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25 Mar 2017


Hello Eltonites nice to share time again with you!!! It's been about dates and numbers today. All you know it is Elton's 70th Birthday. For such event Elton will be at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles hosting a party which will raise money for both the charity and museum, to celebrate not just Elton's birthday, but the 50th anniversary of his songwriting partnership with Bernie Taupin. Longtime musical collaborators are probably the longest-lasting and songwriting team in the music history and one of the most successful. It is also the 33th anniversary of AllSongsList, that extensive archive I created so long ago, when I was just fifteen years old, keeping all the dates of concerts, as much as set lists I could get, songs written and sang for our greatest idol, with all the music chart successes around the world, covers and versions. One of most important things is the creation 25 years ago of the Elton John AIDS Foundation "In response to the urgent need for philanthropic support to address the global AIDS" read the statement on the official website. And finally, it is the 10th anniversary of the running of this non-profit blogsite about Elton John.

So for the ocasion and starting today, we will have a wide range of surprises between today and June. Ray Williams explained me he "actually put the advertisement in the NME on June 17th, then (they) made Elton's demo's at Regent sound, Denmark Street, London". And we will have very special guests, eltonites and the committee of experts, we will have AllSongsList walk through the archives, with set lists and outtakes, Jack Rabbit eltonin' around the world... and few more surprises explained at time. 

I invite you to join us on this journey, don't forget to wish Elton a very happy BDay, and to enjoy as much as I do sharing our musical passion with all of you. Happy BDay Elton, this is ready to began!!!