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26 Mar 2010

Radio Orla: Elton John Day's impressions

Anyone could imagine an Elton's Day on one of the most recognized radios in UK, for Elton's birthday? Anyone could imagine a radio station promoting a song for Elton like "Original Sin", for an event created with the pretention to make smile Elton? Yes, one person, and it's not me. That's Nigel Coleman, who contacted one of the greatest fans over the world, George Matlock. We had the opportunity to reach so many people in UK, and it was a profit occasion. Me, I contacted George Matlock and, in two days, we promoted the event about "Original Sin" due on the radio on thursday.

Maybe that was a short time to do it, but before we did, we are plenty satisfied. "A lot of emails with greetings about Elton's songs on the radio, it was nice" said Artur Skupienski, the chief producer, about the Elton's Day on Radio ORLA. We could hear some of Elton's songs that we could never heard on the main radio stations, normally. Classic, obscure songs, "B" Sides, duets, lives, etc. and "Original Sin" shining above all. It was quite amazing to hear these songs live, that didn't happen very often.

Radio ORLA, is the most established Anglo-Polish radio station broadcasting the latest news, entertainment and playing the latest music to the listeners across the globe through the internet and on FM in West London. Established in 2006, Radio ORLA is situated in Ealing, London. With the state of the art radio-shows and fully qualified staff, Radio ORLA FM delivers a tailor-made news and advertisements to a wide variety of listeners in the UK, Ireland, Poland and other countries.

Radio ORLA FM produces unique radio-shows, including news stream, music and fashion shows, interviews with renowned people and advertisements for the clients. Tailored to the client's requirements, the advertisements and sponsored shows are the best way to build company's brand awareness and deliver the best consumers. The advertising and sponsoring services are available at reasonable price.

With a team that includes 20 experienced staff members, Radio ORLA FM has a professional team, qualified in radio presenting, reporting, news reading, editing, etc. "We play a lot of English and other European music. And since start of the year we are developing a playlist where in April only the music from April charts 1960-2010 gets played. Its a unique approach and means 12 different playlists a year" explained George Matlock, the director, about future projects. "No other radio offers that much!" added. Kindly, Artur sent me the Elton's songs on the playlist, all were on air yesterday:

Elton John - 16th Century Man
Elton John - (Gotta Get a) Meal Ticket
Elton John - A Woman's Needs (feat Tammy Wynette)
Elton John - A Word in Spanish
Elton John - Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing (feat Marcella Detroit)
Elton John - All Across The Havens
Elton John - All The Nasties
Elton John - Amazes Me
Elton John - American Triangle
Elton John - Amy
Elton John - And The House Fell Down
Elton John - Bad Side of the Moon
Elton John - Believe
Elton John - Bennie And The Jets
Elton John - Blue Eyes
Elton John - Cage The Songbird
Elton John - Chameleon
Elton John - Circle Of Life
Elton John - Cold Highway
Elton John - Crazy Water
Elton John - Dreamboat
Elton John - Duets for One
Elton John - El Dorado
Elton John - Empty Sky
Elton John - Go on and On (feat Gladys Knight)
Elton John - Goodbye Marlon Brando
Elton John - Grey Seal
Elton John - Grimsby
Elton John - Honky Cat
Elton John - I Can't Steer My Heart Clear Of You
Elton John - I Never Knew Her Name
Elton John - I Stop And I Breathe
Elton John - Idol
Elton John - It's Getting Dark In Here
Elton John - It's Me That You Need
Elton John - Japanese Hands
Elton John - Kiss The Bride
Elton John - Live Like Horses
Elton John - Made In England
Elton John - My Father's Gun
Elton John - Nikita
Elton John - Original Sin
Elton John - Out Of The Blue
Elton John - Queen of Cities
Elton John - Recover Your Soul
Elton John - Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time)
Elton John - Runaway Train
Elton John - Sacrifice
Elton John - Simple Life
Elton John - Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Elton John - Stand By Your Man
Elton John - The Camera Never Lies
Elton John - The Greatest Discovery
Elton John - Tonight
Elton John - Western Ford Gateway
Elton John - Wicked Dreams
Elton John - Your Song
Elton John and Lulu - The Messenger
Elton John - You're So Static

Other thing, Ulrike Sherling, for her part, had the very good idea to promote our event in Germany, explaining that "on radio HR1 8.13 MP local time they played 'Original Sin'! I hope along with my greetings, where I mentioned it's the fans' officially chosen birthday song for Elton!". Thanks to her too.

We never ever will see a playlist like this, I am afraid. Or maybe not?

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