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25 Aug 2008

Jack Rabbit In The Big City (II)

Picadilly Circus was a little bit disappointing for me. Maybe I was influenced by typical postcards of the place: the neon lights, the punkies... But when I arrived there, the neon lights were as big as I thought and I coudn't find any punky. But I found something I really like: that was "The Rock Circus". Oh, I've got to go there, there could be Elton. Rock music with its intense vitality and astonishing diversity was there alive and... rocking. And Elton was there: his wax figure, of course. I sat at the piano with him, and it was "bbbb... benny and the jets". Funny enough!!!

After that, the next two days were tourism: the Tower of London, the Bridge Tower, St. Paul's Cathedral, National Gallery, the Portrait Gallery (with a nice picture of Elton too) and long walk to Hyde Park and St. James' Park. I saw squirrels, yes, but anyone stole my food, no. And Madame Tussaud Wax Museum: too many people out there, waiting to enter, and a bit expensive ticket. And no Elton there. "Elton's only in Rock Circus" told me the watchman.

Next time had to be Elton's Tour. And it was. I went to Lancaster Grill, near New Oxford Street 71-75, round the corner, to take a cup of coffee like Elton & Bernie did some day. New Oxford Street, where it was Dick James Studios, there was only the old building, nothing else. Round the corner, in a bar, I saw some figure that looked like Elton's mum. But that was my imagination, she couldn't be Sheila Farebrother. 101 Wardour Street, where it had to be Rocket Records Company, there was nothing, only the building again.

"Where I could go now?" I said to me. "Ok! Let's go to Elton John AIDS Foundation" and to Pinner and Watford, trying to find Elton's roots..."

To Be Continued Tomorrow

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