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19 Apr 2008

The Eltonite's Day (XIV): The One And Only... Newloneranger

Hi Newloneranger. Welcome to the “Live Excerpt Songs” Week. Nice to “meet” you. This is the first of a serious of weeks talking about Elton John Live Concerts. We began with the songs Elton weaved into his longtime hits. We have the joyous occasion to interview one of the best eltonites: Newloneranger, to chat about Live, albums and Elton's world. So, welcome and thank you for the acceptation.

But first... Could you tell us, please, who are you and where are you from?

I am Jim O from Arizona, lived here 3 years. Moved here from California to be closer to my girlfiend Marla. Born in California and lived there most of my life. But I am enjoying Arizona now. California is getting too crowded.

Right. When did you became an Eltonite? Remember the first time you heard Elton's music and what moves you to buy his music?

I became an Eltonite back in the mid 70s. My first Elton CD was Captain Fantastic, I recall playing that album over and over in my room. I liked it so much I slowly bought his back catalog. By the time Blue Moves was released I had every album he ever released. What makes me buy his music? I guess I can always count on a good album by Elton. I don’t need to hear clips. I know his albums will be good, About 90 percent of all Elton John albums I bought were bought on the first day of release.

Wow!! Which was your first Elton concert and how many concerts have you been?

7 shows. First and second was back in 1980 on the 21 at 33 tour, Me and a friend saw that show at the L.A forum. We were in the parking lot after the show. Some guy was trying to sell his tickets for the next night. They were seats in the 9th row so we had to get them. Paid about 10 dollars a piece for them(good prices back then). So we went the 2nd night and before the show we were walking by where all the limos and we saw Bernie walking with 2 ladies from afar. We yelled hi Bernie, He turned around and waved. I thought that was cool. I also snuck in a tape recorder to try to record the show. It didn’t come out very good but it was enjoyable hearing it again.
3rd show I saw was from the Jump Up tour back in 82. 4th was the Breaking Hearts tour in 84.
5th show was from the Sleeping With the Past tour. Elton got mad during that show. People started to head for the bathroom during his new songs. I believe he threw his piano stool. If I need to use the restroom, I’ll wait till he plays Bennie and the Jets or Daniel. Hearing his new songs is one of my favourite parts of the show. A lot of the crowd use these songs for a bathroom break. Very rude in my opinion. Those are the songs he is trying to sell. I can understand why he got upset.
6th show was a Face To Face tour with Billy Joel. I had a terrible toothache that night.(Root canal the next day) I had to drink a lot of beer that night just for the pain, Glad I wasn’t driving!
7th show was the Peachtree Road tour here in Arizona with my girlfriend. Good show but he played all the same songs, except the new ones.

Wow!!! You know this is the “Live Excerpts Songs”Week... What do yout think about Elton weaving some tunes, some excerpts, in his own songs? For example “White Christmas”on “Take Me To The Pilot”, “In The Mood” in “Bennie And The Jets” or “Back In The USSR”in “Pinball Wizard”. Do you like live medleys or your prefer listening the entire cover song alone?

To tell you the truth I never realized that he weaved some tunes into his songs. I do know some artists that have done that. I’d prefer to hear the entire cover song.
Medleys are ok. Maybe he should do a medley of some of those songs he sings every time. Like Bennie and the Jets, Daniel, Sorry Seems etc, Theres always about 10 songs he does in every show, He should make a 15 minute medley and get them out of the way. Theres so many good songs he excludes from his shows.

Yes, because there are great songs out there... Which songs do you thinkElton should cover, in live concerts or, like Rod Stewart did, recording an entire album of covers versions?

I wouldn’t mind Elton doing a covers album like Rod Stewart did. As long as it’s a one time deal. Elton and Bernie in no way should give up their songwriting. I always thought Elton would do a fine job on the Paul Davis song "I Go Crazy", It’s a beautiful song and their voices are similar.

Great. Which is your Elton's item that you really appreciate, for being hard to get or for the happiness you've got to have it?

Seriously, I don’t really collect Elton Memorabilia. Probably the only thing I have that’s kind of rare would be the A Single Man picture disc. I spotted it in a used record store and got it for 5 bucks.
But I am happy to have every Elton album. Each one is special in its own way. Especially the Breaking Hearts abum for personal reasons.

Finally, could you tell me your five favourite Elton's songs in running order, for my AllSongsList?

Theres so many, But here are a few I really enjoy.
Sad Songs
Original Sin
Indian Sunset
FFAF/Love Lies Bleeding

Oh, sometime you said “I'd definately make him change his setlist. Make him sing songs he hasn't sang in years. I'd also make him stop the Vegas shows”… Why don’t you like this kind of shows?

Well from what I’ve heard the Vegas shows are only 90 minutes long. I’m not sure what the prices are but if I pay 100 dollars for a ticket, it better be for more than 90 minutes. Plus it would be a good idea not to get caught up with the Vegas crowd. I don’t know if the Mafia is as big as it was. But you need to be careful when you deal with this type of people. You may be in it for life if you’re not careful.
I’d definitely change the setlist. I've seen him 7 times, And when I go I want to hear something I haven’t heard before. Eltons catalog is so huge, but his setlist is so small. There some many gems out there he could play, I also noticed he rarely plays his newer hits. He has to realize that theres more than his 70s stuff. Some people say he plays these songs to please the crowd. I say if the crowd only knows these songs, they are not very big fans.
Thanks for the interview.

Thank you Jim, really a pleasure to chat with you. Enjoyable experience. Take care.

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