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16 Apr 2008

The Elton Story Behind Live Excerpt Songs (II): References

The Beatles
“I still think The Beatles were the be all and end all of pop music. What they did for pop music was incredible, unrepeatable” reminded Elton. “They changed the entire scene. And it’s because of them that most of us today are what we are. They were definetely my biggest influence.”

Get Back
Weaved into “Burn Down The Mission”, Elton John 1970 Tour and on “Pinball Wizard” on Single Man 1979 Tour

Back In The USSR
Weaved into “Pinball Wizard”, Single Man 1979 Tour

I Saw Her Standing There
Medley with “Whole Lotta Shakin’” & “Twist And Shout”, Single Man 1979 Tour

Twist And Shout
Medley with “Whole Lotta Shakin’” & “I Saw Her Standing There”, Single Man 1979 Tour

John Lennon
Dear Prudence
Weaved into “Too Low For Zero”, Breaking Hearts 1974 Tour

Give Peace A Chance
Weaved into “Take Me To The Pilot”, Elton John 1970 Tour

The Rolling Stones
Elton jammed with the Stones at their July 19, 1975 Colorado concert. “The Rolling Stones are perfect. I mean Jagger is the perfect pop star, there’s nobody more perfect than Jagger. He’s rude, he’s ugly, attractive, he’s brilliant”. The Stones are the perfect pop group, they’ve got it all tied up” said Elton.

Brown Sugar
At the end of “The Bitch Is Back”

Honky Tonk Women
Weaved into “Bennie And The Jets”, Ice On Fire 1985 Tour

Elvis Presley:
“When I met Elvis Presley, he looked like a tired old beached whale. I looked into his eyes and there was nothing there, just a look of vacancy where vitality had been. He’d just become a puppet” explained Elton, andd thinlin' about his childhood, reminded: “I still remember whern my mother came with Elvis’ “Heartbreak Hotgel” and Bill Haley “ABC Boogie”, I really freaked when I heard them and I went on from here”

My Baby Left Me
Weaved into “Burn Down The Mission”, Elton John 1970 Tour

Hound Dog
Weaved into “Bennie And The Jets”, Single Man 1979 Tour

Don't Be Cruel
Weaved into “Bennie And The Jets”, Single Man 1979 Tour

Leon Russell
A Song For You
Medley with “Blue Eyes” & “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues”, Ice On Fire 1986 Tour
Elton John's American debut performance in Trobadour Club in Los Angeles, Leon Russell was in the audience and Elton had the opportunity to meet his idol.

Little Richard:“I used to get a certain amount of money each week and I remember buying a Little Richard record “She’s Got it” and “The Girl Can’t Help It”, my mum wouldn’t let me play it”

Good Golly Miss Molly
Weaved into “Bennie And The Jets”, 21 At 33 1980 Tour

“There are several people that I like and that are well, Hollywoodish in their way”

Singin' In The Rain
Weaved after “Think I’m Gonna Kill Myself”, Honky Chateau 1972 Tour
Larry “Legs” Smith danced live during the song. While Elton and the band left the stage for a while. When they entered, Larry and Elton took his seat at the piano to mime to the music: “Have a light?” “No” and started a dancing and singin’ rendition to the song (Elton had taking hoofing lessons for the ocasion).

(To Be Continued)

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