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3 Sept 2009

BiteUrLip's Analysis Of The List

If you haven't noticed, Elton's concert set lists actually look a lot similar to this one that you do - now let me analyze these songs:

# 001. Your Song - the most remembered classic because of the lyrics. Highest EJ position in RS Magazine 500 Best Songs Of All-Time list.

# 002. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - it is a bit weird that this song is so high on the list. It was a number one, but still many songs have been more succesfull than this (CITW most notably).

# 003. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - the cover version must raise the position of this song, somehow I've never liked this REALLY much.

# 004. Daniel - one of his best ballads, a melodic masterpiece that definitely deserves to be in the top 5.

# 005. Candle In The Wind - if CITW1997 would be counted as the same song, this would be number one.

# 006. Rocket Man - should be somewhere higher.

# 007. Crocodile Rock - one of his most-played hits, this is a childish song but everyone (ok, not quite all) love it. :=)

# 008. Bennie And The Jets - weirdo, best versions are from the seventies with EJ falsetto (like H&T)

# 009. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) - the best-known EJ rocker, for sure deserves it's place.

# 010. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - overrated one.

# 011. I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues - one of the best songs from the eighties, is rightfully here.

# 012. Sacrifice - a track which probably presents the 2nd best EJ vocals ever.

# 013. Don't Go Breaking My Heart - probably the most "fashionable" EJ song nowadays.

# 014. I'm Still Standing - one of the best songs from the eighties, but too high on this list.

# 015. Someone Saved My Life Tonight - should be in the top ten.

# 016. Can You Feel The Love Tonight - beautiful but makes tired.

# 017. Philadelphia Freedom - should be in the top ten.

# 018. Nikita - one of the best songs from the eighties, deserves to be here I think.

# 019. The Bitch Is Back - one of the best rockers, should be higher.

# 020. Blue Eyes - the track which presents the best EJ vocals ever. Too high.

# 021. Honky Cat - somewhat deserves to be here I think.

# 022. Sad Songs (Say So Much) - again one of the best songs from the eighties, works really well in ONO so deserves it's place.

# 023. The One - one of the strongest ones, has a deserved place.

# 024. Tiny Dancer - another classic that really deserves it's place here.

# 025. Something About The Way You Look Tonight - an overrated one.

# 026. Song For Guy - overrated.

# 027. Circle Of Life - better than CYFTLT so should be higher on the list.

# 028. I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That - deserves it's place here I think.

# 029. Believe - a bit overrated, but only a bit.

# 030. Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding - finally one non-hit, gives a serious clue that might be the best song (FFAF).

# 031. Border Song - as it includes the best lyrics EJ has himself written, it deserves it's place here.

# 032. Take Me To The Pilot - somewhat overrated.

by BiteUrLip

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