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19 Mar 2009

Lupin Hill Elementary School Interview

Lupin Hill Elementary School is located in Calabasas, CA and is one of 9 elementary schools in Las Virgenes Unified School District. It is a public school that serves 710 students in grades K-5.

The annual concert series are organized by Elton's guitarist Davey Johnstone, who lives in Calabasas. The event is a fundraiser for Lupin Hill Elementary School's music and arts program, and many of the musicians' children attend the school. An auction, benefiting the school, also takes place.

The first event's edition started in 2002. The 2004 concert, titled "All Together Now," was an all-Beatles tribute. Billy Trudel, former backup singer with the Elton John band, impersonated Elvis at the 2005 fundraising event, titled "All Shook Up".

This year the show is called "It's Only Rock'n'Roll" and the whole Elton John Band will be there. For chatting a little about this event, we have here Rachel Werner, who kindly accepted to answer those questions.

So thank you very much Rachel for giving me this interview, I am glad I have you here. First of all, could you tell us please how it came up the idea of doing those benefit shows?

We were trying to think of a fund raiser for our music program and we decided to approach musicians and someone knew a member of the elton john band so we approached them.

Great!!! How Elton’s band became involved with this event?

We approached the band members and they were kind enough to volunteer their time to our school.

Adam Chester, Billy Trudel, Ken Stacey, Jim Wilson, ... and other lead singers collaborated with the event too...

I do not know the answer to this question. Sorry

Oh, doesn't matter... Although Elton don’t appear in the show, does he contributes someway? Maybe in the auction?

We are fortunate to auction off a signed guitar and other autographed Elton memorabilia.

Wow!!! Elvis Presley, The Beatles, ... For when an Elton John Tribute?

We let the band pick the music so maybe one day we will be lucky to have an Elton Tribute. We are just so grateful that they volunteer their time to us.

Sure!! What are you preparing for this year’s event? Some name of the special guests? Some surprise for the auction?
We might have some surprise guests but if I tell you they would not be surprises. We are working on the auction now so we are unsure of all of the auction items at the moment.

Oh, I understand.... I am sure students wait the whole year for the day event…

The children have a great time doing a rock concert. I don't think they truly understand that they are performing with some of the world's finest musicians!

How we could do to purchase the tickets? And to get more info about the school’s music and arts programmes?

If you are interested in purchasing tickets they are $20 each and you can make dinner reservations as well by contacting Rachel Werner at

'It's Only Rock 'n Roll' will take place on Sunday, April 26, 6pm at The Canyon Club, 28912 Roadside Drive, Agoura, CA 91301. This is a family event that is always a lot of fun for all involved, and proceeds from the concert will help with the school's music and arts programme. Merchanside is also available, T-shirts for the concert are ready to purchase and DVD pre-orders of the show available too.

Thank you for taking the time to promote our event.

Oh, it was my pleasure, Rachel. I really think that's a must see event and an interesting one. I wish you all the success in the world. Thank you for spending your time with us, Rachel.

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