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12 Jul 2008

Ladies & Gentlemen... The incredible.... Honeybee!!!!!

Elton and Bernie started dreaming to became professional artists and they were near to dream come true. That was 1968. Two years after, one lady saw for first time Elton singin' one song and became an eltonite. She's American, she's sensitive, she writes poetry, she writes beatiful verses as "SHE WANTS TO FEEL THAT WAY AGAIN, WHERE EVERYTHING IS FRESH AND NEW; THE BEGINNING AT THE END OF THE BEND. SHE IS LIKE ME, WITH HER DREAMS AND DESIRES; A DISTANT MEMORY... ONCE.... I KNEW YOU WHEN". And she's a loving and talented person: she's... Honeybee!!!! Thank you very much for share your time chatting a little with me. It's really a pleasure and I am glad you accepted.

But first… Could you tell us, more, who are you and where are you from?

My name is Suzy Byrd and I am a member of Everyone there knows me as HONEYBEE. I am a writer/poet and I live in a little small town in southeastern Indiana USA.

Perfect! Then... When did you become an Eltonite? Remember the first time you heard Elton’s music and what moves you to buy his music?

Oh, gosh, I remember it like yesterday! It was 1971 and Elton was on the TOP OF THE POPS show and it was on CBS or something here in the states. I have two older sisters and they kept talking about Elton John was going to come on tv and they were so excited. I couldn't figure out why they were carrying on. Anyway, I sat down on our family room floor and then....He started singing and I was watching his hands and I said to myself, "Who is this guy?" I was simply hypnotized while he was singing YOUR SONG. It has only been a couple of years that I have owned the first five-year albums/CD's. I decided to listen to everything I missed over the years.

Wow! What was it like seeing Elton for the first time and how many concerts have you been to? And also, could you tell us if you ever have been in touch with him, get a signed autograph or even, speak with him or with other member of his band?

Actually, I know this sounds awful, but I have never seen Elton play in person. Oh, Lord, not that I never wanted to. The closest venue is in Indianapolis, Indiana and Elton hasn't performed there for years. I wish he would come back, though. I'd drag my friend Debbie with me! She loves concerts! I don't know the band personally, but it would be great to talk to Elton for awhile. I am not much for autographs though. I don't know why?

Ok. What do you think about Gus Dudgeon, the producer? He was one of best producers Elton worked with? And other producers... which do you like most and what do you think about Elton self-producing?

Gus seemed so nice. I really enjoy watching the GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD DVD and Gus talking about the mixes and sounds they came up with. I can tell he really admired Elton's talent and gave him free reign to do what Elton does. Steve Brown had a big influence on Elton's career because he saw how talented and gifted Elton was then and of course, still is. Steve gave Elton the chance when nobody else did. THAT WAS the beginning. I think it would be great for Elton to self-produce. He certainly knows what works and doesn't work for him.

Elton had his golden age era in the 70s, especially in your country, the U.S.A. One time, John Lennon told him: “if you die someday, I will throw my radio out the window”. It was that really? What do you remember about how it was the impact of his bisexual confession in 1976? And what is Elton’s place in world music today, in your opinion?

I don't think I ever heard John Lennon say that, but I am sure it is true! There will only be one John Lennon, that is for sure! Ha! I do remember the ROLLING STONE 1976 confession because I bought Rolling Stone at that time. I lived in Bakersfield, California and would have been about 12 years old then. It did surprise me a little, but it didn't turn me off of Elton or make me not like him. What can I say about Elton's impact on the world? Hmmm, maybe there will never be another Elton John. Where can you start to measure what he has done for music and inspiration to other artist's? Elton John has given so much of himself to charity, the AID'S awareness, and his fans with all of the concert tours. It is just mindbending how dedicated this man is to what he believes in.

Although Elton worked with other lyricists, like Tim Rice, Gary Osborne or Tom Robinson, his landmark work has been with Bernie Taupin. How do you analyze Bernie as a lyric writer? Which is the difference between those lyricists?

It is impossible to compare one lyricist to another. I sure wouldn't want or like someone analyzing my work. For example, a friend of mine read one of my lyrics I had written and he said, "Suzy, how do you do this?" I stood there for a minute and said, "you know, I can't tell you how I do it because no two lyrics or poems are written in the same form." I mean, I have a so called system I go by, but it is just one of those things you can't detail how you do. I think Bernie Taupin has talked about how hard it is for him to explain to people.

All right!! You, as a poet writer, have you been inspired by one of those in some way? Or maybe an Elton’s picture, some word of any song, a costume… has been reflected in some of your poems? If Elton asked you someday to write music in one of your poems, which lets you?

Oh, I get my inspirations from all sorts of things. I'll let you in on a little secret. I DO get some good stuff from my dreams. I have learned to keep a notepad by my bed so I can write down any lyric or words that may come to me when I am starting to wake up. My poem BEGINNINGS has a lot of Elton influence. I mean, I didn't just sit down and think about it. I just was thinking about myself, how I want to be able to write for a living, and where I want to go in life. I heard Elton talk about how he loves beginnings when he appeared on QVC in 2006 promoting THE CAPTAIN AND THE KID. I guess I had filed that one away and remembered it when I wrote this poem. I would love for Elton to record BEGINNINGS if he wanted to. I would be so excited to see what music he would come up with for it. He is my "piano magician".

Wow!!! Which of your Elton item's that you really appreciate, for being hard to get or for the happiness you’ve got to have it?

Wow, that is a hard one! Do I have to choose just one? I love my CD's the most because I had been a "hit and miss" when it came to Elton for years. I have always been a fan, but I guess I just was busy doing other stuff. I didn't start really paying attention until, I guess, it was 2006 when I saw him on QVC.

Perfect!! I have to tell you that I really like your myspace website. Could you explain us, please, what we could find in there? That’s

I created those sites to share with new friends and old friends alike and to promote my writing. I try and show how I really am as a person.

Finally, could you tell me your five favourite Elton John’s songs in running order, for my AllSongsList, please?

High Flying Bird
Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
First Episode at Hienton
Your Song
The Bridge

Thank you. Would you want to add some observation or suggestion, or something you want to say to other eltonites?

It is so great we can all share and enjoy the gifts Elton brings to us with his music and endless work to make life better for other people. I try and remember when I wake up of a morning, to apply the same attitude and see what I can do to help someone else.

Thanks a bunch, Suzy Bird. I have so much fun doing this interview with you. It was an enjoyable experience for me. Take care.

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My fave is Suzy Honeybee poetry! Thanx for the post!