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21 Oct 2010

Live At Beacon Theatre, By Richard P. Georgeou

The concert was sold out and I went with two friends and long time Elton fans: Ann Lawrence and Claude Bernardin. We all sat in different seats because this was the toughest ticket in town.

As the time drew near the emcee announced everyone in your seats, it is 10 minutes til 'air time.' The concert was being transmitted on cable network Fuse-TV. Elton first graced the stage and told the audience, let me say this is a one off show where we will play the entire (14) Union tracks. We will have Leon come out and play some of his hits and at the end of the Union performances, "I will play some of my songs".

It went exactly as mentioned. Leon started off with:

Tight rope
Prince of Peace
Song for You
Delta Lady
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
Stranger in a Strange Land

Then Elton joined him on stage. Their setlist of songs performed together was:

If It Wasn't for Bad
Eight Hundred Dollar Shoes
Hey Ahab
Gone to Shiloh
Jimmie Rodgers' Dream
There's No Tomorrow
Monkey Suit
The Best Part of the Day
A Dream Come True
I Should Have Sent Roses
When Love Is Dying
Hearts Have Turned to Stone
Never Too Old (To Hold Somebody)
In the Hands of Angels

And, Elton appeared by himself and played:

Burn Down the Mission
Tiny Dancer
Ballad of A Well Known Gun
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
Your Song
Take Me to the Pilot
Sad Songs Say So Much
The Bitch is Back

They announce that they had more time so they encored with Leon returning to the stage as they said we will do "Hey Ahab" again. They performed it even better than the first performance,in my opinion. They hugged once again on stage(Elton/Leon), and waved to the crowd that was standing with one of many standing ovations.

The whole evening was surreal to me.Here we have two music legends from the 1970's, back together on stage again as was the case at the Fillmore, when they shared top billing on the marquee.

Elton had gone full circle, bookending his glorious career, performing face to face, with his idol/mentor, 40 years on.

I nearly fell out of my seat when Elton played 'Ballad of a Well Known Gun'. It was almost like thanking his long time fans that have constantly asked for the obscure tracks in concert. He did this song when i attended the 60th Birthday party concert at Madison Square Garden on 25 March 2007.

This concert already ranks in my top 10 Elton shows I have attended. This was an evening to remember. I will savor this experience for many years to come. Elton John and Leon Russell-Need I say more? 'Fantabulous.' Both musicians(Leon/Elton), the band, plus backup singers rocked this house on it's foundation. It was a product of love and respect for this eventful happening.

Rock on,
Richard P. Georgeou

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