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Goodbye: The Birds Can Nest Again

Eltonites: this is the last season of AllSongsList of all time. I do love Elton John, more than ever. He gave and gives me everything. It's not very original to say his music is the soundtrack of my life, but it is. I discovered him by chance on a radio station magazine in 1984, and ever since I have been a devoted fan. Not criticism to him, always trying to understand the artist, the person at last. Although I've never met him, and won't do, he seems being a part of my family. Everyone around me knows he's my passion.

30 years about recollecting dates, set lists, songs, charts, etc, i'ts a long time. There's an extensive list, an endless list with everything, that I will have to stop. I thought about making a self-press book, just to send Elton, with everyhting, as an agreement for much he has doing for me. I know that Adrian Collee has everything maybe I have, but I didn't have the facilities as they had for sure. I ever wanted to be Adrian Collee for all of this, hehe, but I am not. Other times, I thought about leaving everything on a box because maybe is no interested in those estatistics. I will make a question about what to do. What I have it clear is that I want not to have any profit in there, because so much eltonites, so much related artiststo Elton, related people, were collaborating in the site without any proft, just sharing their time, and having fun with me (and me with him, of course). So it will not be serious doing something for money. I don't have the need, I don't want to do that.

I began the blogsite years ago, and I recognize the first years I was more involved than now, with more time, less personal responsabilities. The blogsite allows me to meet very good people, very good friends. Most of you, eltonites, I had the chance to meet in person; others I will.

I want to thank everyone, one by one, for sharing your time with me and my alter ego, Jack rabbit. We will finish the 30 lists of eltonites, who with their kindness, make an effort to make an impossible list in running order. For me, it doesn`t matter if one is more critic or less critic with Elton, I am sure everyone of us loves him, so there's no need to fight. So everyone have their part in the blogsite, and I am not in any part. Just I am an eltonite. So, we will finish that before it all stops forever.

I would like to thank everyone as I said, specially to the expertises in the different comittees of expertises we had, and also to the greatest fifth of a kind: Rosenthal, Turano, Bernardin, Matlock, Sigler. You were and still are my mirror.

And thanks Jack Rabbit. Or Miquel myself. I still don't know. Enjoy the last series and thanks always for your support.

24 Jan 2008

Unforgettable People (VI): Renate Blauel

Elton in 1983 met a girl named Renate in AIR’s London Studios, she was working as tape operator. People around Elton had little notice about she at the beginning, as Philip Norman described in his book, until the “Breaking hearts” sessions when Elton suddenly said “I’m not going unless Renate goes out there too”. In the next tour for Australia and New Zeland the same mystifying ultimate was done: "None without Renate". And finally, Elton declared to bassist Dee Murray: “Guess what man, I am engaged!”. As Norman explained, german Renate emigrated to London at 22, as an act of rebellion against her parents, and in a male-dominating world of recording studios, she had done remarkably well.

The media commented “Elton John who has admitted to being bisexual, is to marry next week”. Their family and closest associates had already heard Elton’s big new on the phone from Sidney. Far from the general astonishment, Bernie, one of the best men along with John Reid, said “I always knew that if Elton suddenly got a bee in his bonnet about wanting a family, it was likely to happen pretty suddenly”. Elton’s mother, Sheila, appeared enthusiastic but Ivy, Elton’s grandmother was thrilled: “I had to take a tablet to calm myself down”. For Renate, Elton was “wonderful, he makes me laugh and he’s very considerate, I am feeling just fabulous”.

The marriage was on 14 February, St. Valentine’s Day, in an Anglican church in the Sydney suburb of Darling Point, and it was a traditional white wedding. A hundred of wedding guests were specially flown from Britain and America.

The end of the love story was officially on 18 November, 1988, by a “divorce of mutual consent and with no fault attaching to either party”. “Elton’s marriage flickered and went out like a candle in the wind” was Today’s headline.

Since their divorce, with Elton admitting that he was gay, Renate and Elton had little contact. Renate, who received a large sum of money, has kept details of their relationship private and she lives now in a small cottage from a village from Surrey, UK.

One article, headlined "Sad, lonely life of the woman who loved and lost Elton John" and published in June 2000 By GERARD COUZENS on Sunday Mirror, compared “Ms Blauel's current lifestyle with her experiences with her former husband”, and was accompanied by photographs of Renate in a gas petrol station forecourt. The article started with “EX-WIFE RENATE STILL SHUNS SPOTLIGHT AFTER 14 YEARS IN HER RURAL (…) No-one would guess the auburn-haired woman out on a rare shopping trip was once married to Britain's most outrageous rock star”. The article said that “Neighbours in the village know little about her”. Maxine, one local who has got to know her, explained: "She's a lovely lady but a very private person who just wants to be left alone to get on with her life." Another added: "We don't mention Elton's name because we know it still upsets her. The warmth she's found in the village has helped her get back on her feet".

The parting has been described amicable, thought Elton has ackowledged that he deeply hurt Renate. For the articulist, "there's no doubt her failed marriage to Elton is behind the rather reclusive life she leads now. She sincerely believed their marriage was for life."

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Anonymous said...

I can really understand her. She must have loved him entirely and trusted that this would be her husband for the whole life. Every time she listens to Eltons music it surely hurts her.
Only God`s love is stronger and can heal her injured heart.