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7 Feb 2009

Elton Tourin' Japan: The Statistics

Elton John has done 38 concerts live in Japan while on Tour.

He has been in Tokyo (19 times), Osaka (10), Nagoya (4), Fukuoka (3), Hiroshima (1) and Kyoto (1).

Elton's favourite place is Budokhan Theatre, Tokyo (11 concerts on), Kohsei Nenkin Hall, Osaka (6), Dome, Tokyo (3), Shinjuku Kohsei Nenkin Hall, Tokyo (3), Shibuya Kohkaido, Tokyo (2) and finally: Castle Hall, Osaka (1), Century Hall, Nagoya (1), Civic Hall, Nagoya (1), Dome, Fukuoka (1), Dome, Nagoya (1), Dome, Osaka (1), Festival Hall, Osaka (1), Kokusai Hall, Fukuoka (1), Kyoto Kaikan, Kyoto (1), Kyuden Kinen Taiikukan, Fukuoka (1), Rainbow Hall, Nagoya (1), The Stadium, Osaka (1), Yubin Chokin Hall, Hiroshima (1).

First time he played in Japan was on October 1971 on "Madman Across The Water Tour" (6 shows). Then it was 1973-74 Yellow Brick Road Tour (12); as a member of 1988 Eric Clapton Band, along with Mark Knofler (4); 1995 "An Evening With Elton John And Ray Cooper" (7); Face To Face 1998 Tour with Billy Joel (5), 2001 "Songs From The West Coast Tour" (3) and finally 2007 "Elton John Solo Tour" (2).

The largest set list was on "An Evening With Elton John And Ray Cooper Tour", with 29 songs and the shortest the 12/11/2001, "Songs From The West Coast" Osaka Castle Hall concert, with only 21 songs on the set list.

He has played 86 different songs in Japan while on Tour.

The songs most played are Your song (34 times), Daniel (32), Bennie and the jets (28), Don't let the sun go down on me (27), Candle in the wind (26), Saturday night's alright (23), Take me to the pilot (23) and Funeral for a friend (21).

Then it comes: Honky cat (18), Goodbye yellow brick road (16), I don't wanna go on with you like that (16), Rocket man (16), Crocodile rock (14), Love lies bleeding (14), I guess that's why they call it the blues (14), Indian sunset (13), Skyline pigeon (13), Can you feel the love tonight (12), Madman across the water (12), Mona lisas and mad hatters (12), The one (12), All the girls love Alice (11), Elderberry wine (11), Hercules (11), Levon (11), Oh Susannah! (11), Step into Xmas (11), The Ballad of Danny Bailey (1909-34) (11), This song has no title (11), Philadelphia freedom (10).

Follows: I need you to turn to (9), I'm still standing (9), Sacrifice (9), Sixty years on (9), Sorry seems to be the hardest word (9), The greatest discovery (9), Ticking (9), Tonight (9), Border song (8), Country comfort (8), Holiday inn (8), The bitch is back (8), Believe (7), Better off dead (7), I think I'm going to kill myself (7), Idol (7), Live like horses (7), Talking old soldiers (7), The last song (7), Where to now St. Peter? (7), Amoreena (6), Ballad of a well known gun (6), Can I put you on (6), Come down in time (6), Friends (6), Honky tonk women (6), It's me that you need (a Top 13 hit in the country, 6), My baby left me (6), Rock me when he's gone (6), Rotten peaches (6), The king must die (6), Whole lotta shakin' (6), Ballad of the boy in the red shoes (5), Great balls of fire (5), Grey seal (5), Honesty (5), Lucy in the sky with diamonds (5), My life (5), Piano man (5), Simple life (5), Something about the way you look tonight (5), Tiny dancer (5), Uptown girl (5), You may be right (5).

And the rest: Birds, I want love, Original sin, Someone saved my life tonight, The wasteland, This train don't stop there anymore, (Gotta get) A meal ticket, American triangle, Blue Eyes, Carla/Etude, Circle of Life, Electricity, Nikita, Roy Rogers.

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