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31 Jan 2010

Why "Original Sin" deserves to be a Number 1 single in the worldwide Charts?

When the SFWC album was released the impact of the album and song was not proportional to its quality. See the chart results:

US, not reach the chart

Canada, not reach the chart

UK, N. 39

Ireland, not reach the chart

France, not reach the chart

Germany, not reach the chart

Austria, not reach the chart

Switzerland, not reach the chart

Holland, not reach the chart

Italy, not reach the chart

Spain, not reach the chart

Norway, not reach the chart

Sweden, not reach the chart

Japan, not reach the chart

Southafrica, not reach the chart

Australia, N. 54

New Zealand, not reach the chart

Brazil, not reach the chart

not reach the charts in other countries!!!

If it was a very beatiful and classic song, why it did not reach the charts? Unbelievable!!!

At least, the song at Top 10 in every country. That single was not number 30 in England? Not number 100 in US? My God!!! Injustice!! "Original Sin " should be a number one single. The song, from the album "Songs From The West Coast", was released as third single instead the first one. The song is reminded as one of his best works in the 10/15 years, maybe since "Believe", and Bernie Taupin lyric is definitive. And the song, reminded as one of the favourite songs by eltonites.So, let's repair that injustice. Please, if you think as me, join the group. We gonna prepare a massive download of the single in every country of the world between March, 22 and March, 26. Your suggestions will be well received. We gonna make history!!!

Jack Rabbit's other reasons:

"Elton is been doing very beatiful master songs. He should be remembered for "Original Sin", not for "Candle In The Wind 1997". Not that record, "Original Sin" Top 10 in your country for St. Valentine's, that is the record."

"The video is very beatiful, Elton finally appeared in a video not playing, as an actor. Interesting point of view! That video reminds me my youth and my first Elton concert, when everything was magic, for being the first, I suppose: finally in front of him"

"Maybe the record company should release "Original Sin" as the first or at least second single. Elton did a classic album with "Songs Frm The West Coast" and we still don't know today, why they didn't put out singles in US."

Now it's time to repair that date!!

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