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23 Apr 2016

Welcome to Martin Tillman's Weekend!!!

This is a very special weekend for the site. We have one of best cellist players of our time. He is one person related to Elton, because he collaborated with him live and in the studio, a very good friend of Davey Johnstone (Davey is so proud of this magician of cello) and seeing him playing live is just MAGICAL. The reason to dedicate a Weekend to him is to celebrate the release of his last album: "Superhuman". If you had "A Year in Zurich" album, you understand what I mean. But this album transcends everything. Eltonites, that is not only an album of music. Martin's first sentence it is an statement of his intentions: "Superhuman (is composed) to trigger the spirit’s quest to elevate our endeavors and realize our superhuman strengths". Too mysthical? But no, life itself. When you understand the reason behind this source of creation, this powerful creation, you understand everything. No one could write like him, no one could play like him (magnificients Two Cellos', Hauser and Sulik, are fans too), but no many had seen the hardest part of life to go through when a very close familiar is suffering. Eva is behind one of bests works of Tillman for being a source of inspiration. Eva is Martin's wife who is suffering an unjustice illness. Pain? Yes and no. Eva is LOVE, is MAGIC. No regrets. A lesson of life for the ones who don't appreciate life as the most precious thing we have. Eva is powerful, Eva is stronger, Eva is admiration. And Martin recollect all of this is his album. Every song is a masterpiece on its own. Along with his cello, with the piano, he delivers a touchful performance counting with best session players around, big names of the scene, playing with most top artists of our world. All together in one solid project well executed live. If you had the chance they were close to your town, just go. Prefer intimate sessions? then Solo (with a wonderful session of lights). Prefer a rock band? 5 musicians and, as Martin is a perfeccionist and multitalented artist, you have dancers and singers. A complete piece orchestra? You got it! To my loving eltonites who love soundtracks and cinema, in extension, count how many albums Martin has credits. An endless list growing. Well, could't explain you more for now, just join AllSongsList to celebrate the Weekend, dedicated to a greatest artist of our time, and to celebrate the magnificient team the Tillmans are. Martin and Eva, my love and respect for you. Hope you enjoy as much as me doing this. Eltonites, thanks for being there and a big thank you to the ones who kindly collaborate to focus this two days on this.

Jack Rabbit

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