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4 Dec 2009

1972: Hercules Concerts

Honky Chateau Tour

Europe, 19/Feb to 21/Mar & 03/Jun to 10/Sep; North America 26/Apr to 10/May & 26/Sep to 26/Nov

83 shows

The Elton John band:

Dee Murray on bass, Nigel Olsson on drums and Davey Johnstone as lead guitar, plus Larry Legs Smith.

Set list:

Tiny dancer
Rock me when he's gone
Suzie (Dramas)
Your song
Border song
Rocket man
I think I'm going to kill myself
Can I put you on
Mona lisas and mad hatters
Honky cat
Madman across the water
Singin' in the rain
Country comfort
Holiday inn
Have mercy on the criminal
Crocodile rock
Take me to the pilot
Whole lotta shakin'


02/19 Lancaster, England; University of Lancaster
02/20 Lancs, England; Shaw Theatre NYT
02/23 Exeter, England; Exeter University
02/24 Watford, England; Town Hall
02/26 Waltham Forest, England; Technical College
02/27 Lancs, England; Shaw Theatre NYT
03/01 Aberdeen Scotland; Music Hall
03/02 Dundee, Scotland; Caird Hall
03/03 Glasgow, Scotland; Kelvin Hall
03/04 Edinburgh, Scotland; Empire Theatre
03/12 Frankfurt, Germany
03/14 Munich, Germany
03/15 Munich, Germany
03/17 Hamburg, Germany
03/20 Duesseldorf, Germany
03/21 Berlin, Germany
04/26 Waco, Texas
04/28 Houston, Texas
04/30 Austin, Texas
05/02 Columbia, MO
05/03 South Bend, Indiana; Notre Dame
05/04 East lansing, MI
05/05 Dayton, Ohio
05/06 Columbia, Ohio
05/07 Oxford, Ohio
05/08 Chicago, Illinois; Arie Crown Theatre
05/09 Chicago, Illinois; Arie Crown Theatre
05/10 Urbana, Illinois
06/03 London, England; Crystal Palace Bowl
08/26 Portsmouth, England; Guildhall
08/27 London, England; Shaw Theatre
08/31 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England; City Hall
09/01 Manchester, England; Free Trade Hall
09/03 Croydon, England; Fairfield Hall
09/08 Glasgow, Scotland; Greens Playhouse
09/10 Oxford, England; New Theatre
09/26 Ithica, New York; Cornell University
09/27 Boston, MA; Boston Music Hall
09/28 Boston, MA; Boston Music Hall
09/29 New Haven, CT; New Haven Arena
09/30 Philadelphia, PA; The Spectrum
10/01 Rochester, NY; Memorial Auditorium
10/02 Montreal, Canada; The Forum
10/05 Toronto, Canada; Maple Leaf Gardens
10/06 Detroit, MI; Cobo Hall
10/07 Buffalo, NY; Memorial Auditorium
10/09 Long Island, NY; Nassau Coliseum
10/11 Normal, Illinois; State University
10/12 Witchita, KS; Civic Center
10/14 Ames, IA; Iowa State University
10/15 Denver, CO; Auditorium
10/18 Honolulu, Hawai; H.I.C. Arena
10/20 Seattle, WA; Seattle Arena
10/21 Berkeley, CA; Berkeley Community Theatre
10/22 Anaheim, CA; Convention Center
10/23 Los Angeles, CA; The Forum
10/24 Los Angeles, CA; The Forum
10/25 San Francisco, CA; Berkeley Community Theatre
10/26 Tuscon, AZ; Civic Plaza
10/27 San Diego, CA; Sports Arena
11/01 Stillwater, OK; Oklahoma State University
11/02 Tulsa, Oklahoma; Assemby Center
11/03 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Fairgrounds Arena
11/04 Kansas City, MO; Municipal Auditorium
11/05 Dallas, Texas; Memorial Auditorium
11/08 College Station, TX; Texas A & B
11/09 San Antonio, Texas; Municipal Auditorium
11/10 Baton Rouge, LO; Lousiana State University
11/11 Memphis, TN; Mid South Coliseum
11/12 Nashville, TN; Memorial Auditorium
11/13 Norfolk, Virginia; Scope Auditorium
11/14 Tuscaloosa, FL; University of Alabama
11/15 Atlanta, GA; Atlanta Coliseum
11/16 Charlotte, NC; Charlotte Coliseum
11/17 Charleston, NC; Civic Center
11/18 Hampton Roads, VA; Hampton Roads Coliseum
11/19 New York City, New York; Carnegie Hall
11/20 New York City, New York; Carnegie Hall
11/21 Baltimore, MD; Civic Center
11/22 Harrisburg, PA; State Farm Arena
11/24 Jacksonville, FL; Jacksonville Coliseum
11/25 Miami, Florida; Jai Alai Arena
11/26 St. Petersburg, Florida; Bay Front Center

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