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31 Jul 2009

The List: From Top 1 To Top 50 (I)

Since 1984 when I started compilating the AllSongsList, it always has been a rivalry between the first and second positions: that's between "Your Song" (1.747.130 points) and "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" (1.744.330 points). "Your Song" wins in the following categories: Singles (17.000 p.), Albums (87.750 p.), Videos (25.350 p.) appearances, and specially, Covers (97.700 p.), Live (341.500 p., the song most played live) and the favourite of Eltonites (375.855 p.). But "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" wins in the categories of Charts around the world, being more succesful in sales terms than "Your Song", specially since 1991, with George Michael and Elton's duet.

There's no discussion that the 1973 era has been the more succesful for Elton, because 6 of the top 10 songs are from there: "Daniel" (1.362.340 p.), "Candle In The Wind" (1.360.275 p.), "Crocodile Rock" (1.254.570 p.), "Bennie And The Jets" (1.184.865 p.), "Saturday Night's Alright" (1.121.105 p.) and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" (1.088.575 p.).

If "Candle In The Wind" in the AllSongsList is number 5, in the Eltonites category is number 3 with 268.905 points. Also, it's the second more succesful song in the Spain and Norway Music Charts category. "Bennie And The Jets" peaks the second position in the US Music Charts category (190.340 p.), but it hadn't been a hit in England. "Saturday Night's Alright" is one of the songs most played life since it was premiered live (239.900 p.). "Crocodile Rock" did well in Music Charts around the world and became a big hit in Japan (20,925 p.) and Australia (84.065 p.), apart from U.S. (170.810 p.).

"Rocket Man" (1.344.195 p.) and "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" (1.430.430 p.) completed the Top 10, both being great hits in music charts around the world, always on the set lists til they were released (not missing any of the Tours since).

First songs of the 80s in AllSongsList is on number 11, and it's "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues" (1.048.365 p.). Although "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (960.565 p.) is number 9 in Eltonites preferences (206.110 p.), it's out of the Top 10 in the AllSongsList.

Other cases, "Take Me To The Pilot" (446.475 p.) is one of the more covered songs by Elton (20.500 p.) and "Levon" (370.060 p.) has good results in the Live category (121.750 p.) for being one of the most played songs live. "Candle In The Wind 1997", with only 850 p. in the Live category, is peaks Top 33 for being one of the more sold singles of Elton's Catalog, with good results in U.S. (67.650 p.), England (40.375 p.) and Australia (30.510 p.). Also to highlight "I'm Still Standing" (943.675 p.) with good results in France Music Charts category (50.025 p.), beside "Song For Guy" with 48.800 p. there; "Nikita" (784.155 p.) doing well in Germany Music Charts category (43.250 p.); "The One" (709.000 p.) with good results in Italy (34.625 p.) and "Border Song" (447.705 p.), a top 5 in Japan (17.615 p.).

26 songs of AllSongsList are from the 70s, with the whole Top 10; 11 songs are from the 80s, 12 from the 90s and only one song from the 00s. All Top 50 has been released as a single.

(To be continued. You could post your thoughts or questions on the comments section. Thanks)

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