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21 May 2010

Eltonites... Please get up, stand up and welcome the greatest: Ben Brown-Babylon!!!!!!!!!

Hello Eltonites: Today is a very special date for me. He's a fantastic person, an incredible guy. I realized how much eltonites we love him. I am sure he has a brilliant future in front of him, because he's so talented. I remember first time I asked him for this interview. He kindly agree and soon he began to send me info about him, pictures. I was (still I am) absolutely impressed about his skills on music. I know I said that, he is the new keyboard wizard. I would like to thank you, sincerely, Kathy Babylon, for giving me the opportunity to be in contact with them. She's a fantastic singer, and she deserves a Week Of... for sure. I will ask her, if she permits me. Kathy, I guess you know, but you have an incredible child, you have been so kind with me, and I only have words of gratitude to you. I would love everybody knew that.

Well, Ladies & Gentlemen, the doors of AllSongsList are all wide-open to receive the one and only, the magical, the inspirational, the keyboard of the century... Mr. Ben Brown-Babylon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Ben, thanks for your acceptation, I am so pleased to have you here and I am plenty happy. Hope you like like the week is going, don't forget that Saturday and Sunday will be more surprises for you. Let's start, now.

When and why you first start playing music? And what made you fall into music?

I started about five years ago when I was seven years old. I've been raised around music my whole life, so it just seemed natural.

Sure! What about your school and it's classes? What’s the main sacrifice you have to make just to grow as a singer?

I have to put in a lot of time to practice music, along with trying to do well in school. At school I play with the Jazz "A" Band there, so I do get practice at school.

And which are your musical influences? Is there any musician in particular that you’d like to collaborate with?

Well, I have many musical influences. One musician that has influenced me a lot is Sir Elton John, of course. My dad worked with me a lot to become a good keyboardist. I also have many musician friends that have influenced me a lot. Some musicians I would like to collaborate with would probably be Sir Elton John, The Who, and Porcupine Tree.

Which keyboard do you most enjoy playing? What drew you to the synth, as opposed to the guitar or drums?

I love playing Yamaha Motifs a lot. I have many at home that I love to play with. Once I saw my dad playing the synth, I thought it was awesome. So many sounds in that one keyboard. The keyboard is different from the piano because there are many sounds that you have to know how to use. You can't just use it like a piano. However, when I play a song with piano in it, I like playing the piano instead of the keyboard because it sounds more natural. I just love learning new instruments. I know how to play the guitar and drums, although piano is my main instrument, and they all give me more ways to get inspiration, and ideas.

Also, as a songwriter, how do you go about writing your songs?

Well, I try to get a lot of inspiration. Usually I start with the music first and then come up with lyrics. However, sometimes I overhear somebody talking, and I line will stick out, and I will write it down to remember later. Also, I get my song titles from other song titles and making it my own. Such as "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" gave me the idea of "Goodbye Superman".

Ben, I was deeply surprised with your heartfelt song “Goodbye Superman”, an emotional tribute to your dad. It touches me profoundly when you begin to sing, with all the harmonies, the orchestral version, everything. How did that session come about?

I was inspired from "Funeral For A Friend" that my dad used to play the introduction to, and I wanted this song to be as powerful as that moment in the song.

It was wonderfully mixed by Greg Penny. How was the experience to work with one of the best producers of the world? And are you planning to have an album created?

It was awesome. Greg is such a nice and kind person who supported me while in the process of the making of this song. He made it so easy and comfortable to be creative. It was fun for me because I got to watch the process of mixing a song by a great producer. On the orchestrated version of my song, Jesse Johnstone (Davey Johnstones son) recorded most of the instruments on there that I played. I took the recording to Greg Penny to mix and record the vocals. Yes I am planning to have an album created. I have lots of music that I am working on. Hopefully my listeners will be happy with the outcome!

You performed at the ShredFest at the House of Blues, a benefit for the cure of kids cancer. How was that experience?

