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29 Jan 2010

Jody Linscott In Elton John Band live

Jody Linscott played 111 concerts with Elton John. Since 01 march 1986, with his first show, until 14th December 1986, he's been travelling around the world and has visited so many countries. So: how many countries had she been performing? Which was the song most played live by her? Take a look!

United States

Los Angeles - CA (6 times)
New York City - NY (4 times)
Clarkston - MI (3 times)
Worcester, MA (3 times)
Philadelphia - PA (2 times)
Atlanta - GA (1 time)
Bloomington - MN (1 time)
Columbia - MD (1 time)
Costa Mia - FL (1 time)
Cuyahoga Falls - OH (1 time)
Dallas - TX (1 time)
Denver - CO (1 time)
Hartford - CT (1 time)
Hoffman States, IL (1 time)
Houston, TX (1 time)
Kansas City - KA (1 time)
Memphis - TN (1 time)
Miami - FL (1 time)
Nashville - TN (1 time)
Oakland City, OK (1 time)
Providence - RI (1 time)
Salt Lake City - OT (1 time)
Saratoga Springs - NY (1 time)
Tallahassee - FL (1 time)
Tampa - FL (1 time)


Montreal(1 time)
Toronto(1 time)


Sydney(12 times)
Melbourne(8 times)
Brisbane(3 times)
Perth(2 times)
Adelaide(1 time)


Paris(5 times)
Toulouse (2 times)
Brest (1 time)
Bordeaux (1 time)
Lille (1 time)
Lyon(1 time)
Marseille (1 time)
Montpellier (1 time)
Nantes(1 time)


Hamburg(3 times)
Frankfurt(2 times)
Lugwigshaen (2 times)
Munich(2 times)
Berlin(1 time)
Bremen(1 time)
Cologne(1 time)
Dortmund(1 time)
Hannover(1 time)
Stuttgart(1 time)


Vienna(4 times)
Graz (1 time)


Zurich(2 times)
Basel(1 time)
Lausanne(1 time)


Rotterdam(2 times)


Brussels(2 times)


Barcelona(1 time)
Madrid(1 time)
San Sebastian (1 time)

And the songs most played on the set list:

Burn Down The Mission (111 times)
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues (111 times)
I'm Still Stading (111 times)
One Horse Town (111 times)
Rocket Man (111 times)
Sad Songs (Say So Much) (111 times)
The Bitch Is Back (111 times)
This Town (111 times)
Bennie And The Jets (108 times)

Philadelphia Freedom (96 times)
Nikita (92 times)
Better Off Dead (85 times)
Someone Saved My Life Tonight (85 times)
Paris (62 times)
Saturday Night's Alright (62 times)
Levon (51 times)
Cry To Heaven (45 times)
Love Song (40 times)
Restless (40 times)
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (39 times)
Daniel (33 times)

Your Song (29 times)
Cold As Christmas (26 times)
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (26 times)
Have Mercy On The Criminal (26 times)
Heartache All Over The World (26 times)
Slow Rivers (26 times)
Take Me To The Pilot (26 times)
Tiny Dancer (26 times)
Can I Get A Wittness? (25 times)
Tonight (25 times)

Crimes Of Passion (7 times)
Wrap Her Up (3 times)

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