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11 May 2009

Missy "Three Gold" Gymns done it!!!!

Allsongslist is proud to have one of the greatest gymnastics of the US. She did it again: three medal golds in a row!!! She's an eltonite, she gave us an interview days ago, and we're so happy for her because she is a champion.

Here's an extract of his thoughts about this wonderful new:

"It is all wonderful. We went there on Friday night and chilled out. I met with both of my sponsors from Reebok and NIKE and share with them all about my routines and using Eltons music. Then the next day, it was time to finally put Eltons two new routines to the test. First was the Balance Beam. I was a bit nervous, but the judges were great and then I was ready to go. I scored very high on that apparatus using Eltons Tiny Dancer. By this time, I was calm. A while later, I was watching the scores of the other gymnasts. They were all great. I thought to myself, " Oh Wow!, they are awsome. An hour later, it was my turn to do the Floor routine. That is a new routine as well. It is to Eltons Saturday Nights Alright for Fightin. As soon as I heard that song come on, I pulled it together and hammered out that routine. As soon as I was finished with that routine, I new I had the toughest routine coming up. A bit later, I received my score for the floor routine and it was Awsome as well. A judge approached me and said " Missy, take it all" Next and finally, was the routine that I was a bit nervous about. It was my Uneven Bar routine to Eltons "Burn Down the Mission" I not only had my work cut out for me on the apparatus, it was the last routine of the night so all eyes were on this routine. I knew as soon as that song started, I focused and pulled everything I had and went for it. As I went through the routine, I was in total focus and I thought to myself, come on Missy, nail it. The audience as well as judges were supporting me and then I came to my final element which was my dismount. I knew I had to go for it and pulled the double layout dismount and nailed that and I had a standing ovation from the judges as well as the audience. I thought "perfect, I nailed everything. As soon as I left the mat, they had my score and I new I had my third Gold Medal of the night.

After the meet, both my sponsors came up to me and congradulated me and I will now be headed off to Reebok and NIKE to visit. That's when there will be more discussion on everything".

Without question... She's the best!!!

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Nick said...

I AM SO HAPPY AND PROUD OF HER!!! She is a good friend of mine... She is indeed the best!!! :D