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10 Nov 2014

"I felt my heart going out of my chest and my tears running through my cheeks". Patty Perrin's Top 30 Elton John List. Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of AllSongsList

11. Patricia Perrin

Patty Perrin, or the soul of eltonjohnmexico. This very versatile woman is a superlative artist: on TV shows, as reporter in "Para niños y similares" -"For Kids and similars"-, as an actress in "Rencor Apasionado" - "Passionate resentment", as a presenter in "Laberinto de Sorpresas" - "Labyrinth of Surprises"; collaborating in radio shows as epigrammist "La Mujer Actual" - "Modern's Woman"; press (Periodico Novedades and Revista Tele-Guia); cinema and theatre. Actress of stage, screen and television, this multi-talented eltonite is also well-known for her role in "La dama de Negro" - "The Lady In Black" (, a 20 years on the road successful piece of theatre, she has been playing since the start. She also taught for several years in theater workshops and Composition at ITESM-CEM. It was my debt to invite her, the one who gave me my first eltonite experience in her website writing about Elton. More than this, her knowledge about the artist made the whole thing. Patty, this is your turn, thanks a buch for being here.

Really difficult to choose only 30 Elton John songs by a fan and even harder to put them in a fair order.  But I suppose this is something close to the idea of my personal experience of the journey between my personal life and his music.  I have to confess a lot of them had been chosen because of my memories.  That doesn't mean the other songs are not great, not at all, but I had to do my best in this hard decision.  So... Here we go (beginning with number 30 and finishing with number one... my own favorite...

# 30 YOUR SONG.  His very best classic must have been in this special list.  Never missing in his concerts and because of that, always in our memories of every show I had been (and surely you had been).  We all feel this is our song..

# 29 A STEP TOO FAR.  As my profesional carreer (actrees and writer) I clearly understand how hard is to write a score.  This "Aida" theme has a lovely melody, great chorus and wonderful lyrics.  Everytime I listen to it, I like it more and more.

#28 BELIEVE.  Elton's voice sounds incredible in this rendition.  Deep lyrics and strong music makes this song one of my favorites.

#27 FRIENDS.  An old song that always sounds new.  Incredible that in so very few minutes you can take that melody in your head all day.  And the message of the lyrics is amazing.  A clear example when the music transcend more than the own film. 

#26  WITHOUT QUESTION.  Yes, without question I really LOVE this song.  I liked the movie very much and I really believe that this soundtrack is much better than most people think.  One of the most beautiful melodies Elton has ever composed in my opinión.

#25 RECOVER YOUR SOUL.  It's so hard when you have so great lyrics to make justice with your music... But Elton did it again!  Unforgettable song when things go bad.  Has the power to make you feel up.  Great companion when you are down.  Love it!

#24 DANIEL.  I have heard this song thousands of times and it always move me.  Original and wonderful lyrics and a perfect melody.  Yes, just PERFECT!

#23 SOMEONE SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT.  Deep, emotional, powerful... All in one.  This is a masterpiece.  Unbelievable!

#22 RELIGION.  I have to confess I'm not a religion person, that is why I feel so agree with these lyrics.  I really think a religion person is the one who helps others, not the ones who live inside churches or temples.  It's a very deep song but with very "light" music.  That combination is why I really love this particular song.

#21 CIRCLE OF LIFE.  In my particular opinion, this must be the Oscar winner song.  The Lion King is superb, and this song the best of the best!  Who didn't cry hearing it and felt chills in the skin with the introduction of this movie?  I surely did... That is why it has to be in my personal list.

#20 THE NORTH.  I'm sure this song is only known for the strong fans.  It's not "a hit" but it's wonderful!  Elton's voice sounds so beautiful, the solo piano in the music bridge is so powerful... Really moves me...

#19  CLUB AT THE END OF THE STREET.  Since the first time I heard to this song I couldn't stop dancing and I turned it on time after time.  So contagious, so high!... Yes, it had to appear in this list!

#18 LEVON.  A wonderful story in his lyrics and Elton's rendition is unbeatable.  Superb!  I never get tired listening to it.  Never!

#17  SOCIAL DISEASE.  Yes I know maybe no one expected this song in my list, but I can't help it!  I like EVERYTHING in this song, even the dog barking!  Funny, great music... How can I say?  It makes me happy!

#16  TONIGHT.  Oh my God!  This song!... When a song can make feel someone (me, in this case) what I feel everytime I hear it, has to be a GREAT song!  So deep lyrics, music and rendition!  Standing Ovation!

#15  I THINK I'M GOING TO KILL MYSELF.  With this title and lyrics, it had to be absolutely a very "serious melody"... Yes, that's in theory...  But this is Elton John, so come on!... He uses so funny music even with a tap session... The result?  AMAZING... I have to accept I LOVE THIS SONG!

