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31 Jul 2008

The Story Behind "There's Just One: Diet Coke"

In 1987 Coca Cola company started to introduce slogans as part of their campaign of Diet Coke. The first was "just for the taste of it". Emphasing on the great taste of the drink and how consumers should do anything to have the drink in their hands.

In 1990 they started to use famous stars in the tv ads for the drink. They used Paula Abdul and Elton John singing away while drinking the drink. This was followed by movie stars in 1991 using a slogan "There's just one". On "Just One Reason", there was Paula dancing on Elton's huge keyboard while singin' the duet. More popular was "There's Just One", with filmed images of Elton starring with James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and Louis Armstrong.

As you can imagine, Elton John is very traditional when it comes to the type of things he likes, although he also enjoys Indian food, sushi or pizza. “I'd enjoy having a plate of sandwiches for supper, sometimes!” explained once Elton. “I like roast lamb, roast beef, that sort of things”. On drinks, for example, Diet Coke.

The soft drink company also sponsored his tours in the 90s.

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