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13 Sept 2009

The Committee Of Experts Premiere

Hello Eltonites!! Today is a very special day for me. I've got the chance to announce what I was planning since a long time ago: a committee of experts. Why the experts? I am always surprise to read comments and thoughts of eltonites about Elton John's matters. When an album is out, when tours are announced, there's a lot of reviews about all of that, but... Whom counts with us, eltonites? We eltonites have knowledge enough to discuss about Elton. We love him, we adore him, but we are mature and positive enough to make the best analysis that would make any critical of a newspaper or any media, with sufficient respect to the overall work of this great artist who is Elton John.

So, I thought about starting with 10 eltonites from 10 countries, but the intention is to expand the list of countries on the committee. Which countries will have an expert, for the moment? United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil from America; United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Holland and Russia from Europe. In a short period of time, we will have other countries like Italy, Japan, Australia and South Africa. Why these and not others? I've been working in a ranking about Elton's best sellers places, about Eltonites fans and their activity about Elton, and other parameters. I know that's injustice that other countries that are so important in Elton's career, would not be on the list, for the moment: New Zealand, Argentina, Sweden, Norway, etc. There's an extensive list of countries that deserve to be in the committee for sure. As soon as the committee will work different topics, it will be added these countries, first by invitation, and next permanently.

What it was so hard for me, and very difficult for me, was to choose an expert from a particular country. My God, that was so difficult!!! But I had to start with a shortlist, so I wrote to them and I invited to join them in the committee. All of them said yes at the first time, so that was so encouraging for me. I selected with equal 4 men and 6 women to be in; one from the 50s, 4 from the 60s, 4 from the 70s and one 1 the 80s. And that is the beginning of the Committee!

Let me present you the first 10 experts of the AllSongsList Committee of experts:

From United State, I thought about Suzanne. She is an eltonite since Elton's early career, with a lot of shows on her shoulders, and has a capacity of analysis and a good sense of humour needed on the committee.

From the United Kingdom, I thought about Ian, or Midnight Creeper. He knows everything about Elton and he has that balance between making a good review but with lots of good and positive argumentations.

From Canada, Stephanie Forster-Helms. She has the good taste with his usual touch of humor, with great ability to focus the arguments and analysis with reality and respect.

From Mexico, Patty Perrin. Along with Rocket Baby, she's the owner of the one of most representative websites of spanish language community: eltonjohnmexico. A great reviewer, with the right and appropiated words.

From Brazil, KissyBissy. Positivity, insight, knowledge. Ana often participates in the different chat topics about Elton, with sensibility and delicacy.

From Spain, AnnaBCN. She's the great capacity for reflection, passion and knowledge of issues. She knows everything about Elton, and she has travelled around the world to see Elton, in the most charismatic places.

From Germany, Stephan Heimbecher. The owner of the most famous fansite about Elton: Hercules, and one of the precursors of the fanzines first, and dinamyc websites now. He met Elton, his a great articulist, and one of the best europeans articulists in my opinion. He should be the big boss of the committee for sure.

From France, Laurent Bonnore. The funniest person I've ever met in Elton's world, he's a great collector of items, and a tireless follower of Elton. He knows everything about releases, concerts, songs, etc. An endless well of wisdom, really.

From Holland, Wim, or The Fox. He's the responsability, the source of topics, the perfect dialogue, with an endless knowledge about Elton's world.

From Russia, Ana Gubkina. A passionate of Elton. Being from Russia, it was the difficulty to follow Elton when his country was closed to other cultures, specially western pop music. Times changed, fortunetely.

Thank you all of them to accept the invitation. In a short period of time, other eltonites will be invited to expand the list, as I said before. One place of the committee will be for other eltonites from different countries around the world, including the 10 above listed.

Finally, a special surprise is been preparing for the Committee of Experts. We will have time to discover.

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