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20 Jul 2014

"Two Rooms": a celebration of the radio show and to the man who hosts this talented and impressive programme

Do you imagine a radio show where you could listen songs like “House Of Cards”, “Too Low For Zero” or “Mellow”? Could it be? Yes, like life itself. The clue: WOMR 92.1 fm (Provincetown), 91.3 fm Orleans, a radio show all about Elton. You eltonites know I am talking about “Two Rooms, Celebrating the songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin” (Sunday’s at midnight). “Next to Lennon and Mc Cartney, Elton and Bernie are among the most talented, prolific and diverse songwriters in pop music” states, David Singler, a die-hard Eltonite who hosts the programme.  Sigler is an avid fan since 1974, when he heard “Bennie and the Jets” and decided to bring Elton’s songs on the radio with success four years ago. WOMR, a public broadcasting community radio based in Provincetown, Massachussetts, went on air on March 21st 1982, precisely when “Empty Garden”, Elton and Bernie’s tribute to John Lennon, was released as a single. Sigler also hosts a show about the Top 40 charts called Pop life: Hits, Misses and Everything in Between compelling 3 decades of Pop Music (1970-2000).

To the occasion, I decided to ask some of the avid listeners about their feelings of the show. Also, ask them a song he/she would love to listen on the radio show. It’s your turn, eltonites: “I began listening to Two Rooms when the show first began and have been a dedicated listener ever since. Dave Sigler hosts the show and does a fantastic job every week” starts Sarah Johnson, while adding: “Dave does a great job of including an eclectic mix of songs which celebrate the incredible musical partnership of Elton John and Bernie Taupin over the history of their careers. Dave’s expert knowledge on Elton and Bernie and his enthusiasm and passion for the music is reflected in the show.” “First off, David is a fan with a great deal of knowledge and experience behind him. He brings those traits to his show to give the best possible showcase of Elton’s music” agreed Paul Purcell.  “David’s show has become my weekly addiction, I have listened to and downloaded the show since Nov 2012, in all these shows I don’t believe there is one show where I haven’t discovered something completely new to me” continues Mike O’Reilly.

So “Two Rooms” has unique features such as Taupin spotlight (a song he sings or wrote with other artists), cover spotlight (Elton’s) or Tribute time covers (other artists play tribute to a song written by Elton and Bernie), among the most underrated or successful tracks Elton and  / or Bernie has penned. “He focuses on the lesser known tracks so they are brought to a wider audience” thinks Paul Purcell. Andreas Moland Bendixen says: “Even for big-time fans like me there is always something to learn”. Sarah Johnson? “Dave also include EJBT songs covered by other artists along with songs that Elton or Bernie had covered  or been involved professionally. Dave always manages to pull gems of songs of the EJBT archive, which I have never heard before, which is such a pleasant surprise”.  Thank you Sarah. “All aspects of Elton’s career are catered for, so anyone tuning in for the first or umpteenth time will learn something new” adds Paul Purcell. “I don’t know if other music artist have a dedicated weekly program, but I am very grateful David provide this for us dedicated and new Elton & Bernie fans” completes Mike O’Reilly.

Several shows had been done.  My favourites?  “40th Anniversary of Caribou” (TR424); “Nighttime”, a collection of songs with the word night on the title (TR422); “My Top 10 favourite EJ Albums” (TR221); “Taking flight”, songs about places and destinations (TR220), or “Remixed”, a collection of remixes all over the years (TR108), just to name a few. “Dave picks a theme for each show, some of which of my favourites include the album tribute shows and interview shows where his guest always has a knowledgeable and informative insight into the world of Elton John and Bernie Taupin” continued Sarah Johnson. “B-sides have also been given proper attention, which is of course a thrill for fans. Many of us feel they are as good, or better, as anything on the albums. I have to say that has been my favorite part of “Two Rooms” added Andreas Moland Bendixen. Me, I have the chance to go back to postcasts and realized how much interesting tracks it had been played: for example, I love when he played “Engine 19”, a song rejected by Elton in 2002 (“Engine House 19”) and written by Taupin with Richie Sambora in 2013, a tribute song for the families of the victims and heroes of 09/11 (23rd September 2013). Sarah Johnson concludes: “As I said before, I am an avid listener of Two Rooms, and look forward to listening every week. It is so great that Two Rooms is on the airwaves paying tribute to and celebrating the timeless work of Elton and Bernie”.

