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13 Mar 2008

Unforgettable People (XIII): Rod Stewart

Elton and Rod referred each other by the feminine names of Sharon Cavendish (Elton) and Phyllis (Rod). The Elton’s nickname came while touring with Bluesology band, after the Sheffield Cavendish Club concert, where Stewart also played. Both worked together with Long John Baldry then. They met when Elton was still ar school. Elton explained the meeting in 1972: “I went to a pub and went up to him and said: “Excuse me, Mr. Stewart, Can I have your autograph?”. They worked separately with Long John Baldry and became pals. They share their love for music and, also, the love for soccer: Rod fan of Celtic of Glasgow, Elton fan of Watford, even getting together in 1977 for the Goaldigger’s charity.

Rod, following Elton's advice, declined the acceptation to do the role of “Pinball Wizard” in the Tommy Opera-Rock Film. Rod was angry to learn that Elton had taken the part: " I ended up doing pinball wizard” explained Elton “and Rod couldn't believe it: "you bastard..."".

Their friendship included a dose of competitiveness and frequently, they mention each other in interviews. When Elton got married with Renate, it was 1984, Rod sent him a telegram: “You’re still standing, but we’re still on the floor”.

Rod recorded Elton’s “Country Comfort” in 1970 and “Let Me Be Your Car” in 1974, this with a frenetic backing vocals by Elton himself. In 1981 Rod rejected another Elton’s song, “Just Like Belgium” because he disliked the mood of the song. And a version of “Your Song” in the “Two Rooms” Tribute was a hit in the Adult Contemporary charts in 1992. Recently they worked together on the “Great American Songbook Vol. IV”, singing the duet “Makin’ Whoopee”, with Elton whispering at the end of the song... “They wrote this for you, Rod”.

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