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30 Jun 2008

The Story Behind "Song For Guy"

"I wrote the song one Sunday when I was feeling very depressed" explained Elton. "While I was writing the music I couldn't stop thinking about death. It was as though someone else was guiding my hand".

Composed and recorded the same day, he couldn't think about a title. But the next day, came the news that 17 years-old Rocket Record messenger named Guy Burchett had been killed on his motorcycle: the instrumental song was dedicated to him.

At the end of the song Elton mumbles "Life isn't everthing", which he sings over and over.

The Record Company didn't want to put this song as a single because "Music Box Dancer" was a hit at that time, and the company thought that public wouldn't embrace another instrumental, but Elton won the struggle.

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dillweed said...

One of my favorite Elton John songs, so beautiful