friend of mine asking him to lend me the cd of that person who made him cry all the time... and I cried too!

Nie!!! Apart from music, which are your interests? What you like to do with your off time?

I am a very active person, have a lot of passions and basically love to share them all with people around me. I love motorbike travelling... I am lucky owner of an Harley Davidson, I travelled even to France with that! I love photography, I love cinema and hanging out with friends. I am a little guy full of positivity who needs to share every smile with who's around. I love buying things for my house and Ferrari is my religion.

Oh, finally, could you tell me your five favourite Elton's songs in running order, for my AllSongsList, where I tried to find the best of his songs ever?

1. Indian Sunset
2. Talking Old Soldiers
3. This Song Has No Title
4. Burn Down The Mission
5. Believe

gee... it's so hard to pick up just 5 !

Thanks, I know hehe. Any dream to fullfill, Giorgio?

More than this??? Well if I will ever receive a message from Elton about Party Of The Century or just a thought about the Friends cover I... well... you cannot even imagine how much, such little gesture, would mean to me! Anyway I am a dreamer, many of my dreams turned real and many other wont'... but even those ones at least made me dream! That's my attitude!

Thank you very much, Giorgio. It was so nice for me doing this interview. I am sure eltonites loved it. Precisely, would you want to add some observation or suggestion, or something you want to say to other eltonites?

Yes I would just love to thank everyone who succeeded in reading till this point! ahahah... jokes apart, I would love to hear from you and your thoughts about Party Of The Century.

Hahahaha I love that album and that will be a success, I am sure about it. Well, as a surprise to you my friend, I have here two well-known people by you. They are great artists and they would love to collaborate on the week dedicated to you, with his words:

John Mahon, musician: "Giorgio, I really enjoyed working with you on the POTC project. You were very professional and prepared which always makes things more enjoyable. It was fun to sing the song Poem To Life that we did as a duet. And of course the caliber of musician was outstanding - YOU included. POTC was a fun session to do and gave me a chance to meet some new and interesting talented people. Best of luck G!!!"

Ludovica Iuè, backing vocalist: “I think that Giorgio is an amazing artist and a beautiful person, friendly, kind. Even if he's young, he has a great voice and his music makes to dream people. It was a pleasure, for me, to make the backing vocals on his new album Party Of the Century... I think that it will be a real success... it has the right sounds, wonderful lyrics and a lot of amazing artist that worked on it.”

Thank you very much John. Thank you very much Ludovica. Well, just reminding you that on Sunday we will have here in Allsongslist the partner of Giorgio: Ivan Nossa, the lyric writter. For now, I will go to listen again the album, just for having a good time. Enjoy!!!

Having fun at the "Party Of The Century"

The soon-to-be released album is a joy. It's a nice collection of songs composed by a superb Giorgio Aquilani that gives his best here. Giorgio's writing, on the Party Of The Century album, can be considered "multi-genre", going from British and West Coast pop/rock to jazz and symphonic, but he has a personal style. And he's a very good performer, with his soulful voice, surrounding nice melodies well written by a fabulous Ivan Nossa. I thought about to make my own review of the album, my feelings after hearing that, at least ten times. So let's make a walk to the party:


Giorgio's concept for his new album is the vision of a "big mansion" hosting an unforgettable music party. The night, a ring bell and a party. That’s the beginning of the party. People having fun, talking. Giorgio’s welcome words promise to be ready to rock. And of course he is.

Poem to life

An optimistic song about life, about trusting in oneself. “I hope someday life reads this poem through, then thinks it over, and gives joy back to you” reads Nossa’s lyrics. Life would be so glad of this poem for sure. You could feel goosebumps when you heard John Mahon’s vocals fitting right well with Giorgio’s. They’re performing a strong duet and that would be a winner if they decided to release it as a single.

Black coffee and a friend

Maybe that shoud be the first track after the intro, a rockin’. But it doesn’t matter. It seems a John Lennon tribute. Angelo Anastasio guitar riffs are prominent and with a strong chorus. I love Nossa’s line: “Life is short, times go fast. Only a few things, are made to last”. He’s referring to friendship, obviously.

One emotional moment

The best song from the album, from my point of view. It’s my beating heart. Giorgio’s tender voice fits very well with the melancholy of the story. Nossa’s clarividence about times of solitude, finding oneself, “looking at that old dusty mirror searching my old familiar face”. It’s a reflective song and Giorgio captured perfectly the mood.

Write me

A nice story penned by Nossa. “You carried the hope for a new world to come, but you just went to war, leaving the peace on that door”, love that line too. The song describes the terrible worrying to have no news about a friend in the front. I could not forget Simon Phillips' drumming, specially reachin’ the end.

Nenna’s last symphony

A very personal song by Ivan Nossa paying tribute to his grandmother. Surprisingly, Giorgio composed an uptempo tune very optimistic and energetic when, maybe, we were expecting some kind like a funeral anthem. Remarkable the brass section and Vittorio Iuè’s hammond solo.

