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22 Jul 2009

Famous Austrian Eltonites

Anton "Toni" Polster was born March 10, 1964 in Vienna. He is a former Austrian football (soccer) striker,the all-time leading goalscorer for Austria and the singer of the austrian band Achtung Liebe. Polster made his professional league debut in August 1982 with the Austria Wien team , at 18 years of age. He won three league titles and the domestic cup before moving abroad to play a season for italian team Torino and spanish team Sevilla FC, among others. Polster was chosen in Austria's Team of the Century in 2001.

Last year, along with austrian football legends Hansi Krankl and Herbert Prohaska, he joined up with Gyula Harangozo the director of ballet at the Viennese State Opera and the Volksopera and Josef Metzger the Press Sports journalist to create the Ball Artist Association (Ball-Künstler Verein) with the aim of emphasising the connection between sport and culture.

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