First of all, it was such a fantastic experience to play at the House of Blues. There were many celebrity judges there such as Steven Adler (Guns 'N Roses), Dhani Harrison (George Harrison's son/thenewno2) and Shavo (System of a Down), and many more. It was so exciting to go up on that huge stage and play for these musicians. And these are some of my idols too. One part especially that really made me happy was when Dhani Harrison said, "Ben Babylon, my father also passed away, and that song you played was amazing and so inspiring. Thank you." One of my idols told me that. It inspired me to write more songs. It was just a great experience overall.

When did you become an Eltonite? Remember the first time you heard Elton's music and what moves you to buy his music?

My mom took me to concerts when I was little baby, so I have been an Eltonite since I was a young. The first time I heard his music was when I was small, and since I wasn't old enough to understand, the music never stuck out to me. But when I turned about three years old, the music stuck out to me, and some of the songs that stuck out the most were Bennie and the Jets, I'm Still Standing, and Saturday Night (Alright for Fighting). It is an amazing experience to watch Elton, my dad, and the band play from the side of the stage. My mom and I would always dance to I'm Still Standing and Saturday Night.

What is Elton like on a personal level?

He is extremely supportive, and has been very loyal to my dad and my family. He is one of the most talented people I have ever met. He is also so kind. It is amazing how nice he is. Everytime I see him, he brings me joy.

Precisely, could you tell me your ten favourite Elton songs in running order, for my AllSongsList, where I try to find the best of his songs?

Tiny Dancer, Border Song, Bitch is Back, Yellow Brick Road, Song for Guy, Take Me To The Pilot, Blue Avenue, Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding, All The Young Girls Love Alice, I'm Still Standing

Hahahaha. Apart from music, which are your interests? What do you like to do with your off time?

I love sports (basketball and soccer), bicycle riding in the mountains (which gives me inspiration for songs), writing (like stories), and reading books. I play with my friends in my off time, or just play sports). I like being outside.

Also, could you tell us what we could find on your new web page,

At our website, you will find all the latest music realeases, events, photos, and live video performances.

What's your dream for the future? What would you like the future to have in store for you?

Right now I am just living in the moment. I don't think much of my future, I just hope it will be good.

Would you want to add some observation or suggestion, or something you want to say to the Eltonites?

I think you will hear the influence from my dad and Elton John in my song, "Goodbye Superman". I hope you all will support me in my music career by going to iTunes to buy my song. Also I hope you all will give me feedback, and contact me at Also check out my facebook page, "Ben Babylon Music" for all the new updates.

Thank you very much, Ben. It was amazing doing the interview with you and I had a fantastic time. I am so thankful, and very happy to known you. Be sure, I will follow you in the future and I will be as loyalty to you as I am to Elton. But, please, before you go, I would love to announce you I have some people here that will love to tell you something:

Jesse Johnstone, musician: "Ben is a special kind of musician. He doesn't just look at a piece of sheet music and play the correct notes... he takes the correct notes into consideration, and then he goes a step further and makes it his own. He's very much a 'feel' player, which is pretty remarkable at his age. He's a quick learner, and is always looking to learn new things.

In addition to his many great musical talents, Ben is a wonderful guy. He has a great smile and good sense of humor. His ambition and talent will take him very far in life. His father would be very proud of him, no question. :)"

Electra Barakos, singer/musician: "Ben is a true inspiration to many musicians. He is one of the most talented children I know and his maturity and talent overweighs his years of life. At such a young age, Ben has written music that has touched so many people and his musicianship impresses the greatest musicians around. He is a mirror of course of his loving father Guy, and am sure his career will reach the steps that Guy did, if not higher. He is dedicated, and focused and his passion for music is so evident that the thought of how amazing he will become in the future is scary! Music is his life, and his father Guy was his idol, and Ben's purpose in life is to keep his father's legacy forever alive. I know that Ben will take his music and talent to a level that will make his name remain in history!"

Jonathan Birch, friend: "I am so proud of Ben and his accomplishments so far. The dedication and passion he has at his age is so impressive, and I know he will be ultra successful in whatever he does throughout life. We all love Ben's music very much and look forward to his future projects. You kick butt brother!!!"

Thank you Jesse, Thank you Electra, thank you Jonathan. You have been so kind with me, and I am sure Ben loved it so much, because he adores you all. Thanks.

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