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29 Apr 2009

Unforgettable People (XXXIX): David Paton

David Paton was born October 29, 1949 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Most notably with three different bands: Pilot, Alan Parsons Project, and Camel, he has also worked as a solo artist, session musician, and sometime vocalist.

Pilot signed to EMI at around the same time as Queen and Cockney Rebel, and there was a feeling of a new generation taking over Britain's most establishment label. The crowd knew the song 'Magic' from the first few notes and then sang the words to both 'Magic' and his other Pilot hit 'January'. Before the band broke up in 1977, Pilot had released four albums.

In the late eighties, David began working with Elton John, and played on a number of albums, and tours, including the show performed in Australia with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

More recently David Paton has been working in the area of traditional Scottish music, as well as pop music. In 2002, we could find David working with Ian Bairnson, and together they were re-visiting their old Pilot album "Two’s A Crowd".

He was so kind and gave us, eltonites, a really interesting interview. This is the first step of my homage to a greatest musician, singer, songwriter and bassist... Thank you David: this is your week!!!

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