Love after love

A powerfully emotional song claiming for the lost of loves, the desperation of another love going away: “will I be better or will I just lose another heart letter”. I love Ludovica Iuè’s work on the backing vocals, adding a tender climax with Giorgio’s nice piano playing notes.

I’ve seen you

Another pretty good song. Giorgio’s wink to soul, to influences. “I don’t need anything as long as my eyes can look at you” is a wonderful line.

2 hearts in a tattoo

That song really rocks! That’s a masterpiece. I like the vocals sung by Giorgio, as well as the piano. It has a great chorus, and couldn’t stop to singin’ it one time and again. A favourite song growing and growing every time I played it. A single for sure.

At my door

The vocal is about the surprises you could find in the other side of the door. You don’t know how they could be until you open it. Bobby Kimball joined Giorgio on this track.

Venice night

A brilliant track that begs for repeated listens. You can feel the breeze in your face as the music and the lyrics combine. The beatiful orchestral arrangements by Renato Serio reminded me what James Newton-Howard did for Elton’s “Tonight” song. The gorgeous strings are quite beautiful and is a standout on the album for sure.


Nice rendition of Elton’s classic with all Giorgio’s friends singin’ around: John Mahon, Stefano Signorini, Steve Murphy, Simone Borghi, Bobby Kimball, Billy Sherwood, Cherisse Osel, joinin’ together for an Elton John obscure song, but a classic by the way. Giorgio’s rockin' fresh version of "Friends" maybe it’s better than Elton’s original, my God, and that cover should be on Davey Johnstone’s mind, it should be great to see the band playing as here.


Features Joe Gorfinkle sensations of a party that seems to be unrepeatable, or maybe not. That experience should be done again, other time. There’s a real, genuine energy and spirit on this album. Sure recommendable.

9 Mar 2010

Unforgettable People (XLIV): Giorgio Aquilani

Giorgio Onorato Aquilani was born in Tarqunia on March 8th 1983. The worldwide pianist and singer Renato Carosone together with his wife Lita agreed to be little Giorgio’s Godparents. The little piano boy grew up in places where music was always present: "The thing I love most of music world is that no one can objectively say if something's good or not, if something will work or not.... and this give me a little more hope!" declared Giorgio about his career to began. At early age, 17 years old, he composed the official Peace anthem for the year 2000 Jubelee, performing it in the Vatican's Gardens in front of the Pope and 112 state chiefs from all over the world.

"What really matters is that I am basically positive... A dreamer..." explained at 19 years old when he debuted his first ever album recorded and launched to conquer the international public’s attention: “Blue Turtle”, a collection of emotions and stories of his generation. "I basically consider myself as a Rock/Pop artist, the album contains a huge variety of moods and genres including country and symphonic!!!!" was his presentation to the world. Following his dreams, he was able to impact with a succesful single, tribute to The Corrs, the Irish band that influenced him by the time. The single called “What you do” owed a good part of his music tastes and inspiration, together with his eternal idol, Elton John.

In 2004 he performs at the Venice Cinema Palace getting the celebrated Gondola d'Oro prize as upcoming international pop figure. And in 2005 he partecipates to an international music challenge organized for Elton John's Captain Fantastic 30th Birthday. He got the first place being rewarded at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York after composing and singing "Dogs In The Kitchen", lyric written by Bernie Taupin and never turned into song by Elton John. Also, he composed all the musical themes for the Venice Poetry Biennale. In 2006 he finishes the recording of 11 tracks (in english language) for his first independent album named "" , whose songs toured worldwide radio stations.

From this point, the successes succeed one behind another: in 2006 his voice is chosen by Sony Pictures for the italian version of a song featured in their latest animated movie: "Open Season"; in April 2007 the song "The End Of My Road" got a nomination for best pop song at 17th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards; and in March 2008 "IV TOTO" a worldwide TOTO Fans Anthem was released. The project came out from an idea of Giorgio’s and toured the world. Giorgio wrote the music for the track, played the piano and sung on it. And Bobby Kimball featured as the special guest.

Marketing Director in his family firm, F.lli Aquilani srl, he prepared a big party, what it had to be the "Party Of The Century".

For his part, the lyric partner Ivan Nossa was born in February 1968 and lives in Treviglio, a small town in northern Italy where he runs his own business translations service firm. Lingua + has born in 1997 and immediately became a valid collaborator for small, medium and large companies by supplying linguistic services oriented towards foreign affairs and industrial technology.

The man who writes the words for Giorgio has been writing lyrics and poems since a long time. His secret? "The magic is that we have been able the transform personal feelings that gave birth to these lyrics to general topics that can adapt to all listeners emotions" expressed Nossa about the last record "Party Of The Century". And that's it: the fine words for the great lyrics. Touching many relevant themes such as: Love, Friendship, War and Aids, Nossa has been collaborating with Giorgio since 2000, being part of Giorgio's success. And he delivered a great collection of poems for the Party, for Giorgio's party.

