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Goodbye: The Birds Can Nest Again

Eltonites: this is the last season of AllSongsList of all time. I do love Elton John, more than ever. He gave and gives me everything. It's not very original to say his music is the soundtrack of my life, but it is. I discovered him by chance on a radio station magazine in 1984, and ever since I have been a devoted fan. Not criticism to him, always trying to understand the artist, the person at last. Although I've never met him, and won't do, he seems being a part of my family. Everyone around me knows he's my passion.

30 years about recollecting dates, set lists, songs, charts, etc, i'ts a long time. There's an extensive list, an endless list with everything, that I will have to stop. I thought about making a self-press book, just to send Elton, with everyhting, as an agreement for much he has doing for me. I know that Adrian Collee has everything maybe I have, but I didn't have the facilities as they had for sure. I ever wanted to be Adrian Collee for all of this, hehe, but I am not. Other times, I thought about leaving everything on a box because maybe is no interested in those estatistics. I will make a question about what to do. What I have it clear is that I want not to have any profit in there, because so much eltonites, so much related artiststo Elton, related people, were collaborating in the site without any proft, just sharing their time, and having fun with me (and me with him, of course). So it will not be serious doing something for money. I don't have the need, I don't want to do that.

I began the blogsite years ago, and I recognize the first years I was more involved than now, with more time, less personal responsabilities. The blogsite allows me to meet very good people, very good friends. Most of you, eltonites, I had the chance to meet in person; others I will.

I want to thank everyone, one by one, for sharing your time with me and my alter ego, Jack rabbit. We will finish the 30 lists of eltonites, who with their kindness, make an effort to make an impossible list in running order. For me, it doesn`t matter if one is more critic or less critic with Elton, I am sure everyone of us loves him, so there's no need to fight. So everyone have their part in the blogsite, and I am not in any part. Just I am an eltonite. So, we will finish that before it all stops forever.

I would like to thank everyone as I said, specially to the expertises in the different comittees of expertises we had, and also to the greatest fifth of a kind: Rosenthal, Turano, Bernardin, Matlock, Sigler. You were and still are my mirror.

And thanks Jack Rabbit. Or Miquel myself. I still don't know. Enjoy the last series and thanks always for your support.

19 Nov 2007

The Story Behind "Someone Saved My Life Tonight"

Elton is singing about himself. Linda Woodrow was his bride-to-be. The couple met on Christmas Eve 1967 at a cabaret club in Sheffield when Elton was in Long John Baldry's backing band. They found a basement in Islington, North London, where lyricist Bernie Taupin became their flatmate.

In Two Rooms tribute project, Elton explained: “I was going to get married once when I was younger, and I went out and got drunk with Long John Baldry and Bernie and John said I shouldn't get married. I knew he was right but I didn't know how to get out of it so, I just got drunk and went home and said I'm not getting married”.

Asked for this song, Bernie said: “One day I was coming out of my room and coming out of my room and walking down the hall I smelt gas. I thought oh, great, somebody's left the oven on in the kitchen. I walk in the kitchen and there's Elton lying on the floor with the gas oven open. My inmediate thing should have been oh, my God, he's tried to kill himself. But I started laughing because he'd got the gas oven open, he was lying on a pillow and he'd opened all the windows”.

Bernie has stated that “Someone saved my life tonight” was about the suicide attempt and the marriage that never was. While John Baldry is the “sugar bear” of the song, Linda was the “princess perched in her electric chair” and Elton's stepfather “Derf” and mother who “They're coming in the morning with a truck to take me home” (he and Bernie).

In the line, "Paying your H.P. demands forever," the H.P. stands for "hire-purchase" payments, i.e., buying things on an installment plan. Elton is referring to the payments he would have to make if he were to have married a woman and spent his life disguising his identity as a gay man.

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