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20 Dec 2010

Happy Chrismas, Eltonites!!! And Thank YOU!!!

"Spreading joy to the world when Christmas is here" sang Elton duetting with Joss Stone in 2005. Christmas is a special time. It's happiness and sadness, all in one: happy for the people on my side; sadness for missing people and world unjustices. It seems a time to make stop, take a breath, make an effort and go on; all in one. That contrast between two sides of life don't allow to forget that a better place is possible. A better world is possible. We have to make an effort and be positive althought sometimes is so hard to reach.

If someone of you could help on my B-Day wish helping the EJAF reach my goal, I will be grateful. If you couldn't, please, don't worry at all, it's so understandable. Thanks anyway for your attention.

We have Elton, thank God, we have Elton. I couldn't imagine life without Elton. I was born in 1969, when he started his Empty Sky debut album. I became an eltonite in 1983, for "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues" and since then on, I've trying to follow him with loyalty. I remember my first concert, in 1989, when a young Jack Rabbit took the train to the big City: Barcelona, instead of being school. It was the most incredible show I've been. First I was a kind of disappointed for seeing that the man I idealized was human (so naive). But I enjoyed the concert so much, as I said, but unfortunetely I loose the train back home and I had to call home saying: "Oh, didn't tell you? I am in Barcelona!!!". I'd been one month without permission going out!! But it was well deserved. Thank you, Elton!!! Thanks to former and current band members!!!

And specially, today, thank YOU ELTONITES. That is the third season of the blogsite and the most incredible thing happened to me is to meet you. Some of you, I am thankful enough to meet you in person, that's the most amazing thing of concerts: to share experiences with you. Others, I am fortunate enough to have a beatiful friendly without knowing personally. You are my family! Thanks so much for following this blogsite, the old rabbit and for collaborate with me. My only objective is to have good fun and spread Elton's name around.

So, Happy Xmas, people, have a wonderful and joyful 2011, a lot of Elton's music. By heart, me and old rabbit could sing to you: "

"Take care in all you do next year
And keep smiling through the days
If we can help to entertain you
Oh we will find the ways

Thanks so much for being there, I wish you all the best!!!
Love you so much!!!