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31 Oct 2008

Elton John Tourin' France: The Statistics

Elton John has done 86 concerts live in France while on Tour.

He has been in Paris (47 times); Lyon and Nice (5); Nimes (4); Toulouse (3); Bordeaux, Lille and Nantes (2); and 1 time in Avignon, Bayonne, Bergerac, Brest, Caen, Cannes, Divonne, Grenoble, Leiven, Marseille, Metz, Montauban, Montpellier, Nancy, Orange and Strasbourgh.

First time he played in France was in 1971 with Dee Murray and Nigel Olsson as a band (2 concerts). Then it was the "A Single Man Tour" With Ray Cooper (8) in 1979; the "Jump Up! Tour" (8), "The European Express Tour" in 1984 (4), "The 1985/86 World Tour" (14), "Reg Strikes Back Tour" (7 and Elton collapsed onstage in front of 16.000 fans), "The One Tour" (3 one of those Eric Clapton featured a little interaction, in 1992 and 5 in 1993 at the end of the leg), "An Evening With Ray Cooper in 1994 (6); "Made In England Tour" (5), he stopped with the 10th Anniversary of Europe2 (1), "The Big Picture Tour" (4), "The Medusa Tour" in 2000 and in 2001 (5), "Songs From The West Coast Tour" in 2002 (2), Elton John "Solo Tour" (8 along 2003-2005), "Elton John & His Band Tour" (1), "Peachtree Road Tour" in 2005-06 (2) and "Rocket Man Tour" in 2007(1).

Elton's favourite places and venues are as it follows: Palais des Sports Bercy (Paris, 24 times), Zenith (Paris, 7), Champs Elysées Theatre (Paris, 6) and Les Arenes (Nimes, 4), to name a few.

The largest set list was in 1994 with 30 songs on "An Evening With Elton John & Ray Cooper and the shortest in 1971, while promoting "Tumbleweed Connection", with only 15 songs on the set list.

He has played 136 different songs in France on Tour. The song most played in France is Sorry seems to be the hardest word (with 82 times)..

The Top 10 of the songs most played are, in running order:

Bennie and the jets (71), Rocket man (70), Your song (68), Candle in the wind (65), I guess that's why they call it the blues (62), Daniel (59), Philadelphia freedom (54), Funeral for a friend (52), Don't let the sun go down on me (51).

Then, it follows:

Mona lisas and mad hatters (48), Saturday night's alright (48), Someone saved my life tonight (46), I'm still standing (44), Take me to the pilot (44), Sacrifice (40), Song for guy (40), Crocodile rock (38), Love lies bleeding (38), The bitch is back (38), Better off dead (37), Sad songs (36), The one (35), Burn down the mission (33), Blue eyes (32), Nikita (32), I don't wanna go on with you like that (31), Pinball wizard (29), Tonight (26), Goodbye yellow brick road (24), Sixty years on (24), Tiny dancer (24), Honky cat (23), Where to now St. Peter? (22), The last song (20).

Only testimonial apperances for the rest:

Restless, Border song, Honky tonk women, Simple life, The greatest discovery, Circle of life, Mona lisas and mad hatters part two, Can I get a wittness?, Cry to heaven, I need you to turn to,
I think I'm going to kill myself, Johnny B. Goode (excerpt), One horse town, Paris, Skyline pigeon, Song for you, This town, Whole lotta shakin', Wrap her up, Empty garden, Ticking, Believe, Come down in time, Idol, Ballad of the boy in the red shoes, Can you feel the love tonight, Carla / Etude, Kiss the bride, Levon, Made in England, Too low for zero, Have mercy on the criminal, I saw her standing there, Twist and shout, All the girls love Alice, I want love, Talking old soldiers, The king must die, All quiet on the western front, Ball and chain, Chloe, Crazy water, Elton's song, Herkules, House, I heard it through the grapevine, J'veux d'la tendresse and Nobody Wins, Part time love, Roy Rogers, Teacher I need you, The show must go on, Where have all the good times gone, A word in spanish, Don't be cruel, Ego, He'll have to go, I fell like a bullet, I love Paris in the Springtime, Iles Amore, The Marsellaise, Indian sunset, Something about the way you look tonight, Dixie Lily, Jumping jack flash, Lies, Pain, This train don't stop there anymore, Are you ready for love, Dear Prudence (excerpt), Get back, Great balls of fire, One more arrow, American triangle, Blue avenue, Live like horses, Moon river, The wasteland, Amoreena, Can I put you on, Country comfort, Friends, Harmony, Holiday inn, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, My baby left me, Oh My sweet Carolina, Original sin, The honey roll, They call her the cat, Turn the lights out when you leave, All that I'm allowed (I'm thankful), Electricity, Grey seal, If the river can bend, Madman across the water, My elusive drug, Porch swing in Tupelo, Recover your soul, Runaway train, The bridge, The north.

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