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26 Nov 2011

Some Other World, Featuring li'l'Elton

Some other's world is magical. Wayne Martin has been creating a wide range of puppets for his spectacles. So we have fairies, frogs, dogs, clowns, witches, traditional and seasonal stories... everything in its splendor. All available for seasonal promotions, festivals, schools, theatres, parties, etc. We will try to present here some of the characters, not all of them, because there are so many, but a brief selection. Also we could have a taste of "I Want Love", Wayne's twenty-four inch tall hand puppet, an extraordinary piece courtesy of Wayne and Marilyn Martin. So, this is Wayne's world, the magic world.

Frosty, Rudolph, Elmer Elf, Suzy Snowflake, Peter and Penelope Penguin, dancing candy canes and Martin's trademark juggling Christmas Tree who breathlessly lights up and illuminates the way for the jolly old elf himself, are the perfect choice for the Christmas holidays.

“Halloween Hijinks" is a fun and frightful puppet show with lot of surprises, and appearances by Frank & Drac, Boo-Boo the breakaway ghost, Punky Punkin, Felina Witch, with a compliment of scarecrows, skeletons, and monsters, all performing unique tricks for the screaming audiences.

The Easter Bunny himself is joined by a trumpet jazz playing bullfrog, a classical singing "Diva Chicken", Eggbert Easter Egg, The Little Bald Bunny, break dancing flowers and many others are all on parade in this fast paced, family oriented, musical spectacular.

The classic Brothers Grimm fairytale is magically presented utilizing gorgeous hand, rod, string and shadow puppetry in this colorful musical production. Hansel, Gretel and of course the wicked old witch are all "on hand" along with a few surprise guests.

A vibrant collection of characters include Derf the homeless street man, Ross the balloon blowing Pierrot, "Grand Turk" magician and the caricature of Frank Sinatra all complete with a cast of over thirty beautifully crafted and costumed 'large-scale' hand puppets and marionettes, vignettes of human emotions and fantasy, are set against a backdrop of dramatic lighting and theatrical effects with no age or language barrier: "I like to use music so, there is no language barriers" he likes to explain.

And don't forget Li'l'Elton. And ideal entertainment for both adults and children, and of course counting eltonites. Elton's music is universal, we know, and believe me when I say it's so fun to see Elton's alter ego, it's so magical. Wayne develops a great show with Elton, the piano is not missing, not even the tantrums, and li'l' Elton also sings, so we could ask no more.

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pictures and video courtesy of Wayne and Marylin Martin

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