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8 May 2008

The Story Behind "Snow Queen"

"Elton and I were going to a Paul Mc Cartney's concert, and on the way home he was saying he wanted to apologize, that it wasn't his fault" explained Cher in 1990.

"Snow Queen", an outake from "Blue Moves" sessions, painted a nasty portrait of Cher and expressed Bernie's compliments: "Where everything's perfect / And nobody's talking; "You're a cushion uncrumpled / You're a bed that's unruffled / The finest bone china" or "But how about proving / That passion means more than / A wardrobe of gowns, TV ratings, / A fragile waist, and a name" were Bernie's pearls. "Elton then explained he have written that terrible lyric about me... I've never heard it, but I know it's real nasty" added Cher.

Cher’s relationship to Elton John back then was friendly, he was a guest on Cher's debut of her Show back in 1975; but I read somewhere that Cher wanted to open for Elton John when she was promoting "Black Rose" and he refused. "Taupin, for Christ sake, I can't sing that" was Elton's reaction when he got through the lyrics. In 1973 there was a rumour of Bernie's being the boyfriend... Precisaly, there was a song on the mentioned album called "You Know It", with lyrics provided by Bernie:

"You're the kinda of girl / You can't get next to
Shylying when I walked by you / But you danced in my dreams
Ooh you're smile so nice to see / Send the deepest part of me in a trance / In a trance
Pretty baby, but you know it / But you know it
So if you want me baby / Well then show it
You know it, you know it /Well I love to love you
But I'm no fool / Seen this game
And what it can do to romance / Tomorrow menace
How can you love someone else / You don't give yourself a chance
So take a chance

Cher written a lyrics for Elton too. That was on "Leather Jackets" and the track was "Don't Trust That Woman": "She's a man-eater, oh don't you cheat her / She'll cut you just to watch you bleed"; "She's a liar oh you can't buy her / `Cause she'll bring you down to your knees" or "Don't trust that woman boys / `Cause she'll hurt you / And turn you into little toys"
... was there a connection between those lyrics?

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