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16 Oct 2008

Unforgettable People (XXXVI) Eltonites!!!

"Hi midnight creeper. Nice to “see” you. Well, as you might know, you’re the first to start the Eltonite Day. With that iniciative, every Sunday, I would like to make my little homage to the great Eltonites, that fortunetly, are all over the world, and you are one of those." That was the first chapter of the Eltonite's Day. How much I learned of those sessions!!! Eltonites are not in every book about Elton or in any TV or radio interview. But they have incredible knowledge about Elton, more than any other professional from those medias. I was nice time spent with some great people. 34 interviews were made: 14 boys and 20 girls. From different countries: 03 From UK, 13 From US, 01 From Canada, 02 From Australia, 01 From New Zeland, 01 From France, 01 From Belgium, 01 From Switzerland, 01 From Germany, 02 From Italy, 01 From Spain, 01 From Croatia, 02 From Finland, 01 From Denmark, 01 From Russia, 01 From Argentina and 01 From Brazil. From eltonfan hercules forum, the eltonjohn forum, from invision zone forum or crazy water forum.

My homage to all of them, my respect and admiration too. Girls, guys... I am in my knees. Thanks for all.

Your phrases:

"My love of music goes back to before I could walk (...) But there were albums that really changed my life as far as being a music fan, these were Led Zeppelin II and Honky Chateau by Elton John, both albums I fell in love with instantly" (Midnight Creeper)

"I have shook his hands many times, exchanged a few words here and there from the stage and outside of a concert venue. I remember one time he asked me if I had a pen....... I froze!! But my biggest moment was when he kissed me after I gave him flowers from the stage!! He thanked me and I said "thank you"!! " (Always EJ)

"... in 2002 when I went to London for 3month holiday I got to go to Elton’s Out Of The Closet clothes sale. I didn’t have thousands to spend plus my sizing is a bit larger than Elton’s but I purchased pair of Black Italian leather shoes with sequins around the ankle for 175 pounds and a Versace Vest 125 pounds, its black and white, and I thought I recognized it form the 1995 Academy Awards performance" (Dazza)

"It's very much an intentional album (SWTP) with thoughts, passions, and the embodiment of their working relationship & musical passions. Both liked how it turned out, and I admire the work they put into it. It was underappreciated at its release, and perhaps a bit now" (Sacrifice)

"It’s hard to believe that people my age are unable to name 3 songs written by Elton John. The paradox in all this is that, at the same time, when I tell people I’m an Elton John fan, they accuse me of having a lack of originality and liking music that’s too commercial." (AnnaBCN)

"But unfortunately today, many people in Croatia see Elton as an old fat gay who makes saccharine pop ballads and that is enough for many of them to discard him and not giving him any chance for listening to his music; and that I find it really really sad, but I believe that, with better promotion, many people would fall in love with his music." (Nix)

"I wrote him a couple letters. I got the surprise of my life when he answered me one of those sending me back 2 cd covers I sent him signed: To Isabel with love, Elton." (MonaLisas)

"When he's solo he takes it up a level on the piano, and does songs he'd never do otherwise. With the band, I love instruments, so I love hearing the guitars, bass, drums, etc. I definately miss Ray Cooper and John Jorgenson. One type of concert I haven't even seen that I would like to is with an orchestra." (Latitude)

"The only thing I’ve been in some way “in touch with him”, was when I wrote him a letter on December, back in 2006 and was it on January when he answered me: "Thank You For Your Letter, Great English!Elton x". It was funny when he wrote “great english!”,because I said “Ps. sorry for my bad english”. He has such a great sense of humor!" (Jera)

"I went to 1 concert when i was 11 (15 Sept. 06) and i was so excited and hyper and i was like shocked the whole night. i was like...O...M...G...!!!!!!!!!!!." (Marisaluvselton)

"I do believe that he made good songs in the eighties more than good albums as a whole, like he did in the seventies." (Anja)

"It's ridiculous that these record companies don't take the time to look into his rare songs that are not included on his albums. I'm tired of it always being for the casual fan. Sure, I once was a casual fan, but the casual fan has 5 or 6 greatest hits to choose from. It's time for us diehards to have a package with rare stuff and not just put them on a disc 2 of the Elton John original album." (Janel)

"My first Elton concert was in 1982 at the beautiful Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. I was seated so far back, I could have reached up and touched the moon! I've come a long way since then as far as going to concerts and trying to get decent tickets at concerts." (GJEJ)

"What surprised me...hmm well the fact that there were more people singing along and dancing to Elton's set then there were to Billy's set". (JFillow)

"I've met him before at a Versace Shop!!Unforgettable day but unfortunately the picture when I met him, it was cancelled in the camera!!!" (Andrea Sganzerla)

"Elton John's words & sound of his music really moved my soul as a teenager and also helped me through some family hard times growing up, I have been following his music since." (MaryinFL8)

"They were seats in the 9th row so we had to get them. Paid about 10 dollars a piece for them(good prices back then). So we went the 2nd night and before the show we were walking by where all the limos and we saw Bernie walking with 2 ladies from afar. We yelled hi Bernie, He turned around and waved. I thought that was cool." (Newloneranger)

"I love Elton’s voice the way it is now – even if he can’t get the high notes he used to in his youth – maybe he is better suited to the lower range. His voice does seem stronger, and he can still perform those 2 ½ hour shows with little sign of wear – amazing." (Amoreena J)

