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19 May 2010

Ben Brown-Babylon: The New Keyboard Wizard

Ben is a talented musician who plays piano, guitar, and drums, and sings: a versatile artist indeed. More than this, he not only could sing, he also writes the lyrics and compose the music. Everything.

Born on October 20, 1997, he's someone who says that: "Music is what Life Sounds Like". Music has been around him since the beginning. "I am a musician. I love music. Music is my life" he kindly declares.

His father, Guy Babylon, joined Elton John's band as second keyboardist in 1988, and four years later, became lead keyboardist. His mother, Kathy, she is a studio singer as well, and has a great ear for strong and powerful melodies, which has influenced her songwriting greatly. Big ballads, meaningful country songs, R&B, Pop and Country dance tunes are some of the music in her large catalog of songs.

"It was amazing how Guy's dream of a career in music became my Dad's dream, and my parents did everything they could to support him," said Guy's sister, Donna Babylon, a Westminster author and home decorating expert when he passed away. Ben's parents always have been so supportive.

The Babylon's family, is complete with a brother, Max, 18, and sister, Jessica.

"Ben loves to write stories. He is in the middle of writing a fiction chapter book right now. And he loves to play music" says Kathy so satisfied about the kid. "He is in the A Jazz Band at school and he is in the music program at Rock Nation. He plays basketball and soccer and he likes to go mountian biking. He loves his dog, and hanging out with friends".

Now he has a new single, "Goodbye Superman" and he's picking up lyrics for composing more music, great music.

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