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14 Oct 2011

Marlena Jeter's Serenity Interview: The Voice Of Angels

An angel's voice with a unique sultry, soulful sound. Jack Rabbit had the honour to interview Marlena Jeter, back in 2009. He found a human being, a great spirited person, and a lovely woman. Thinkin' about her, always comes to mind her impressive performance in Barcelona, 1992, for The One Tour. "Sad Songs" never sounded the same without the girls. Now she has another own project, the third in her collection. A new age sensation with plenty good songs, and we would like to learn more. So, ladies and gentlemen, the open doors of AllSongsList are all again wide-open to receive the talented, fabulous and wonderful: Marlena Jeter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much Marlena for being here and for your acceptation. Your new project for me is awesome. We are so privileged to have you in the music business. But what does it mean for you to be a musician? And what inspires you to create?

It means everything to me to have the ability to create music. It’s the one thing I do that totally fulfills me.

My inspiration comes from within, as I have always had the desire to create music that makes the listener feel something… something real. It’s my way of giving myself to the world, of giving to life.

Wonderful!! And how could you define Lena J and why the reason of your alter ego?

The artist “LENA J” was born as a result of a certain type of musical stimulation. She’s the R&B singer/writer whose energetic flow tends to lean more towards the sensual & sassy side of love & relationships. “LENA J” is definitely a different energetic type from “MARLENA” so it works better for me to keep the two separated.

Lena J has two exceptional album’s now available for purchase: “Love Stories”, from 2009, with “Live The Dream”, a favourite to me; also, “Pleasure, pain & passion”, released in 2010, which received a lot of airplay, especially in Chicago and Las Vegas, and it’s a collection of smooth R&B songs, with pieces like “If That’s What You Want” or “It’s Time”, which absolutely does it for me! What else could you remark from those albums?

Well Miguel, the “Love Stories” EP was “LENA J’S” first release. However, after much consideration & consulting with my adviser, Industry veteran Mr. Stan Sheppard, we decided to take the “Love Stories” project & combine it with the new music I had been working on to create what is now “LENA J’S” “Pleasure, Pain & Passion” EP.

“Live The Dream” was a song I collaborated on with a very gifted producer/writer named Kirv for the “MARTIN LUTHER KING” tribute album entitled “The Message In Music” which is available on iTunes, all proceeds going to the MLK Foundation.

At this point in time, “LENA J” has the “Pleasure, Pain & Passion” EP, which is available for purchase, & “MARLENA JETER” has the new “Serenity” EP available as well. Both projects are available on iTunes, Amazon & most digital outlets.

The new one, “Serenity”, released recently, is a beautiful album. “When I want to kick back, relax and forget any negatives in my life I put on some Marlena Jeter and I’m good,” says producer DJ Battlecat. I am agree. What does it mean to you that this great producer paid attention to your projects and decided to produce them? And how did you get into new age music?

It is very flattering of course, to have successful people in the same industry take notice of the work I’ve done. Though I have collaborated with “DJ BATTLECAT”, I am the sole writer & producer on my “Serenity” project.

I began creating music that falls into the genre of New Age as a result of having a deep & constant desire to create beautiful music that would move me. “Serenity” does that for me.

From “Serenity”, I specially recommend songs like “Soothe Me” and “Wistful Beauty”. What’s the story behind them?

I was in my recording studio one afternoon letting the creative energy flow through me, & I created the music for the song “Soothe Me”. For some reason that particular day I was a bit restless & just needed something I couldn’t quite put into words. I went to the microphone, opened my mouth to sing & the words & melody came to me instantly… In that lyric was the answer for my need.

“Wistful Beauty” happened as a result of me sitting at my keyboard one evening with the intention of creating something just a bit different. I can’t really say what happened, but later that night, actually around 2 AM I found myself standing at the microphone singing this wonderful melody that just seemed to flow out of me the moment I opened my mouth. I hadn’t even formulated the melody at that point. It doesn’t always happen like that, but that night it did.

What led you to create your own label?

I’ve always wanted my own record label so that I might be able to have some influence on the music that is presented to the world. In my travels I have met some incredibly talented individuals & have often wished for a way to help them get the exposure they sometimes craved. At the same time, the world gets a chance to experience another artist who has something to offer. I’ve also always had a strong desire to be in a position to pay musicians & singers to do what it is they love doing.

What other recent projects have you become involved with? And what are your future goals?

I still work & record with other artists… As long as I get the call, I’m there. I’ve worked on a few “ROD STEWART” CDs, worked with the standards/jazz artist “STEVE TYRELL” & had an opportunity to write a beautiful ballad for a wonderful Brazilian artist named “LIRIEL”. Certainly there have been other projects I’ve participated on, but I can honestly say that my main focus of recent years has been to establish the artistry of “LENA J” as well as “MARLENA JETER”.

You might be aware that I have been recording & touring for many years with Linda Ronstadt since working with Elton. Recently I’ve also been working with Timothy Schmit from the “EAGLES”. As a matter of fact, I am getting ready to begin touring with Timothy again in December 2011.

As you know Miguel, between “LENA J” & “MARLENA” I am constantly writing & recording. In the immediate future, perhaps in February, I should have another New Age project available. Shortly thereafter I expect to have some new material completed by the artist “LENA J”. We’ll see how the creative flow goes…

Great!!! And Elton? Do you still keep in touch with Elton John? What do you think about his recent projects? And would we have you collaborating with him other time?

I have had a couple of brief encounters with Elton in the past couple of years while he was doing his Las Vegas show. I am however, much more in touch with Davey Johnstone.

In reference to Elton’s projects, we all know that Elton is a very gifted soul & I have always loved his work & admired his work ethic. Collaboration with him would always be something I would welcome. Working with Elton John was an incredible experience that lasted 7 years. He’s the kind of person a girl could never say ‘no’ to!!! :-)

Thinking about Marlena Jeter, is quite impossible not to think about the other girls: Mortonette Jenkins and Natalie Jackson. And Alex Brown I could add. Do you know what they are doing now?

All three of them are still making wonderful music!

Listening to this new album, it is quite obvious that Marlena is a New Age star in the making. Her beautiful musical textures and melodic vocals are a work of beauty that should be experienced by everyone. Eltonites, do yourself a favor… Go to iTunes and other digital outlets and get it now. You will love it, I promise you that.

Marlena, would you like to add more to this interview? And if so, what would you like to share with eltonites?

Miguel, you are very thorough. I can’t think of a single thing to add to your questions. I would like to say however, that I appreciate the interest shown to me (as well as the other ladies) by the Eltonites. It is always good to be appreciated. Music is what we do… We do it all for you.

Thanks so much, Marlena, really and enjoyable experience to chat with you. I wish you all the best success you deserve.

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