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23 May 2010

Ben Babylon's Week: At The End Of An Unforgettable Week

Hello Ben,

Well, this is the end of the week, I've been so much lucky to have known you. As I told you before, since then on, you have a fan of your music, I will follow you everywhere, and I wish you a great and prolific career. More than music, I wish you all the best in life. Continue with your studies, the education is very important in every stage of life, and also take care (as you are doing) of the family, family is very important for we all. With time and effort you gonna make it, because you have talent. I am so proud to had you here, it was so amazing for me and, the most important, allow me to learn more from you. So, thank you very much, my friend, here you have me for support, love and respect.

You're a great person, you're the new keyboard wizard,


Miquel aka Jack Rabbit

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