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Goodbye: The Birds Can Nest Again

Eltonites: this is the last season of AllSongsList of all time. I do love Elton John, more than ever. He gave and gives me everything. It's not very original to say his music is the soundtrack of my life, but it is. I discovered him by chance on a radio station magazine in 1984, and ever since I have been a devoted fan. Not criticism to him, always trying to understand the artist, the person at last. Although I've never met him, and won't do, he seems being a part of my family. Everyone around me knows he's my passion.

30 years about recollecting dates, set lists, songs, charts, etc, i'ts a long time. There's an extensive list, an endless list with everything, that I will have to stop. I thought about making a self-press book, just to send Elton, with everyhting, as an agreement for much he has doing for me. I know that Adrian Collee has everything maybe I have, but I didn't have the facilities as they had for sure. I ever wanted to be Adrian Collee for all of this, hehe, but I am not. Other times, I thought about leaving everything on a box because maybe is no interested in those estatistics. I will make a question about what to do. What I have it clear is that I want not to have any profit in there, because so much eltonites, so much related artiststo Elton, related people, were collaborating in the site without any proft, just sharing their time, and having fun with me (and me with him, of course). So it will not be serious doing something for money. I don't have the need, I don't want to do that.

I began the blogsite years ago, and I recognize the first years I was more involved than now, with more time, less personal responsabilities. The blogsite allows me to meet very good people, very good friends. Most of you, eltonites, I had the chance to meet in person; others I will.

I want to thank everyone, one by one, for sharing your time with me and my alter ego, Jack rabbit. We will finish the 30 lists of eltonites, who with their kindness, make an effort to make an impossible list in running order. For me, it doesn`t matter if one is more critic or less critic with Elton, I am sure everyone of us loves him, so there's no need to fight. So everyone have their part in the blogsite, and I am not in any part. Just I am an eltonite. So, we will finish that before it all stops forever.

I would like to thank everyone as I said, specially to the expertises in the different comittees of expertises we had, and also to the greatest fifth of a kind: Rosenthal, Turano, Bernardin, Matlock, Sigler. You were and still are my mirror.

And thanks Jack Rabbit. Or Miquel myself. I still don't know. Enjoy the last series and thanks always for your support.

12 Sep 2009

1984: Breaking Hearts Tour

Elton John Band:

Nigel Olsson on drums
the late Dee Murray on bass guitar
and Davey Johnstone on lead guitar.
Fred Mandel on guitar and keyboards joined the band.

Legs Of The Tour:

Too low for Zero Tour
New Zeland & Australia, 19/Feb to 24/Mar
22 shows

Ticket sales were phenomenal, and most of the concerts were sold-out, breaking all previous records.

Set list:

Tiny dancer
Rocket man
I'm going to be a teenage idol
Candle in the wind
The bitch is back
Don't let the sun go down on me
Island girl
Bennie and the jets
Sorry seems to be the hardest word
Philadelphia freedom
Blue eyes
I guess that's why they call it the blues
Kiss the bride
One more arrow
Too low for zero
I'm still standing
Your song
Saturday night's alright
Goodbye yellow brick road
Crocodile rock
Pinball wizard
Song for guy


Teacher I Need You


02/19 Christchurch, New Zeland, Addington Showgrounds
02/22 Wellington, New Zeland, Athletic Park
02/25 Auckland, New Zeland, Mount Stadium
02/28 Melbourne, Australia, Entertainment Center
02/29 Melbourne, Australia, Entertainment Center
03/01 Melbourne, Australia, Entertainment Center
03/02 Melbourne, Australia, Entertainment Center
03/03 Melbourne, Australia, Entertainment Center
03/06 Perth, Australia, Entertainment Center
03/07 Perth, Australia, Entertainment Center
03/09 Adelaide, Australia, Memorial Drive
03/12 Brisbane, Australia, Festival Hall
03/13 Brisbane, Australia, Festival Hall
03/14 Brisbane, Australia, Festival Hall
03/16 Sydney, Australia, Entertainment Centre
03/17 Sydney, Australia, Entertainment Centre
03/18 Sydney, Australia, Entertainment Centre
03/19 Sydney, Australia, Entertainment Centre
03/20 Sydney, Australia, Entertainment Centre
03/21 Sydney, Australia, Entertainment Centre
03/22 Sydney, Australia, Entertainment Centre
03/24 Sydney, Australia, Entertainment Centre


