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26 Jul 2008

Elton's Rag Doll

Yes, I have to confess: I really like everything about Elton. Bobbleheads dolls, for example. I don’t understand why there isn’t so much product out about Elton, as for The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Kiss or The Rolling Stones, for example. That’s why when I found The Sisters doing rag dolls, first I was surprised of their talent, but then I could’t found Elton: “Oh no!!” I thought, “Again no!!” So I had to be in touch with they. I have to tell you that they were so receptive about the idea of an Elton’s rag doll. Inmediatily, they thought about Elton’s rag doll design should be and sent me the first creation. They let me to give my thoughts about it and I got fun to be informated about the whole process. When they sent me the final result, I was very excited with the rag doll: it was so real, a perfect replica, with its personalization, yes, that point of view only artists are able to give. And The Sisters are artists in capital letters. Now I have them doing this interview...

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to chat a little with you two... could you tell us who are you and where are you from, please?

We are Vanessa and Tània. Two sisters. We have thirty and twenty-five years old, respectively. We live in Barcelona and we like everything related to crafts.

Thank you. I am impressed with your work… How you came up with the idea of making replicas of celebrities with cloth?

First we started doing designs of ourselves and friends. We saw that dolls liked a lot and we think it would be fun to play famous in the form of cloth, so we started with some of the best known as the Beatles, Elvis or Marilyn and, gradually, people asking us would reproductions of various celebrities. Thus our collection of famous have been growing and Elton John is the last few component of this great family of “papirrachus” growing every day.

I see... There’s Madonna, Indiana Jones, Marilyn Monroe, Paul McCartney... beautiful they are. But how many replicas you have in your collection? Which is the doll that he has cost more effort? And the most you are proud of?

At the moment we have about 25. In some we have the design, but lack even mount the doll yet. Little by little you will be seeing in our blog.

Elton has been the one who has cost more effort, as it has enough detail and precisely its apparel is not it very simple, already dominated by sequins and bright.

The one we have more affection is Andreu Buenafuente, because he was the one who helped us that people knew our work. If you talk like fans, which has more affection Vane is David Gahan, as she is the No 1 fan of Depeche Mode, and for Tània are The Beatles.

Perfect!!! Andreu Buenafuente has a late night show on TV, in Spain... You could not miss Elton John, couldn’t you?

The truth is that he could not miss, when you suggested, we saw that he was a very good character to customize a rag, because of its eccentricity and colorful when it comes to dress, without forgetting his glasses for sure. It has many possibilities when we design it, because you can fit a coat of sequins, as a few glasses of stars or some pants zebra, ...

We like to have characters which can vary and that people continue to recognize who they are.

They do, they do... And what you know him? Which are the songs that you like most of Elton John?

We could give you some titles, for example: “Sacrifice”, “Candle in the wind”, “Can you feel the love tonight”, “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”, “Made in England”, “I'm Still Standing”, to name a few...

To be sincere, we have not closely followed his career, but the truth is that musically speaking, the songs that Elton does not go unnoticed to anyone, because by little you know there's always some song that you know and remember fondly.

And what we could do in order to buy some of your rag dolls? You could send the whole catalog, if it was asked...

To buy a single doll, you have to send us an e-mail to our e-mail adress, that’s, tell us which one would you like to have. If you don’t have seen the one you prefer in our catalog, we could do it anyway.

If someone would like to receive our catalog, you could ask for it in our mail and we will send it by mail.

Anywhere in the world?

First we only send our dolls in Spain, but when a girl from Thailand asked us for a doll, we decided to send it abroad. It vary the shipping costs, depending on the country of course.

Which other rag dolls are you preparing? Have you ever give one of them to his real replica and what it was his/her reaction?

Soon we will have Robert Smith from The Cure, Charles Chaplin, Jack Sparrow, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger,.... only to name a few.
For now we have sent only two rag dolls, to Andreu Buenafuente and to well-known spanish cook Karlos Arguiñano, maybe people outside Spain don’t know about that two... Karlos not told us anything at the moment, but it was very recently dispatched but Andreu invited us to his late night show and has done much to help us with our blog, that’s always something to welcome.

Thank you very much Vane, thank you very much Tània for this interview. Would you want to add some observation or suggestion, or something you want to say to eltonites?

Only to say that it was a pleasure for us to be able to make Elton’s replica and hope that all fans would like it, because it is always somewhat risky to design someone and that people who are really fans like it. So far we have not had any complaints yet.

A big kiss and thank you all for the opportunity you have given to all fans of Elton us know.

It was my pleasure. I have the Elton rag doll in my hands and I am really fortunate to have it. It’s the first one you created lol!!!!

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kiki_bcn said...

awww..I love the Elton doll! They are all so cute! :-)