#14  CRY TO HEAVEN.  Elton's voice is so strong... But this rendition is "something else"... I mean... There's NO CHANCE to ANYONE to sing this song better than Elton ever!!!!  And have you noticed the lyrics?  What a song!... ANNOYING...

#13  SORRY SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD.  This song is completely PERFECT... EVEN the instrumental bridge can make you turn to emotional tears... Only Elton could be able to take us to that musical paradise.  I just couldn't believe that anybody would not love this song...

#12  LITLE JEANNIE.  Elton's music has been by my side a lot of years of my life.  When I went to high- school, this song went out.  That whole year I woke up hearing to it.  I love "Little Jeannie" because it is a LOVELY song in all ways and also has the power to translate me to those happy years.

#11  WE ALL FALL IN LOVE SOMETIMES.  Wise men say... I have to mention this song in this list, LOL... One of my biggest favorites!  It makes you cry and laugh at the same time!  I discovered this song can change our mood and the way to think about love depending of what we are living.  I swear it!   A magical song in all the concept!  Just incredible!

#10  SKYLINE PIGEON.  I just can't believe Bernie and Elton had written this song being so young!  The lyrics and melody are so mature!  So perfect!... Yes, this song proves they are both genious!... This song always moves me, doesn't matter if I was young or not...

#9  TINY DANCER.  I like this song because a lot of aspects.  First of all, is dedicated to the "seamstress of the band" (Maxine, Feibelman, first Bernie's wife) and besides of the love he felt, it's a different way to talk about a relationship.  Besides that, Elton made one of his greatest melodies and sings this song with so much passion that you can bet he was the man in love.  One of the best musical colaborations between them in my opinion, and we, the listeners are the winners! 

#8  LIVE LIKE HORSES.  Sing besides Pavarotti was surely not easy... At least you are Elton John!.  I really prefer his own versión to be honest.  The first time I heard this song I was in shock... And everytime I do it... I'm in shock!... Everytime I think Elton can't do something better, he surprises me.  And this song is the prove!... I fell to tears everytime!...

#7  HARMONY.  Yes, Harmony and me a pretty good company!  This song is a happy company to everybody who listen to it.  Moves you and takes you to a nice mood.  That's the power of music... Of Elton's music!...

#6  BLESSED.  I really feel blessed to be able to hear to this song.  Original and moving lyrics...  Amazing to dedicate a song to an unborn baby and the music, Elton's voice, instrumental part and chorus makes this song a goodess creation (created by two genious mortals)...

#5  LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS.  Yes, wait a minute.  I perfectly know this is a Lennon song... But this song is in my list because, I'm also a Beatles fan and this cover was the song that made me know Elton John as a musician.  The first time I listened to it I was visiting my cousin Javier Zavala and I was shocked.  I remember I asked him who had the courage to record a Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds cover and mostly, who was able to do it SO WELL... Then he answered: That's Elton John, this is the record... Then, I discovered a photo of a lovely man with silver shoes and a white hat... Since that moment, I became his huge fan... Now, is it clear why I have to mention this song in this list at number five?...

#4  DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART.  This duet with Kiki Dee is one of my vitamins when I feel down.  It has the power to make me happy everytime I listen to it.  I would never be tired to dance and sing when it is in the air.  Funny, nice... Just incredible.

#3  GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD.  Political lyrics, unforgettable melody.  It just can't be more perfect!  One of the most emotional song ever written.  Not only one of my Elton's favorites, one of my ever listened songs favorites!

#2  DON'T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME.  If someone ever doubt about the singer ability of Elton John has to listen to this song.  I have heard a lot of great covers but ANYBODY can perform it better than him.  Powerful voice and music, desperate lyrics which turn to poetry.  Simply one of the most perfect songs in the world!

#1  THE ONE.  Yes this is the one and number one for me.  Why?  Lots of reasons.  The first one is that is a song which lyrics makes everybody desire to be dedicated by their love one... Second, the music.  This is one of the most beautiful melodies Elton has ever composed!  The instrumental part is so emotional... And if this is not enough, the first time I was able to see Elton live, was exactly with The One tour at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.  One of the most emotional moments in my whole life was when Elton sang that song and his piano was raised in the instrumental part.  I felt my heart going out of my chest and my tears running through my cheeks.  Yes, everytime I listen to this song or remember that moment, I come to tears... Yes...just like now...

Thank you Miquel for the opportunity of sharing this list with all Elton fans all over the world... And, of course, thank you Elton for your music!...

Patty Perrin's Eltonite's Day in 2009:

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