Too low for Zero Far East Tour
Hong Kong 30/Mar to 31 Mar;
2 shows

03/30 Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Coliseum
03/31 Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Coliseum


The European Express Tour
Europe, 17/Apr to 30/Jun;
50 shows

The first visit to Eastern Europe was not lucrative as their promoters expected. In Italy, at one of the shows, Elton fell down twelve feet without breaking anything "I was extremely lucky" thought Elton. "Too Low For Zero" had "Dear Prudence" by John Lennon as a snippet.

Set List:

Tiny dancer
Rocket man
Teacher I Need You
Candle in the wind
The bitch is back
Don't let the sun go down on me
Island girl
Bennie and the jets
Sorry seems to be the hardest word
Philadelphia freedom
Blue eyes
I guess that's why they call it the blues
Kiss the bride
One more arrow
Too low for zero
I'm still standing
Your song
Saturday night's alright
Goodbye yellow brick road
Crocodile rock
Pinball Wizard
Song for guy


Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding
Whole Lotta Shakin'
I Saw Her Standing There
Twist And Shout


04/17 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, Olympic Ice Stadium
04/18 Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Halla Pioneer
04/19 Zagreb, Yugoslavia, Dom Sportova
04/21 Budapest, Hungary, Sport Hall
04/22 Budapest, Hungary, Sport Hall
04/24 Prague, Czechoslavakia, Palace Kultury
04/25 Ostrava, Czechoslavakia, Havirov Sport Hall
04/26 Katowice, Poland, Halla Spodek
04/27 Warsaw, Poland, Halla Congressova
04/28 Gdansk, Poland, Halla Olivia
04/30 Stockholm, Sweden, Ice Stadium
05/02 Oslo, Norway, Drammenshalle
05/04 Copenhagen, Denmark, Broendby Hall
05/06 Rotterdam, Holland, Ahoyhalle
05/07 Brussels, Belgium, Foret National
05/08 Brussels, Belgium, Foret National
05/11 Cologne, Germany, Sporthalle
05/12 Essen, Germany, Grugahalle
05/13 Essen, Germany, Grugahalle
05/14 Bremen, Germany, Stadhalle
05/15 Stuttgart, Germany, Schleyerhalle
05/17 Hannover, Germany, Stadion Sporthalle
05/18 Berlin, Germany, Waldebuhne
05/20 Bad Segeberg, Germany, Frelchtheater
05/22 Munich, Germany, Olympichalle
05/23 Vienna, Austria, Stadhalle
05/25 Geneva, Switzerland, Patinoire Des Vernets
05/26 Zurich, Switzerland, Hallenstadion
05/27 Zurich, Switzerland, Hallenstadion
05/29 Paris, France, Bercy Sports Hall
05/30 Paris, France, Bercy Sports Hall
05/31 Grenoble, Switzerland, Palais des Sports
06/02 Ludwigshaven, West Germany, Sud West Stadium
06/04 Orange, France, Antique Theatre
06/05 Nice, France, Parc Des Expositions
06/06 Toulouse, France, Palais des Sports
06/08 Madrid, Spain, Pavellón de Deportes R. Madrid
06/09 Barcelona, Spain, Palau d'Esports
06/11 Milan, Italy, Teatro Tenda
06/12 Milan, Italy, Teatro Tenda
06/15 Belfast, Ireland, Kings Hall
06/16 Dublin, Ireland, R.D.S.
06/18 Leeds, England, Queens Hall
06/19 Leeds, England , Queens Hall
06/20 Edinburgh, Scotland, Playhouse
06/21 Edinburgh, Scotland, Playhouse
06/23 Birmingham, England, NEC
06/24 Birmingham, England, NEC
06/25 Birmingham, England, NEC
06/30 London, England, Wembley Stadium


Breaking Hearts Tour
North America, 17/Aug to 12/Nov
60 shows

One night in Madison Square Garden, Elton failed to stand up and was administered oxygen for half a minute; he went on with the show. "Bennie And The Jets", as usual, had snippets of "In The Mood", "Baby You're A Rich Man", "Chattanooga Choo Choo" and "Charlie Brown Theme Song"; "Rocket Man", for its part, had "Close Encounters Theme" as a snippet by Davey Johnstone.