David, here's a very important man in your project. He kindly agree to send me some words for you, so, John Braden, Executive Director of WOMR/WFMR, thanks very much for being here, this is your turn: "Our audience has enthusiastically embraced David’s weekly tribute to the legendary Elton John on his “Two Rooms” program according to listener feedback. Elton fans throughout our Cape Cod broadcast area, and worldwide at, seem to really enjoy David’s meticulously researched program, we are lucky to have David’s involvement with our listener supported community radio station for many years to come...  or as Elton would say “...a long, long time.”"Thanks so much then, I am agree with you 100%.

Finally, people, one song you would love to listen, or listen again, in a next Two Rooms show?

Paul Purcell: Believe
Sarah Johnson: Porch Swing On Tupelo  
Mike O’Reilly: The Retreat  
Andreas Moland Bendixen:  Live Like Horses live 1994 or 1995
Jack Rabbit: Into The Old Man’s Shoes

Thank you very very much to Sarah Johnson, Andreas Moland Bendixen, Paul Purcell and Mike O’Reilly for their appreciated collaboration. There are several eltonites who agreed to do the same, so updating versions of this article will be done.

I would like to conclude this, with a BIG THANK YOU to the man who week by week is doing something value for Elton and Bernie’s music. In these days that their songs are not played as they deserve in the majority of the radio airwaves, doesn’t matter which country, is so relevant that Dave Sigler dedicates his time and efforts to do. And he does it with the ability to make interesting shows to the community, and with what’s so much important: with his passion. Dave, you deserve my recognition on your job, please make this radio show as long as you can. I couldn’t wait to download next podcast of the show. Couldn’t imagine my days without your show. As I said before, THANK YOU.

I asked Andreas Moland Bendixen to send me his feelings about the show, and he sent me this wonderful article. Although I reproduced some of his thoughts in the article I posted before, I thought absolutely necessary to post the article in its enterity, because it’s a well done job. So, this is Andreas’ article about the radio show. Enjoy as much as I did. Thanks so much Andreas.

Songs from the East Coast, by Andreas Moland Bendixen

A standard musical radio program promotes current top 40 hits and does not normally seek to analyze or explain music in detail. A Rhianna song gives way to a One Direction song with unmerciful speed, only to be interrupted by loud and intense commercials. Should you, however, be lucky enough to find yourself on the east coast of the United States, between Provincetown and Orleans in Massachusetts to be exact, you should tune your radio to FM 92.1 or 91.3. Here you will find the exceptional musical radio program “Two Rooms” that does not only play the great music by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, but also discusses and analyzes the tracks.

Elton John has one of the vastest back catalogs there are. This radio show gives the songs the attention they need. It is a thrill for fans, and a source for will-become fans. David Sigler’s knowledge of Elton is impressive and it’s a treat to be able to hear songs, but also interviews and facts. True, great books like “Sir Elton” by Philip Norman, or the wonderful East End Light and Hercules Magazines are most informative, but they lack the obvious detail: being able to listen to Elton.

In a recent broadcast, the underrated 1993 “Duets” album was the topic. Sigler let Elton do most of the talking and I was happy to learn things I didn’t know before.  Even for big-time fans like me there is always something to learn. So “Love Letters” was the first song to be recorded during those sessions! “Duets” is a treasure for any music fan, and I’m glad it was given a chance to shine.

B-sides have also been given proper attention, which is of course a thrill for fans. Many of us feel they are as good, or better, as anything on the albums. I have to say that has been my favorite part of “Two Rooms”.

I would like to thank David Sigler and for this fantastic show. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say how much we enjoy listening on the radio or online, and hope you have many musical years to come! 

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