"The view of Elton on stage is simply amazing. The feeling is hard to describe. We can see his face expression; his body`s moves. He smiled at me a few times. I could feel how pleased he was of having us there on his side. I could feel the vibration of the song when I touched the red piano. During the piano`s solos, he went nuts, pounding the keys so hard and fast that we could feel his excitement." (KissyBissy)

"My older brother first introduced me to Elton's music he was abig fan and when our mum died when we were kids in 1973 I remember sitting with my brother in his room playing Elton's albums over and over thru our tear's, it got us through some very very sad dark times, Elton was there for me in his music in the worst time of my life and has also been there in the best times of my life too and for that I thank him .. his music shall always be very personal to me and be forever in my heart." (Sue.UK)

"I often wonder who I am! Being 50 years old has given me ample time to ponder that question. Do I answer that by what I do? If so then I am an emergency room physician. Or my family? If so I am married to a nurse and we have 5 children between us, ages 15-26 and a year old grandson. Or my passions? That would be music, writing, gardening, bird feeding, biking and running. So I guess I am all of those" (Lukesbox)

"What makes me want to go out and buy new Elton music is....wanting to hear what he could possibly come up with that he hasn't already!!?!? It always amazes me, because it is just such a gift he has given to this world...his talent, his music and it's like here is this song that has been in his heart and soul and is just bursting, waiting to be presented to the world...come and listen!!" (PamQuier)

"When Elton began to sign autographs, I pull it off to handle it to him. I took the shirt in his hands, look at it then show it to the crowd (with a lot of cheers from the public). He then signed it for me. At the end of the concert, when I was leaving the venue, a young lady came toward me and asked to have a look at the T-Shirt. She told me that I was filmed in the giant screens when Elton signed the shirt so she recognised me… " (Patrick)

"I think that if I met him what I spoke to him about with would have to be something I would think of at the time I met him. The one question I would ask him would be who is the person who has had the biggest influence on him as a person." (IslandGirl75)

"“Elton John”, together with “Madman Across The Water” and “Tumbleweed Connection”, is the top in my personal chart, I’m an “old” fan and I prefer the “old” Elton. Since 1972, with the “Honky Chateau” album, the sound and the production changed direction towards a more commercial music, the seventies were a golden age for Elton, with wonderful records (“Honky”, “GYBR”, “Captain” …) but the early age was another thing." (Beppe)

"I also appreciate the things that I have had signed by him. Some of the signatures are a bit unclear but I know who wrote them and I know that Elton actually had my things in his hands so they are very precious to me. I also have a fantastic Elton photo frame that I got from another forum member that you might have heard of Mary. She sent it to me and it was a wonderful surprise." (Rocketwoman)

"What can I say about Elton's impact on the world? Hmmm, maybe there will never be another Elton John. Where can you start to measure what he has done for music and inspiration to other artist's? Elton John has given so much of himself to charity, the AID'S awareness, and his fans with all of the concert tours. It is just mindbending how dedicated this man is to what he believes in." (Honeybee)

"Australian radio really only play a few Elton classics (SNAFF, Your Song, Rocket Man etc) but they play them over & over again. Australians seem hesitant to give new or obscure Elton songs a listen & that's sad." (Dixie Lily)

"Yes, Elton is very popular in France, let's remember "I'm still standing" and "Passengers" video clips will be released in the south of France ! and I could still hear Elton's music in the radio, especially RFM ou RTL2 here in France." (Laurent)

"The rush of that first time getting up to the stage is to never be forgotten. It was shortly after my 40th birthday and I made a sign saying "I'm Celebrating My 40th Birthday with Elton John." He saw it and pointed to me and mouthed "thank you". Just being noticed by him was a huge thrill." (BlueJeanBaby)

"Even more amazing than that however is that I believe I was the fan behind the idea of a sequel to Captain Fantastic - I remember I made up the idea of it somewhere shortly after the release of Peachtree Road and sent a message to about it. I didn't write very much, a few sentences like "what would you think about a sequel to Captain Fantastic?" or "Elton and Bernie definitely should have many stories to tell", and I don't think that they replied to that message. But afterwards I was very amazed to notice that they took the idea, and really believe it could've been originally from me. :)" (BiteUrLip)

"I've been crazy about Elton and his music for 21 years since the very first time I saw one of his videos on TV when I was only 6. That time I didn't know English at all and of course couldn't read the name of the artist. It took me a couple of years to learn that my fascination was Elton John." (TheFox1981)

"Well, there was a live TV show back in 1989 where Elton performed, and I was also part of that show. In fact, I “performed” with a bunch of other amateur musicians right before he came on stage and hence I am still claiming that I once have been Elton’s support act … which of course is a joke." (Stephan)

"I prefer long piano solo's as in Bennie and the jets, Honky cat and especially Rocket Man. I also love his version of I heard it through the grapevine from the Russian tours. Sometimes lesser known songs don't sound so great if he doesn't do something special to them. I remember him playing Hercules and I didn't like it as a fan. And most people who don't know it start talking during those kind of songs." (HerciII)

Eltonites by heart!!! With loyalty and fidelity. This is what we are: all die hard eltonites!!!


Anonymous said...

Don't really like Elton John, never bought his music. Sorry guess there is no one fits all.

Frantic said...

Congrats Miquel, thanks for the interview it was fun!
I posted something on my blog about it...
Good luck!