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19 Sept 2013

The Master Class Series About "The Diving Board"

 Hi Eltonites!!! This is a very special ocasion to start the new season, the 29th season! Because Elton release his latest studio album since "Captain And The Kid" in 2006. As you know, the record was produced, again this time, by T-Bone Burnett, who collaborate with great success on "The Union" album, 2010. According to The Observer "(Elton) remains the master of bluesy honky-tonking and surprising modulations that he always has been". Simon Harper, on The Clash reviews describes the new album as "an adult affair, but impressive enough to explore and reinforces Elton's continuing creative renaissance". While Rolling Stone gives 4 to 5 stars justifying the return of Elton to the "kind of spare, country-flavored narrative songs with which he made his name on early masterworks like Tumbleweed Connection or Madman Across The Water". 

The expectation for the release of this promising work is high. Europe had its release last 16th September, and America will be on 24th September. Reviews of the album, you know, are several and in different ways. Here, in AllSongsList, we want to continue what we did in 2010, for "The Union" release, and it was to ask an approach of the album, but from an Eltonite point of view. Then, and this time they gently agreed again, four eltonites, four reviewers who excelled from the rest, in my honestly opinion, for sure. Because I always have been a fan of Liz Rosenthal's way of explaining the meaning of the songs; a fan of how Jim Turano analyzed every album, every song; a fan of how George Matlock interviewed artists and how easily he explains his feelings on the albums to come; and a fan of how Claude Bernardin, with a good sense of humour reviewed anything on Elton. That was a great success in 2010 and Eltonites we enjoyed so much. So I post this time again, their reviews of the album, their thoughts. This four people are true Eltonites, they are ones of us. Let me suggest to read their reviews, exquisité!!!

But this time, I am so proud to add another expertise to the event. He's well known for his radio programme on WOMR, Two Rooms, and a true eltonite since the early years. He's David Sigler, our fifth of a kind.

So, I would like to thank publicly to Claude Bernardin, to George Matlock, to Jim Turano and to Liz Rosenthal for this great job, to David Sigler for joinin' to the master expertises, and all for their collaboration with AllSongsList and for doing such wonderful and amazing articles. You are the best, a five of a kind!

Eltonites, I am just feeling the East End Lights or Hercules years, when to receive the fanzines by post mail was the biggest experience as an eltonite I could expect. This is my homage to the ones that created and collaborated with East End Lights and Hercules magazines. So, Eltonites, this is just the beginning. Hope you enjoy as much as I am doing. The "Week Of The Diving Board" starts from now. Thanks always for being there!!!

Jack Rabbit

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