5 Mar 2010

The Story Behind: "All Quiet On The Western Front"

Taupin's collaboration on "Jump Up!" album brought his particularly homage to the Erich Maria Remarque's 1930 novel with the same title. The book about the story of six German soldiers who volunteered to fight in World War I, is told from the perspective of one incredibly observant young soldier, Paul Bäumer, who exposes details of life on the Western Front, exploring the necessity and purpose of wars. The Nazis, who were rising in power in Germany, hated its grim portrayal of war and obligated the author to establish in Switzerland, first, and then in the US.

Bernie captured the essence on lines like "nobody saw a youth asleep in the foreign soil, planted by the war / Feel the pulse of human blood pouring forth" and on "Ghosts float in a flooded trench as Germany dies / Fever reaps the flowers of France".

The song is reminded for the final apotheosis end featuring James Newton-Howard keyboards and, specially, Toto Jeff Porcaro's thunderous drumming. And like in "Daniel", Elton crossed out Taupin's line "thin white man in stinking tents" because he felt it was not attractive to sing, althought he played that line live on the tour. Elton defined the single, maybe true or not, as "the worth selling single in the Phonogram's story".

1982: Commodore's Orpington Chronology

March, 10

Elton's first tour in two years opened in Wellington, New Zealand. Elton was in a good form and had lost weight, maybe for the long Tennis journements he spent in Antiqua, by the sea. "Teacher I Need You", "(Gotta Get) A Meal Ticket" and "Elton's Song" were on the set list.

March, 19

George Harrison joined Elton John onstage in Sydney, Australia on guitar and vocals on Elton's ‘Empty Garden,' possibly the most touching musical tribute to John Lennon.


"Jump Up!" album was released, and it represented his second Geffen Records offer. The title was inspired by one of the West Indian's expression: an essence of good times by the way. Althought conceived in Paris, the album was produced bu Chris Thomas and recorded at George Martin AIR Studios in Montserrat. The album featured a track written by Tim Rice, "Legal Boys", one song rejected from an Andrew Lloyd Weber project, related to accountants and lawyers that make the situation worse than it has to be, according to the lyric's meaning.

April, 17

Premiered "Ball and Chain" and "Empty Garden" on Saturday Night Live program. The guest of the programme, Johnny Cash, appeared dressed up like Elton.

April, 30

Opened the first European tour in Stockholm. The band had again Davey Johnstone, Dee Murray and Nigel Olsson as an unit. In Brussels, Paris and Avignon, he joined "Nobody Wins" with the french version "J'Veux D'la Tendresse", for the delight of the attenders.


Elton had a new 33 years old boyfriend, an Australian guy called Gary Clarke, who accepted Elton's invitation to go to live with him in England and be a part of the route group. In 1996 Clarke explained what it was, in his own words, "a turbulent period of more than a decade and in exotic locations that spanned several continents, (and) experienced the exhilarating highs and devastating lows of an excessive and passionate lifestyle".


Days before Elton's American Tour, he went to Bernie Taupin and then his wife, Toni, at their Californian house to spoke about working in a whole album together, as the old days. The result was "Too Low For Zero".

June, 12

The American Tour had a fellow Geffen group, The Quarterflash, as the opener of the shows. The tour opened in Denver CO on June 12 and ended in New York City NY on August 7, after a succesful sold-out concerts.

August, 5

At the first night in Madison Square Garden, Yoko Ono, along with his six years-old son Sean, appeared on the stage after Elton's rendition of "Empty Garden" to told the audience "I want to thank you, I really feel you're all my family". Elton is instead Sean's godfather.


"Princess" was released as an UK single from the album, but it failed to reach the charts. With lyrics by Gary Osborne, it was Elton's message of goodwill to Diana Spencer. Elton met Diana at one of the Royal Family's party and got well since the first view: "You make me smile" read the lyric and realize that "You're one fine lady".

December, 9

First night of the Hammersmith Odeon Christmas series concerts, counting with Kiki Dee as the special guest freaturing at the end of the show on "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" and on the medley of "Whole Lotta Shakin'", "Jingle Bells", "I Saw Her Standing There" and "Twist And Shout". One of those nights, Nigel Olsson took sick and left an angry Elton only with Davey and Dee Murray, as an unlike trio.

3 Mar 2010

1982: The Singles Music Charts

Blue Eyes

United States
N. 12 (18 Weeks)

N. 5 (13 Weeks)

United Kingdom
N. 8 (10 Weeks)

N. 8 (5 Weeks)

N. 4 (16 Weeks)

New Zealand
N. 11 (10 Weeks)

N. 22 (12 Weeks)

N. 51 (5 Weeks)

N. 9 (5 Weeks)

N. 19 (8 Weeks)

N. 10 (17 Weeks)

N. 7 (8 Weeks)


Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnnie)

United States
N. 13 (17 Weeks)

N. 8 (16 Weeks)

United Kingdom
N. 51 (4 Weeks)

N. 29 (1 Week)

N. 63 (18 Weeks)

New Zealand
N. 14 (8 Weeks)