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14 Apr 2008

Elton John Story Behind "It's Your Thing"

Isley Brothers employed Elton John as a keyboardist during their 1964 UK tour. Lead vocalist Ronald was a major influence on the development of modern R&B and hip-hop. By 1969, the Isleys had revived T-Neck and switched to funk, establishing their classic sound with smashes like "I Turned You On" and "It's Your Thing". This kicked off the Isleys' greatest chart run, which lasted through the mid-Eighties.

Elton chose this "Isley Brothers" hit "It's Your Thing" for fullfill his own hit "Rocket Man", which was played at the end of his current set list, in his US following concerts:

World Tour 1989

28/07/89 Hartford, CT
29/07/89 Providence, RI
30/07/89 Saratoga, NY
01/08/89 Mansfield, MA
02/08/89 Mansfield, MA
04/08/89 East Rutherford, HJ
06/08/89 East Rutherford, HJ
07/08/89 East Rutherford, HJ
08/08/89 Mountain View, CA
09/08/89 New Orleans, LA
10/08/89 Houston, TX
11/08/89 Dallas, TX
12/08/89 Kansas City, Kansas
15/08/89 Inglewood, CA
16/08/89 Inglewood, CA
18/08/89 Inglewood, CA
19/08/89 Costa Mesa, CA
20/08/89 San Francisco, CA
22/08/89 Denver, CO
26/08/89 Chicago, IL
27/08/89 Chicago, IL
29/09/89 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
30/08/89 Noblesville, IN
01/09/89 Detroit, MI
02/09/89 Detroit, MI
03/09/89 Detroit, MI
12/09/89 Cincinnati, OH
13/09/89 Cincinnati, OH
15/09/89 Knoxville, TN
16/09/89 Atlanta, Georgia
17/09/89 Atlanta, Georgia
19/09/89 Pittsburgh, PA
22/09/89 Charlotte, NC
23/09/89 Chapel Hill, NC
25/09/89 Montreal, Canada
26/09/89 Montreal, Canada
27/09/89 Toronto, Canada
30/09/89 Philadelphia, PA
01/10/89 Philadelphia, PA
03/10/89 New York City, New York
04/10/89 New York City, New York
05/10/89 New York City, New York
06/10/89 New York City, New York
07/10/89 New York City, New York
13/10/89 Miami, FL
15/10/89 Orlando, FL

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