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23 Mar 2010

Attention Elton John fans!

March 25 is Sir Elton's birthday and Radio in London has teamed up with his fans to see in the day in an extra-special way. Expect lots of Elton songs on Thursday on the internet's most tuned-in station worldwide!

Fans have been invited to phone either our London or Warsaw offices and record their dedications for Elton on his big b-day! What's more, we are trying to help his fans and raise awareness among all our listeners to Elton's super 2001 song Original Sin.
The fans are feeling a bit sinful and want the song to get to Number 1 on Elton's birthday by the number of downloads it receives from the UK.

You too can get involved. Phone in and leave your dedications, why you like Elton, or what you think of the song Original Sin. For English language and Polish people in the UK, please call +44 (0)844 5454 303 and select Option 3. For Polish people in Poland, please call +48 222 196 444 by close of March 24, 2010. Listen through Elton John Day on!


Why Original Sin:

“Songs From West Coast” was last Elton’s masterpiece, a back to roots. From the album, one song shines upon the others: “Original Sin”. The song is one of the most requested songs live by fans, it’s a classic. Bernie penned one of his best lyrics in decades, then it was Paul Buckmaster arrengements (as in the old classics), Davey Johnstone’s guitar, and Elton composed one of the best melodies he could ever written. This old-decade song has been added in Elton’s set list since long time thousands of fans asking for that. This one, not another. Because that’s special. It’s Elton’s landmark.

But it didn’t deserve the attention needed, in sales terms, when it was released: it was only No 39 in UK and No 54 in Australia, then it disappear. Other countries, it didn’t even reach the charts. When "OS" came out, all the magic of the album had gone. It was the third single from the album. It’s one of those songs you think that couldn’t been forget it. Don’t know why, but some songs didn’t reach the general public, they didn’t have the opportunity to be listened. Now, it’s time to repair that date.

Personally, this song always makes me cry. I have specials feelings for this song. It makes me think about some special person that died two years after. So sorry, for that, but it's a special song, not only for me, obviously. In concerts, I've seen how much people pay attention when Elton sings it, how much they get close to his/her partner. How much kisses, how much love. It's a sad sad song. And we love it.

Elton's fans worldwide want to give him a special birthday present: we are downloading Original Sin in the hope that it will get into the charts. We are eltonites from over the world: Italy, Germany, Uk, Us, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, etc., quite difficult to name just a few. Several Elton’s fansites are promoting the event. We are all together in this. That’s a team effort. The pretention: just to make Elton smile and give him a No 1 for his birthday. That’s quite difficult, but we gonna try it. Just because we love Elton."

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