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15 Feb 2011

Portraitin' Elton

In the Ancient Egypt, the Ancient Greek and especially Roman sculpture, celebrity sitters demanded individualized and realistic portraits, just a way to become immortals. But it was the Renaissance, the period which the genre of painted portraiture flourished above all, becaming the most expression of art. Modern times found photography as an expression of portraits, and it's the most popular and faster action in taking portraits. But photography is not a replacement for drawing and painting. There are severals artists out there very good in painting genre. Searching how many portraits of Elton could it be out there, the list is endless. So Jack Rabbit made a first selection of those artists with their artworks. Just enjoy them and take time to meet them


In the south-western shadow of Mount Tamborine, Gold Coast Hinterland, the gateway to National Park rainforests and some fabulous wineries, emerges a true Australian artist. "Paintings are ranging from stylish decadent acrylic art-deco to bold watercolours, and anything inbetween" she reads. Giselle has been an artist all her life and now inspires creativity in others. She uses intuitive teaching techniques, including "alpha brain wave music", to coax out the creative side of her students. "Gallery Giselle" is her real brick and mortar gallery and studio, as well as a comprehensive art information web-site. The "Sir Elton John" portrait is an acrylic by Giselle, a canvas sized 46cm x 61cm. "Creativity is life in action, without it, there would be nothing new - ever...." she concludes.

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"Artworks are an infinite solitude. There is nothing worse than to address critical. Only love can grasp them, keep them and be fair to them" she explains. It's very strange to find a faster career than hers: only two years. "A way to find a new sense of life", as she likes to explain. Originally from France, Tekkamaki only paints what she feels: "just a self-taught artist". Her style leaves no one indifferent and she made a name in the best and well-known french galleries, until the first exposition in ArteNimes, before reaching Paris. "Elton's portrait? oh, it's not quite difficult to do, drawing his music... it makes itself. Do not worry about technique. I only paint what I feel ... the rhythm of the music :-))" she asserts.

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Vivi De Candido, Vividec, a swiss living in Tuscany. Someone who declares "I'm a "Portraits-adict!". And so she is. And endless list of celebrities' portraits, including Elton, of course. "To draw Elton? ... well, the secret is to "study" a face before you draw it. You have to identify the very special and unique features of a face. In Elton's case it's the gap between his front teeth and his smile..." explains Vividec. "I chose that photo of little Elton (I think he's about 9 years old) because of the unique features I mentioned before that make him easily recognizable". Yes, without question. "If being an eltonite means loving his music and his performances throughout all these years, than, YES, you can call me so!" she says. Welcome to the club.

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portraits courtesy by their authors


Unknown said...

Wow, those are awesome!!! Such talented artists!

Unknown said...

Wow, these are amazing!!! Such talented artists!