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10 Jan 2008

The Story Behind "Tinderbox"

"Tinderbox" chronicles Elton's fall from grace with lyrics like "but a wind of change blew across our sales" and compared fame to a rocket. "You just cannot be successful all the time" explained Elton in an interview. "I think some of the stuff we did in the '80s and '90s, it was uneven because there was all the pressure to have a hit record to have a chart record and, if you write songs, you're going to write unevenly, anyway. You're not going to write great songs all the time".

Elton also said that "Tinderbox" was about the time when Elton and Bernie felt they were spending too much time together and maybe getting on each others nerves. Bernie said "The pressure blow up in your face. There was a time where you really couldn't turn on a radio, turn on the TV, walk down the street, or look at the Billboard, ... without hearing any reference of Elton John. That was ridiculous. (...) Maybe it was the time we should have to take a break from each other".

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