Set List:

Tiny dancer
Rocket man
Candle in the wind
The bitch is back
Don't let the sun go down on me
Who wears these shoes?
Sad songs
Bennie and the jets
Sorry seems to be the hardest word
Philadelphia freedom
Blue eyes
I guess that's why they call it the blues
Kiss the bride
One more arrow
Too low for zero
I'm still standing
Your song
Saturday night's alright
Goodbye yellow brick road
Crocodile rock


Have Mercy On The Criminal
Little Jeannie
Dixie Lily


08/17 Tempe, AZ, ASU Activity Center Theatre
08/18 Tucson, AR, Community Center
08/19 San Diego, CA, Sports Arena
08/21 Los Angeles, CA, The Forum
08/22 Los Angeles, CA, The Forum
08/23 Los Angeles, CA, The Forum
08/24 Las Vegas, NV, Thomas & Mack Center
08/25 Irvine, CA, Irvine Meadows
08/26 Irvine, CA, Irvine Meadows
08/28 San Francisco, CA, Cow Palace
08/30 Portland, OR, Memorial Coliseum
08/31 Tacoma, WA, Tacoma Dome
09/01 Vancouver, Canada, Pacifice Coliseum
09/03 Calgary, Canada, Saddledome
09/04 Edmonton, Canada, Northland Coliseum
09/06 Provo, CO, Marriott Center
09/07 Denver, CO, Mc Nichols Arena
09/09 East Troy, WI, Alpine Valley
09/11 Chicago, IL, Rosemont Horizon
09/12 Detroit, MI, Joe Louis Arena
09/13 Toronto, Canada, Maple Leaf Gardens
09/15 Cleveland, OH, Blossom Music Center
09/16 Cleveland, OH, Blossom Music Center
09/18 St. Paul, MN, St. Paul Civic Center
09/20 Kansas City, Kansas, Kemper Arena
09/21 Lincoln, NB, Devaney Center
09/22 Ames, IO, Hilton Coliseum
09/23 Iowa City, IA, Hawkeye Arena
09/25 Oklahoma City, OK, Myriad Convention Center
09/26 Austin, TX, Frank Erwin Center
09/28 Houston, Texas, The Summit
09/29 Dallas, TX, Reunion Arena
09/30 Baton Rouge, LA, Assembley Center
10/03 Memphis, TN, Mid South Coliseum
10/05 Chattanooga, IN, UTC Arena
10/06 Atlanta, GA, The Omni
10/07 Murfreesboro, TN, Murphy Center
10/09 Knoxville, TN, Stokely Athletic Center
10/10 Charlotte, NC, Charlotte Coliseum
10/12 Tampa, FL, SunDome
10/13 Miami, FL, Sportatorium
10/14 Orlando, FL, Civic Center
10/17 Landover, MD, Capital Center
10/18 Pittsburg, PA, Civic Arena
10/19 Norfolk, VA, Scope
10/20 Philadelphia, PA, The Spectrum
10/23 New York City, NY, Madison Square Garden
10/24 New York City, NY, Madison Square Garden
10/25 New York City, NY, Madison Square Garden
10/26 New York City, NY, Madison Square Garden
10/29 New Haven, CT, New Haven Coliseum
10/30 Montreal, Canada, Montreal Forum
10/31 Quebec, Canada, Quebec Coliseum
11/02 Hartford, CN, Civic Center
11/03 Worcester, MA, The Centrum
11/04 Worcester, MA, The Centrum
11/05 Worcester, MA, The Centrum
11/07 Raleigh, NC, Reynolds Coliseum
11/08 Charlotte, NC, Charlotte Coliseum
11/12 New York City, NY, Madison Square Garden

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Anonymous said...

Elton played in Portland, Oregon on August 30 on the 1984: Breaking Hearts Tour. I have my ticket stub from that show.