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29 Nov 2014

"When I think Of Elton John words comes to mind a heart pounding feeling". Vera Rio Top 30 Elton John List. Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of AllSongsList

14. Vera Rio

"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans" (John Lennon). This statement is one of the favourites quotes by Vera. She's brazilian, one of the brazilian references in eltonites' world. Maybe because brazilians have those beaches, as she says they could enjoy the sand, walk in the sand, ... live the life on its own. Vera is special. Someone who has the birthday on a 25th march, like Elton. Her first album she bought was, "Empty Sky". She starts collecting records from the beginning, you see! When she thinks about Elton John, the first thing it comes to her mind "is a "feeling", no one material though... simply..."heart pounding"". That's Vera. Your turn Vera:

My complete inability to list 30 songs of Elton and try to explain why each one is important to me .... I thought I could to do it  but it was impossible to me ... all have special meanings but all in a jumble of emotions ... some were love at first sight (or better ... at first hearing!), others were present at special times in my life (happy or sad), others remind me of important people to me (starting with Skyline Pigeon who was a favorite of my mother), others by being true masterpieces (in my opinion) ... anyway, I can say that all are important to me for all these reasons that I described. This is my list, without order, from the 30 most beautiful and important to me.

Skyline Pigeon
Candle in the Wind
High flying Bird
Rocket Man
Healing Hands
Someone Saved...
The Ballad of Danny Bailey
This train don't stop there anymore
Border Song
Holiday Inn
The One
Don't Let The Sun...
Your Song
Bitter Fingers
Goodbye Yellow Bick Road
Original Sin
Philadelphia Freedom
Sixty Years On
Simple Life

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