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16 Oct 2010, a fantastic website

It's not easy to have a complete website as Stuart has. "Record Producer/engineer, lecturer, working with new and established artists, services include, quotes for productions big or small, critique of your demo, available for music college/university lecturing" is his presentation. "The idea for this page is where artists can send their demos/masters for a writen critique". We're talking about the great Stuart Epps, a master in the music business, and for a very small fee he will listen the track and send a not less than 100 word personalised critique by emailed letter ( That's interaction. The website also offers the opportunity to get mp3's or cd's for sale or download of "The Beatles Christmas 1968 message", or other material about The Troggs, Juliet Gough, etc. Also is remarkable the Song For Unicef, "Home again", that he and Steve Cline wrote for the profit of the "Save The Children" UNICEF Foundation, some you could buy through the website.

In the New Artist section you could find emerging talents that Stuart work on, as well as a section for Juliet Gough with her bio and news. What got me and surprised me is the "Tribal Album", a project started as a film soundtrack for Discovery Channel. It explains the story about two young american guys that stayed with an Ethiopian tribe called "The Surma", where they were to learn to stick fight. "I was asked to use the tribes chants and mix it with western style music" Stuart says, and the result is superb. You could buy it also on the website.

A selected discography is listed and also, is very recommendable the photos section, a non have been seen pictures owned by Stuart along Elton's career, completed with an article of "The Elton John Early Days", about his experiences with Elton. A must visited website for sure!!!

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