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7 Jul 2009

Famous Croatians Eltonites

Slavica Radić is a former Armani model and was the wife of Formula 1 racing magnate Bernie Ecclestone. She was born in 1958 in Rijeka, Croatia (former Yugoslavia) and is the Patron of the croatian community based in London. The couple have two daughters, Tamara (born 1986) and Petra (born 1990). On March this year, she was given a ‘quickie divorce’ and granted a decree nisi in just 58 seconds on the grounds that the marriage with Bernie had “irretrievably” broken down due to the 78-year-old’s “unreasonable behaviour”.

She announced her arrival to the concert by Elton in Pula’s area, but what surprised the organizers of the festival is that she bought all 50 entrance tickets to the VIP area for that concert.

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