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20 May 2010

Question 5 To The Experts Committee: Ben Brown-Babylon, the new keyboard wizard

Hello Eltonites!!! Well, this is question number 5 to all of you, experts. This time, we have the honour to share our time chatting about a young but great musician. That's Ben Babylon, the son of our remembered Guy Babylon, and a true talent. So, we could express our feelings for him, our encouraging words, our support, our joy to have him in the music business, everything you consider necessary.

Ok! Ok! Please, one by one!!! Order here!!! Silence!!! I know!! I know!!! Everybody wants to start!!! Well, we could do groups, come the first group!!!

But first, let me welcome our guest: hello Ben, an honour you could read us. Let me first explain you what the comittee of experts is about. Yes, this blogsite isn't nothing without the eltonites. So, I am so priviledged to count with some eltonites from around the world, whose are discussing about things related to Elton. I know it's impossible to have everyone here, and a lot of people deserved tp be here. For this, in every question I am trying to have new people, new countries, and everything.

So, people!!! Let's begin about our question for today. Who's gonna start????

Karen Rooney, from US, perfect!!! "You seem like a nice young man and you have great talent. Be proud of yourself and hold tight to those that you love. I hope nothing but the best for you and your family". "Even though you are young, your musical skills are simply amazing! Also that you wrote and published your own songs is great and many other musicians can only dream of that! Of course good genes from your father helped" added Thomas Wali, from Austria. "Ben, one things is for sure, you ve got the talent from your father!" continued Wim Greven, from The Netherlands. "I've been a fan of your dad since he joined the Elton John Band. I never had the chance of meeting him in person, but know what a special human being he was and what a great talent he had. He will never be forgotten by his many fans!" Isabel Gonzalez from Argentina, but now living in US.

Missy Gymns, from US, has a very touching story: "although I never met your father, I heard such wonderful things about him. Not only a talented musician but a very nice person. When I went to the Gainsville, Florida concert, I was standing in the lobby and he was getting on the elevator. I wish I would have been able to share the "Gold Medal" with him and tell him I am using Elton's music for my gymnastics routines. Last September, I competed in a gymnastics meet and won the "Gold Medal". I want to share with you that I dedicated the "Gold Medal" as well as the gymnastics meet to your father".Thanks, Missy.

That's no discussion I see!!! Great!!! yes, Patrick Andrey, from Switzerland: "You are such a talented lad. I’m so happy you kept the Babylon legacy alive. Your Father’s death saddened a lot of fans all around the world and your tribute to him was really moving". That was terrible, I felt so devasted and still I couldn't understand it. "I was deeply saddened when I head about the death of your dad. I cannot even begin to understand how you and your family felt and still feel" said Karen Rooney, and (she) wishes "I had some words to make it better, but I know you will always miss him and think of him". Silvines Palmer, from Argentina, and her website masters also participated, and have some nice words for you too: "Dear Ben, certainly life is going to take you in many directions and all will lead you to only be a great artist as your Father, you have the talent, youth, charisma ...".

Ben, here on my side, Giorgio Aquilani, from Italy. He's a young artist and for sure had the experience of starting a music career, and it is succesful!!!. Yes, Giorgio: "lately I have had the chance to discover your music. Ever since, I was totally aware to be in front of a promise and genuine talent whose DNA code is written in notes and sounds". Yes. "Life has decided you had to grow up quicker than most of your friends, but it's not really what is making you deeply different from them... you're an artist Ben. Be an artist... discover your style and always go on! Be prepared and careful to collect the right suggestions along your path, have an ambition, have a dream and work hard to bring it alive. Once you're mastering all this stuff... it might sound absurd but, take it easier than you think, and things will happen!", thank you Giorgio for your speach. Yes? "Don't let bad people discourage you, and when it happens, remember: a grammy award for best critic doesn't exist... so everything you hear from strangers are point of view based on personal tastes! Write songs, find a good producer and start making us dream!" thank you, Giorgio, that's a good advise!

"Your fathers legacy is a great one and that he will never be forgotten. Your fathers great talent has passed to you and you are already a great musician with a bright future", explained Paul Purcell, from Ireland. Richard Antoine, from Canada, is here too: "I like to think musical talent is a gift. Unlike skill, which is a learned process, a person with musical talent is predisposed to evolve creatively more than others. As a keyboard wizard, your father certainly had this precious gift and, like him, you are a phenomenal talent!!". Certainly, Ben he is. "Your music is beautiful and you are really talented! I saw all your videos on YouTube an they blew me away!" continued Thomas Wali. Yes, I've seen all them too. A great music player he is!!!

"Now we have the privilege of hearing another great talent, YOU, his son! I can't believe my ears whenever I play "Goodbye Superman" or any other of your songs. You are your father's son!". As always, Isabel Gonzalez, you have reason. Yes, Richard Antoine: "After hearing your very moving and heartfelt tribute, “Goodbye Superman”, there is little doubt you are his “super” son. Your Mom has every reason to be very proud of the fine young man you have become". Thanks, my friend. "Great composition too! I like to hear more from you in the future. Thanks to share this with us ''Elton and Guy" fans" finished Wim Greven.

"Everything to succeed, and many more things, we wish you the best , Argentinian Fans are with you ! Go ahead because you're a genius!". Oh, that's very nice, Silvines and argentinan community. Great website yours, really:

"Keep on rocking– it’s a privilege to be a fan of your music! Like many, I look forward to hearing you perform your magic again soon" added Richard Antoine.

Isabel Gonzalez: "And all of us, his fans, will support you in every possible way. You're a fantastic kid and I'm really hoping to get to hear you play with your own band someday soon. Wishing you the best!!!". Thanks.

Thomas Wali: "I wish you all the best for your future, I'm sure that you can be successful, if you only want to! Keep up the great work". "Keep the good work, we are so proud of you!" thanks to Patrick Andrey too. You Patrick and Thomas have a great website too.

"I hope one day our roads will cross and give us the chance to work together, it'd be a honor". Oh, Giorgio, it would be a nice duet between you and him, really. Just a suggestion.

"We look forward to hearing more from you very soon" said Paul Purcell, while Karen Rooney exclaimed: "The Elton John fans will always support you".

Oh, that's the better way to end for now. I know that other eltonites expertises would love to collaborate, so, another part of the comittee would be continued. Before to end, I would like to add some other messages I have received just for you.

Christophe Letellier, France: "I'm a fan of Elton John for many years so I saw many times your father during the various concerts I attended! I had not the pleasure of meeting Guy but he seemed to be a quiet man, humanly nice, sensitive and very professional. I will not extend on this because I wouldn't make you relive the pain, but I'm sure your father misses you cruelly. Like many fans, his death devasted so many. During the tour with Ray Cooper & Elton in France, a friend of mine had a t-shirt, not Elton but your dad. By discovering, Elton was very touched. He must also appreciate him a lot. I saw a photograph of you with him! Do you support it? Certainly. I really liked the song you composed and played for your father! It was very moving and no doubt that your dad must be proud of his son up there! It is a beautiful creation and I'm sure there will be many others because your young age, you have an incredible talent. Like father like son! I wish you all that is best for you, your family and your career! A French friend!

Trang Le, Vietnam: "Dear Ben, as a fellow youngster like you (although I'm a bit older), I have to say that I'm very very impressed with your talent. Give it a few year and I believe you will make it big. In the time of instant-noodle-style music like this, I always hope that talents like you will succeed. I hope that one day I'll get to see you performing live in a large arena, or a big TV show, and I'll be able to say to people: "I knew that guy was gonna make it big time" ;-)

Thanks for all.

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